Creativity Comes in Different Forms

I love Sunday. I love how quiet the city is on Sundays. It’s a perfect day for healing. Though, lately I decided to make an option of having Sunday just for myself. I’m drinking Matcha green tea and having Annie’s amazing truffle I got some yesterday at the farmer’s market. If this chocolate was a gift, I would have made a note on names and ingredients. However, I got it for myself, so I don’t remember. It’s a part of gifts for myself for my birthday week. As I eat the Annie’s amazing creation, I decided to write about creativity.

I love visiting a farmer’s market. I always love to support a local small business. I like small businesses. I know there are many local organizations, but small businesses talk to me. The energy of the creator, the owner of the business comes through purely. I enjoy meeting the creators of the businesses.

I enjoy chocolates once in a very while. When I first approached the Annie’s tent at a farmer’s market, I was just going to check out what’s up. When I first tasted her chocolate, I realized how delicate and carefully made this beautiful truffle was. Her personality comes through from the chocolate and she does amazingly creative work on her choclate. I enjoy the fact that she only sells her chocolates at the market, no retail shop. I don’t think she does online sales, either. She is the only one who is making these chocolates, so the quantity must be limited. I sort of like that aspect about her chocolate even. It makes it so personal and special. I so enjoy sharing her chocolate with others in the right occasion.

Lately, there is another shop in the market I started to dig. It’s a baker called Creston Hill Bakery, I think (he doesn’t have a business card, so I wrote down once….) His tent had a few people every time I passed by. Since I don’t do lines, I skipped places with lines including his. When I came back, there was no line, so I decided to check out his bread. He generously put samples so people can try out his bread. My favorite baked goods of all the time is scones and he got one. So, I tried. Oh my shikes! It’s not sugary sweet like the majority of scones in bakeries nowadays. It was a perfect earthly scone I’ve ever had. So, I got hooked since then.

On my second visit, I asked Alex what made him a baker. I don’t know why I wanted to ask that. I sometimes spit out whatever comes to my throat. He told me that he used to be an architect for 20 years. One day, he had a dream and in his dream, he was told that if he bakes, his heart would be satisfied. Since then, he has been baking, he said. I don’t know much about baking, but he doesn’t use sugar. He uses local ingredients and bakes in the stone clay oven like European style. He also does not have a retail shop; he only sells at the market on Saturdays.

Yesterday when I visited his shop, I decided to try out the chocolate bread which he always seemed to have in the selection. Whoa… It’s not sweet like I thought it would be. The coarseness of the bread and almost just cacao flavor of the chocolate were amazing. I had to buy one loaf and I’m so looking forward to having it on my tea time this afternoon if I can wait that long.

Both of them, very different people, the energy is also very different, but something about it is similar. The chocolate, the bread they make feels like part of their gifts. It seems to have a direct connection to their creative energy and of course with the amazing flavor and texture, I feel like they’re something more than just food. You think I’m exaggerating, maybe so, but you have to remember that I’m a very sensitive intuitive. So, I get what I get; I feel what I feel.

I know one other person who does an amazing creation. He is a chef in a Japanese restaurant. His surface and how he present himself are rather deceiving. Though, again, as I always say, surface is always deceiving from a healer point of view. It’s Japanese food, and I probably know how Japanese food are like since I grew up eating there. However, what he makes has some edges to it. Is it fusion?  Well, in the sense of a pure Japanese food from the centuries ago, maybe. Like every cuisine, all food are influenced by many other culture throughout the centuries. He knows the ingredients, plants, meat, fish and bring the flavor of the raw materials without killing it. Quite amazing…

This chef, as he is not a straight forward character, is not going to say that he loves creating food, I don’t think. But.. not all of us realize our gifts and what we enjoy because of the surrounding noises when we use our gifts. I get to enjoy and witness the amazing creation and his gifts through his hands. In a way, very similar to the other two creative people because they all use hands to create and express their creativity.

What’s your creative gift? Creativity comes in many forms. I often wished if I had a creative gift like those musicians, dancers, artists, or chefs have. Nowadays, I started to realize that my creativity is not something I can identify and measure by looking at other’s gifts. My healing is a creative work. When I do random talk and connect with strangers anywhere is my creative gift. I do like writing more than talking, so I do by writing blogs. I love moving with music and I can move and dance freely in the music, that’s another creative gift I got.

Appreciate your gifts and encourage your gifts to be expressed often, so your connection to your creative life force energy comes through you. You are creative; we’re all creative. It’s important part of our existence. What are your creative gifts? Share with us all! 🙂