Year End Clearing – Visiblly Small Thing, Big Deal Energetically

I know that end of the year in US isn’t about cleaning and clearing. Where I grew up in Japan, it’s about cleaning and clearing. It’s almost December, so today’s topic is about clearing.

I usually make conscious effort to remove things which are not serving me at present time. For a long time, I was keeping all the study materials in boxes, and it was such a work emotionally when I decided to remove them all. So, visibly, sure it might be big or small; however, energetically, removing stuff is a big deal. I’m not only talking about the attachment to be removed when you do the clearing, but more excitingly, the after effect is a big deal. It’s just we tend to focus on the visible matter and we ignore all the benefit we’re gaining from the invisible abundance!

Since I left my full time work, I’ve been forced to remove things which are not serving me in the present time. The first one I had to visit was my current office. No matter how I get assistance from any healers, what doesn’t work for me doesn’t work for me. It was working when I first moved to this office and I’m grateful for that. That’s over a year ago and I no longer have to work in the limited capacity now. Quite a bit of unexpected move, but I always try my best to see the big picture than an immediate gratification.

This morning, I was lightly thinking about some clearing of my room and I started out from changing a couple of sections in my vision board. That didn’t feel good or bad. It felt more like I finally removed and replaced the statements which were not the current time for me. Then, I dipped into my workout gears.

I’m sure everybody has workout gears, but I probably have dozens of tops and bottoms which I rarely wear in my current workout routine. I used to be a hardcore stepper (step aerobics) for decades. As I became more aware of the invisible world, I decided to be a lot more gentle to myself. Hence, these huge piles of workout gears. These, I could feel that I do have some attachments. All the time, all the joy, all the stress in life when I was working out were with them so to speak. So, it’s a good call that I decided to clear out. Some things are easy to remove; other things involve with constant talk to myself. Normally, I use a muscle testing to be cut and dry without my tricky emotion and energy attachments.

It wasn’t too bad, it took only less than 15 minutes and I don’t feel too bad. Then, I noticed something in my vision board. I have a vision board with the different areas of life. When I looked at the section of my abundance, something struck me. I had a five-dollar-bill in the section. There is a story behind it. I do healing work as you know, so normally the energy exchange is cash or check. However, this bill wasn’t from my healing work. Well, actually it is, but it wasn’t from my healing practice.

I have been attending a graduate clairvoyant class since I completed the year long clairvoyant program. There, we sometimes have readees. There was never a case where a readee actually gave us, the readers, the energy exchange since they normally pay gratitude to my teacher. Pretty normal procedure. There was this one time this year, a lady whom we gave a reading actually gave each of us, readers (I believe there were three or four of us) with five-dollar bills. One of my classmates was so excited and she said that she would put this bill on the wall. To give you the background, this gifted classmate yet hadn’t charged her service at that point I believe. For some reason, I decided to follow along with her excitement and placed the five-dollar-bill on my vision board.

As I stare this five-dollar-bill this morning, I thought of doing the muscle testing. I got “remove it.” Then, I thought of this. This bill was nothing to do with my accomplishment or energy exchange worth of my healing service. It was a bonus while I was attending the class. So, it had no significant meaning on my vision board. Then I put it in my wallet, so I could maybe liquidate to my marketing cost or something.

As I sat down and looked at the bags of workout gears and thought of which organizations I would take them, I glanced at my vision board to see how my new replaced statements were doing. Then, I was shockingly noticed how clean and clear my financial section was. I just removed that five-dollar-bill, that’s all. There is openness, not clogged up, light, and expansive. I realized that I was keeping the rain cloud in my finance section on my vision board! Golly!

Hence, I’m writing this blog post because I thought it’s cool for all of us to be aware what small thing might be in our way of abundance. Five-dollar-bill, yeah, it’s such a small thing to remove or keep it from my room, but sure it does make a significant energy shift. So, I hope you can raise your awareness to see your surroundings. Are they really serving you? Are they serving you at the present time? Maybe it was serving you before but maybe it’s outdated as you have evolved.

Cool awareness like this makes the cleaning and clearing so much exciting, doesn’t it? Cheers for the energy clearing! 😀