Healing the Empath Trait – Balancing the Extreme

Lately I’m noticing the change in my tricky characteristics of empath. I’m sure you’ve heard of empath by now nowadays. Maybe you’re aware that you’re empath. I started to be aware of my empath trait maybe when I was very young. I just didn’t have name for it and I didn’t know what exactly it was. Still, I always found it was troublesome for me. Anyway, I’ll talk about the recent evolution of my empath trait.

Empath is very tricky. I tear up about pretty much every time I watch movie. That sounds pretty, but seriously, I make seal noise, so it’s exhausting not to be upset in front of people. So, I normally don’t go to the theater with friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s happy, sad, horrible, wrong, right, unjust or emotional. It’s not that I always become sad or happy; I take on what’s happening so much in the instance of the events happening that my response is automatic. I’m pretty simple like a single cell organism. When I do spiritual readings, I used to tear up right from the top even before I locate the readee’s soul. I’m a little bit more masculine realm of female, so this trait was very confusing and annoying for me. By the way, this is not to say that crying is bad or wrong. Compassion and empathy are wonderful traits humans can have. Just, I have my bodily stand and this trait takes me to the very opposite space to be better described.

Lately, I started to notice that my empath trait is going to the opposite end. When I used to hear the events or person in the situation, I could feel that my compassion level was immediately raised for even the people I’ve never met or knew. Lately, I don’t tear up during the readings at all. I sort of feel there is a grief or sadness, but very subtle response in me. I don’t have this humongous wave of wanting to help or do things when I see someone energetically in the need space (not physically for sure). I sometimes wondered what was happening in me. Do I go to the opposite end like Hitler?

Empath trait can be shifted. Empath is empath. It’s not like one day you’re empath and after the empath anonymous (maybe I should create such meeting), you quit drinking empath. However, the tricky part of the characteristics can be healed and changed. To be more specific, the tricky part is this huge compassion which drives empath to want to help. It doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but for empath, it’s very destructing and hard to do the life for himself/herself. This part for sure, with my conscious awareness and healing myself, is shifting to more neutral.

I told my teacher that I was becoming more cold hearted. I don’t think I can ever be cold hearted, but compared to how I used to be, it’s a dramatic change. My teacher goes, “actually… that might be good in your case…” My teacher often says about energy in us in the following manner. Our emotions and traits oscillate like a physics balance ball. When you’re in one extreme, in order to balance the extreme, you go to the opposite end. That seems to be happening to my empath characteristics right now. Is it good? Hard to say at a moment since I’m going through now and it feels very different. The good news is that it’s the opposite end, so it will be more balanced later.

I’m working on expanding my healing and spiritual work capacity. I don’t know whatever that means, but I no longer need to be limited by the corporate work and be doing the extreme part time for healings. This empath trait is the most troublesome trait for me as a healer. I am a very strong empath, so even passing by an accident on the side of road did a job to suck up my energy off from doing my life. So, in order to do what I would like to do in my spiritual work, balancing this tricky trait is very important for me. So, I’ll trust that it shall end in the balanced space for my highest good as well as for all involved.

Any traits you have which is driving your life in the challenging direction can be shifted with your intent and patience I believe. Taking good care of ourselves and being able to enjoy life are not selfish. If we’re not fully filled, how can we do the work for others, right? First step is bringing awareness. Next step is making a conscious change in action or rather response. The third step must be filling ourselves with the truth and freedom. Let’s expand!