Fear? Sure, It’s not Something You should Be Afraid of

I don’t know if there is any human who doesn’t have any fear. One can say he/she is fearless, but that’s for absolute and completely all the subject matter? I sort of doubt it. Just because one does the spiritual work and healing work, he/she is not fearless. So, I’ll talk about fear today.

Why do we have fear? I think it’s a human bodily condition. What one fear about varies of course. I blogged about my height phobia which is also fear. Though, I don’t have to deal with it too often. If I go to mountains and a road trip, then I have to deal with it. The more day to day fear I deal with is nothing to do with my height phobia, but it’s actually energy. I deal with energy all the time since I do healings and readings. Everything is energy. Some energy is light and warm. Some energy is dark and heavy. Some energy is vicious. Some energy is sick and attacking.

There are many people who are unconscious psychic. We all are psychic. We are not trained to use our gifts, that’s all. Some people are sick psychic and run vicious energy. I met some who are such. Every time I meet those intrusive energy, my first reaction to it is probably a fear. Maybe many of you don’t understand behind the scene, but healer is not just cool and easy thing. There are many different levels of awareness and someone who has a gift doesn’t equal to always good for others.

After all, I learned lots of tools and I can deal with energy including such intrusive energy. Still, as soon as I sense it, my body resists and then the energy sticks. What you resist persists, that is. Today was such day and I’m finally removing those energy (rather, the individuals who are running such energy attack fell a sleep by now). Who wants a negative intrusive energy in his/her space? I don’t.

Though, I’m learning about how to change this fear response. I believe the fear response is a conditioned response. Whatever the stimuli is reminding the similar matter experienced before; then fear is not something we should be feared for. Fear is something which tells us that the old experience is stuck in our energy field. Then, it’s the tool to recognize and to remove it. So, fear is not something you should be afraid of.

You know your fear or you don’t. If you want to do something, but never get to it or can’t do it for some reason, then the usual suspect is fear. Then, aha, that’s cool because you know something is stuck in you and it needs to be removed. Either it’s easy to remove or not is not a big deal because the more you work on it, the layers get less dense. So, one layer close to the freedom. Oh yes!

Let’s shall peel off one layer of fear at a time because the layers are not infinite! Got fear? Let’s be friends with fear and say hello to it. Then, say good bye to it. 🙂