Heart Chakra Hook Hurts!

My spiritual journey is healing myself like everyone else. During this journey, I learn from many little to big awareness along the line. As you know, this blog is to share my awareness from my own journey. Currently, I’m learning about the heart chakra hook. Hence, the topic is “Heart Chakra Hook Hurts!”

When you have a big heart, the heart chakra hook is tricky. It’s more trickier than energy cord I would say. The evidence of the heart chakra hook I know for sure is when you become aware or suspect that there is a heart chakra hook between you and the other, at then, it really hurts physically and emotionally.

I’m not sure what exactly this heart chakra hook is like to be honest. It’s not about fall in love. It’s with anyone, men, women or even animals, could be strangers, could be friends, could be family, or could be even some spirits you bumped into.

Since I’m kinesthetic, when things come into my energy space, I feel like some physical matter. If I wasn’t open to the sixth sensory world, I might be running to the doctor daily I’m sure. So, I start to be aware of the energy in my space normally. Then, I can’t get rid of it, or it keeps repeating no matter how I remove and clear.

I was having some pains due to energy today. Then, there was this one friend who kept popping up in my head. I cleared her energy, brought my unconscious healing energy back from her, such and such. Still, she kept showing up in my head.

Since I was just having an awareness of a heart chakra hook from another person who came to my healing practice once, I thought I would take a look at the heart chakra hook from this friend. Sure enough, I started to have a pain and tears were surging since it was emotionally painful and it felt like betrayal. While I was still dissolving this pain, I thought I would write about the heart chakra hook.

Heart chakra hook is tricky because you don’t feel when it’s hooked. You probably don’t even notice when you get hooked since you probably have a big heart, or you’re a heart chakra healer or empath. Then what do we do? Here is what I gathered as much. If you get irritated by someone, annoyed, or repeated thoughts, image of someone’s action involved you or moreover, if you start to have a trust issue with people, then I would say take a look at the heart chakra hook. It’s just paying attention to your heart chakra and bring more awareness around your heart chakra between you and the specific person in the topic. If you start to have a sore heart chakra, bingo!

Your big heart is a wonderful thing. Let’s make sure to protect it and heal it so that your beautiful heart will not shrink. Bring lots of love to your heart! ❤