What a Trauma Might Be

Happy New Year! This is the first post of this year! I attempted to write a blog few times and this is another trial. Every time I started writing a topic, no matter how long I had dipped into the writing, it dissipated away. So, we’ll see if this is going to stay in. I had a little task I did last night and the consequence of it was a serious bodily, mental, emotional, and maybe even spiritual experience. So, I’ll write about relevant topic. It’s what trauma may be.

So, I had never experienced a terrifying event which I normally think of what trauma experience can occur. Going to the war, having any life threatening experience, anything which even if we didn’t go through the event, we can easily imagine it would be traumatizing events, those are the cause of trauma I used to think. Again, since I don’t recall any of those shocking experiences in my life, I’m not here to say what all the trauma might be. But at least, I will talk about the energetics of trauma from my experience.

Last night, I emailed someone to request some paper work. The funny thing was that I woke up with another serious energy invasion sitting in my energy field this morning. I did my best to clean up, used all the tools, and pretended like I was neutral to this and I would not react. Throughout my morning activities today, I was experiencing this familiar, intense energy hitting my head. As calm as I could be seen, I was in the semi panic inside. I thought of all the things such as “how long would this last,” “would my life and healing work affected by this so long that I would start panicking?,” such and such.

When I came back home, there was an email response from the receiver of my email sent last night, which is pretty normal. Very nice, short and things should be taken care of in the near future. The task completed. Should be that pretty simple. Then, all the energy attack disappeared or rather my reaction to the maybe still visiting energy relaxed.

It wasn’t an illusion that I had an intense energy attack throughout night and morning, but the interesting thing was my physical response to those energy. To be short, the energy was so familiar to me for the past couple of years and I had a hard time with that. As soon as this same intense energy sit on me, my body and mind were reacting.

This isn’t the first experience of my physical body reacting to certain energy, but I would say this is probably how trauma reaction is like. You don’t necessary have to have the exact experience, but your body and your sense remember the energy of the attacker. Sense can be visual, smell, sound, sensasion, anything. In my case, I can tell different energy and where it’s lodging, so my body reacts on those.

What’s the solution for that? Well.. Obviously I’m not a trained psychiatrist, I’m a drop out. I’m just a healer. All I can say is to remove the lodged energy if it’s still locked up in the energy field. Then, deprogram the energetic response to those energy in you and recondition to be a neutral response to the energy. Sound simple but not easy. It probably takes this energy work over and over. That sounds discouraging, but I can say for sure, one peel of onion is one peel of onion. One layer won’t regrow as long as we keep working on it.

I guess I wanted to say that trauma doesn’t have to be you have gigantic past. It can be any shock or invasion for your energy field. If an email from a couple of ladies makes me lose my seniority even after meditating, anything can be a trauma. If something rings a bell for you, I know you’re not alone and it can get easier. Healing also helps.

Obviously this post is staying, so although my vision of the first post of the year was different, this must serve for a highest good for some reason. I just can’t see it well since I’m just a human and have a physical body.

Let shall make this 2016 be a year of healing ourselves!

Lots of love, gratitude and abundance!