It’s All About Timing

It’s March and Spring is right around the corner! I’m recovering from the cold, and as I thought of the topic to write, I thought about the timing including how I got sick. Hence the topic, It’s All about Timing!

You might know, you might not, but I do spiritual work. It’s easier to say that I’m an energy healer, but my work is a spiritual healing work. When I decided that I would do this work as my own business practice several years ago, I wanted to register a business name. The thing is, though, no matter how I thought of it, I couldn’t come up with a name which made it true for my work. Everything sounded so cheesy. Every year when I renewed my business license including this year, I thought about if I came up with a name, but it never worked. I was told by my colleagues and teacher that having a business name is a key for my healing work. I knew it from the beginning, but if I don’t come up with one, I can’t have one.

I got sick last week, and today was the first day to do the physical activity at the gym. It was a bit straining my body, but I made it through. Since I was still recovering from the cold, I decided to sit in the sauna for a while. I meditated and cleared my energy field while sitting in the sauna. Getting sick sounds bad, but we get sick when we try to move the heavy duty energy out of our body and energy field. So, I was moving a lot of energy gunk in sauna.

When I got out of the gym and sat in my car to tune into where I would go to do my on-foot-marketing next, I wondered why I couldn’t still come up with a good business name for my healing work. As I pondered in the semi-meditative state, I thought of my trip to Southern Utah. That trip helped me expand. I wanted to help people expand after that trip. Then, suddenly it just hit me, “Expansive Healing,” that is.

I registered the name as a DBA under my business license. I then re-designed my business card so that I can take it to my print designer to make the card as how I want it. I thought of maybe changing the background color slightly, such and such. It took me a few years to come up with a name. Finally it showed up today.

Everything is all about timing. When we are not in the right timing, things can’t happen. It’s not ready yet. When someone isn’t ready to open the door of spirituality, I’m not able to assist him/her. The same thing can be said about my business name. My journey of spirituality and healing work was not there to meet the name till now. If I didn’t visit Utah, I didn’t have this clear vision of how an expanded energy field feels like. From then, I can easily sense any restriction, the systems which keep us boxed in and small. So, it’s all about timing. When we’re not ready, we are not ready.

This is not just about my business name or about me. This is about everything. Just because we can’t see and invisible doesn’t mean it’s empty. Abundance doesn’t mean it’s all visible. When we can’t see what we hope to see, it doesn’t mean that the universe is giving up on us. Maybe things are not lined up. Maybe you are not quite ready in the big picture. So, keep your hopes up and trust that things come in the right time. Yes, they do! 😀