I’m ending my full time corporate job in three more days. I sometimes wondered if I could continue doing this corporate work. But then, whenever I get such wonder, they never forget to punish me with no big deal topic. It’s been back and forth between “maybe I can” and “hell no” for the last couple of years. I now am completing this learning journey in this work environment finally. So, I’ll talk about completion today.

I didn’t really think that ending or completing is such a big deal. Starting a new thing is a big deal. New project, new job, new school, new relationship, etc. that’s always a big deal. Some excitement is always there, but it’s quite a bit of adjustment and stretching your capacity to the new subject matter. I don’t think I never really thought of ending as quite important. I started to be more aware of how ending is as important as beginning.

When you don’t end or complete a subject matter, things get wishy washy. You think you’re out but your energy and other people’s energy are not quite ending the relationship you’re used to by now. So, you do the normal routine which became habitual at this point. The trick is, though, you don’t want to do that with olds any more; rather, you want to create a new for your new environment and the new subject matter.

Stating verbally and energetically that you’re ending is a big deal therefore, especially for someone like me who is f-ing empath. As much as it is not easy for an empath to say good bye to people and things, it is so important to acknowledge the ending. Would you, empath, pick an easy way on your emotional catastrophe and not stating the completion to others, which probably leads you to the energetic cords attached to you ever after or would you pick two weeks of empath mess but clearly move on to the new life’s cycle afterwards?

Since I work in the 99% male environment, someone like me who would get an empath crisis is not a cool thing (especially since I’m a strong chick). However, who I am is who I am. I’ve been working and existing as who I am at this work. I’ll end as who I am. Being an empath and being strong are not mutually exclusive.

I connected with each individuals, either they are coworkers, employees of the same company, customers or people who work in the related project teams. I thought I would fade away as my company doesn’t regard me as one important individual. However, I know I have made a great impact on each single person whom I talked, worked with. So, I’ll say my gratitude and good bye before I take off. That’s my way of completing.

I was loud when I was working. I’ll be loud when I’m ending. What’s wrong with that? Too bad they hired me so they’re stuck with me till then end! :O)

Anywho, thank you for putting up with my blog for the last two years while I was in this corporate work. My blog got quite different after I took this job than when I was focusing on the spiritual work only. No regret on taking this rough journey though. I learned a lot. I grew a lot. Hopefully I can assist people with an expanded genre thanks to going through this work environment.

Happy September! New earth’s life cycle starting! Lots of blessings on your new journey this fall! 😀