Ultimate Goal for Life is Healing Ourselves

When I started to seek initially, I was looking for the meaning of life. I started to question about life and work when I first got fired. I was working hard to make things better for the team and the project everyday. Till then, maybe I was wondering about life here and there, but it was never the desperate question. When I realized that my future at work could go left and right depending on someone else’s state or shortcomings, I had to seek for the meaning of work and life. I wonder if someone out there might have been in the same spot like I was in back then. So, I’ll write about the goal of life.

I’m no Deepak Chopra or one of those spiritual wiz who define spiritual realm. Though, I can talk about my view. My view started to form more and more after I got to do many readings of different people and all the readings from the many different topics my teachers has presented. It’s like Dr. Brian Weiss started to open his view after his patient started to talk about her past lives and ascended Masters spoke through her during their regression session.

We are all here to heal ourselves. Sure, many of us have difficult lives and had some challenges when growing up. Of course, healing the emotions from all that is important. Many of us also carry on burdens from the past beyond this life. There are so many experiences we have had in past beyond this life. There are so many repeated burdens we still carry on. So, we are here to clear all the burdens rather. Burden doesn’t necessarily mean karma. It’s the burdens for each of us which are not serving for the highest good.

No matter how illogical it may seem for you and maybe others might say something else; yet, you and your life are very intricate. In one’s view, your choice might be a waste of time, but for your healing journey, you may be doing an amazing work healing yourself underneath of the surface. So, whatever is assisting your healing journey, nothing is a detour. No matter how it might make sense to everyone intelligently, if your behavior is not supporting your healing journey, then it’s a distraction.

How do you know the differences? I think we tend to seek the answers outside, but the answers are inside within us. We can’t hear it often. So, making a conscious communication with your truth is important. Even if a gifted spiritual intuitive gives you a guidance, talk to your truth. Highly likely you’ll have a noticeable reaction to the message. If you’re wiling to heal yourself, you can differentiate when your reaction is your resistance or your intuitive “gut” feeling.

Of course, you don’t have to do this on your own. You can always ask for assistance from all sorts of people. However, the final discernment comes from you because you’re senor than anyone and anything else in your own space. Follow your truth and speak out your truth. That itself is an amazing healing.