Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t take birthday lightly as I tend to skip taking care of myself in life. Though, around my birthday has been quite tricky. Maybe I should get the planetary transit read by an astrologist but every birthday time, I get very wonky energy coming around of me. This year was the same; it started from the day before. Technically speaking, I was born in Japan, so things started to get wonky on my actual birthday I suppose.

I don’t remember the every birthday time, but I remember that last year I ended up spending my birthday with someone whom I would have never planned to spend my birthday with. I even spent a whole day with this person which I was puzzled throughout the day. In fact, I even did something with this person on the Valentine’s day. This by itself would have ended by puzzling, but I ended up not being able to block this person’s “grief energy” and got bronchitis by the night arrived. His words on the email, “my cold is better after I met you. Did you do something?” Well, not intentionally but I’m sure I did since I got sick.

This year, a friend healer sent me an email response from the previous month with a very dark energy attached to the email. Luckily, I was scheduled to do the space holder role for the healing class that night, and I could get some assistance from the student healer and the teacher. Still, I spent my birthday (the US time) with some massive energy attack. The plan of celebrating my birthday by treating myself with some special sushi, as I’m not a frequent Japanese food eater, didn’t happen of course.

Today, the day after, is much easier, although something is strongly hovering around my head. I always feel that timing is everything, so birthday should be celebrated on the birthday. However, that’s again probably a limited, restricting idea of me as a human. So, I did a fun, amazing Zumba in the morning and made a trip to get a plant for my birthday gift. The new plant is sitting next to my laptop, in the earth green pot with the chubby legs like piglet. This little plant made me so happy and feel so special. I’m glad that I made sure to celebrate my birthday when I can.

So, shit happens in life. In my case, shit happens all the time. I can never expect a smooth day as I have no control over on what energy would attack my space. If we miss the slim timing, make time and take time to bring in what we wanted to do, right? No one makes rules, well, I’ll take it back. Everyone makes their own rules, but none applies to us. We get to create our own and there is no limit. Blow up all the limits we have on our own.

If you have anything you should be celebrating, I encourage you to make time, take time and celebrate yourself. You’re special. We’re all special. If we don’t treat ourselves special, I can guarantee that others would match how we treat ourselves. So, let’s treat each of us with a special care. Celebrate!! (I wonder if Pentatonix would make a song “Celebrate.”) Lots of love and healing for yourself! ❤