The Doors Continue to Open – No Dead End

Less than week from Christmas and this year is running out of our ways very quickly. I thought about posting something around the end of the year and new year, but the wisdom doesn’t show up in that topic. Since I’m working on seeing the abundance differently and expand my perception, I’m going to write about a topic in the realm of abundance. Today’s topic is invisible abundance.

I’m sure you have experienced in life that you felt the door is closed and you hit the dead end. I hit such points in life so many times. I continue to hit the moment of the doors closing even in the present moment. I used to deal with such time with fears and anxiety. It doesn’t feel good when what was working for me is closing out the deal on me. It can be a work, can be relationship, can be money, or can be anything. I’m writing about this topic because I see and approach it differently and I’m still learning and exploring in such time in life.

See, just because what was working for us shut the door on us doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I’m sure we all get that logically but our reaction is pretty real. We end relationship with all the matters because we have no more to learn from them any more. It’s time for us to move to a new learning and a new relationship so that we can grow, evolve and expand as a soul. When we acknowledge the ending and completion, we can celebrate the new journey and our expansion. If we fear so much to leave the matters which no longer serving us for anything, we create havoc in our spiritual journey.

I love to move with music. Moving my body is my thing. While I was working in the Asia Pacific Time Zone while residing in the Pacific Time Zone in Seattle, my priority was sleeping enough. Hence, my love for moving was limited to twice a week at the gym: a Pilates Mat class and a step aerobic class. Still it was better than nothing. After I left my job, the step instructor announced us that she was giving up that time slot. As being a selective person about my physical activities, I sort of got lost. I tried to rejoin the dance social night on Friday nights, but it wasn’t for me any more. I thought of taking a salsa class, but fidning the cool instructor and a good space (since I’m sensitive to energy in the space, too) is a work for me.

Meanwhile, I decided to move my healing office which made me feel like a block to my healing work. Then, I started to hit the spiritual growth period and nothing was working any more including my spiritual learning at my teacher’s school. It was painful and didn’t feel like I could continue any longer. At that moment, I asked for help to the universe. If this is the path for me, if I’m on the right path, help me to move this through and help me to ease my pains. Then, the only one foot forward I could think of was trying out some Zumba classes offered at the gym. So, I tried different Zumba classes from the different instructors even in the other gym locations.

When I took a Zumba class taught by this particular young male instructor, my body and even my soul cried. He is young and teaches a really powerful energetic class. I so missed this! I used to workout everyday: steps, aerobics, kickbox to lifting. I was soaking in sweat and joy.

Then, things started to get softer and easier. I wasn’t restricted to take just one particular step class and now I can probably pick from several instructor’s Zumba offerings. My body isn’t feeling like my energy is repressed inside. My physical activities are changed from twice a week to at least five times a week. I even started to shift how I take spiritual classes which opened up more opportunity for meeting different people and new learnings.

Even my healing practice seems to open up a new way of offering while I’m in the search of new office location. I used to do healing and reading at my office so that I could set up the clear space for healees and readees. Since I don’t have that space, I couldn’t do the healing in the same way I was doing. Then, I started to offer healing by visiting the healee’s home. I love going all over the places, so it works at this point. Then, I no longer feel like my healing is blocked any more.

So, you can approach your completion in the similar manner. We don’t have to run our lives in the certain ways. It’s the system our perception tries to set us in which limits us and keeps us from expanding. If you see the system or patterns you feel comfortable with or blinded, push that system on the side and try out something out of box. It doesn’t have to be big; you can start small. Then, the doors start to open one after another. It’s a ripple effect! Amazing!

Next time you feel you hit the dead end, take a deep breath and remember that the doors are always open and continue to open. Yes it is! You just have to shift your perception, that’s all.

Have a wonderful holidays and may the new year 2016 be lots of joy, love, abundance and amusement in all area of your life. ❤