Acceptance of Others as They are – Not Easy

You probably heard somewhere that accepting others just the way they are in spiritual practice. It logically makes sense and sometimes it’s not too hard. Though, sometimes it’s harder than we think. For the past week, I went through the series of emotions and I now realized that I’m also learning about accepting just the way others are, including the traits and behaviors which can cause pains in me. So, I’ll talk about acceptance today.

The other day, I was treated less than who I am from someone whom I have trusted. Things happens and no one is perfect as they say. I think what had happened was that lots of things were happening around this person while things were pretty intense around of me. Then, when I talked about some incident where I reacted very unlike me, this person took it as I didn’t have a compassion to the other who was involved in this story. We had things to do shortly after, so there was no time to visit long enough at that time. Then, I’ve experienced this humongous out of control rage in me and I wanted to throw out everything I was supposed to do at that moment. I guess I’m old enough to have many life occasions where I had to carry on despite what my internal turmoil was, so I did the work I was supposed to do at the moment.

I do spiritual work and well, I am a so called healer, so I don’t think I’m narrow minded in many aspects of matters in general. Of course, I’m not perfect, either. I have emotions and I get lit up. So, I went through the whole series of thinking, reviewing what went wrong and how I was feeling, then all types of anger, and then disappointment and hopelessness in these few days. It’s impossible to have fun or be happy when this “trust” gets wacked off. I tried to forgive myself and the person involved. I thought about trying to explain to the person how I was misunderstood and treated as less than who I am. Though, none was getting a good place to settle.

As I was doing my morning meditation this morning, many teachings and messages came to my mind. The conclusion was that no one is perfect, including Dalai Lama. If I meet the worst state of Dalai Lama and he made a mistake, I can’t get disappointed or hopeless because of that. We’re all humans and no one can be a complete love and wisdom all the time. Then, I did accept that the person in the subject as is, including what this person is not capable of seeing or understanding at that time. Then, my dark turmoil is subsiding less and less.

They say, “Accept all around of us without trying to change.” Change might happen, but not by us trying to change others. The change should come from each person, not from us. As I grow and evolve as a healer, I have become better at it when my healees come in to my service. Though, it’s much harder when things hit in my personal life. I have to say that it’s been very hard energetically, but I’m learning one of the core component of healing. So, I’ll thank this person for that.

We really don’t have to change others in order to make us happy or feel well. It’s all part of stimuli in this world to help us learn and heal ourselves. If you have a hard time with someone, I encourage you to work on you internally till you have peace toward that person or incident involved. Acceptance is a huge step on healing ourselves toward who we really are. We are the spark of the universe.

I found a beautiful affirmation from Louise Hay about “Forgiveness.” Maybe this affirmation helped me to reach this acceptance. So, I’ll share with you.

I forgive
everyone in my past for all
perceived wrongs.
I release them with love.
-Louise Hay