Difference Between Doing Things for Others and Doing Things for Yourself

It’s Friday night, almost Saturday. I’m sure the majority of people are feeling relaxed as workday is over. I’m a little wiped out since I did a lot these couple of days. The thing about the energy work is very different from the physical work. I’ve worked on a few different energetic topics which means that I also worked on those topics for myself. Hence, I moved a lot of energy from my energy field as well. I could use some rest, but I decided that I want to do some creative work before calling off the night. So, I’ll write.

This morning, I participated in the healing clinic as a healer. When we start the healing clinic, we set up the energy and intent for the clinic for that day. What is my goal for healing myself? What is my next step in healing? I’ve been participating as a healer since 2011. In the beginning, all I wanted was to do a good healing for others. That part remains the same, but lately I set up my intent slightly differently. My goal this morning was to help me heal myself so that I could expand and others including the healees can benefit from it. That’s how I set my healing intent.

When we do a service, we tend to focus on others naturally. Especially if you’re a heart chakra person, or you’re an empath, you tend to focus on others too much and you become very last. I think moms struggle in this department, too. Females tend to fall into such since the society places females in care taking norms. Knowing my tendency and learning how healing works, I intentionally set the healing to work for both me as a healer and a healee.

The other day, I went to a basic Zumba instructor training. I enjoy Zumba so much that I asked if I could use this joy for something. I got a strong “go” sign to do the instructor training, so I went. A few days before I went to the training, I was telling my teacher what I was planning to do and I also mumbled my thought then. I once thought of becoming a step aerobics instructor. I even did the Turbo Kick instructor training back in the day. Though, teaching and doing are completely different thing. I started to hit many obstacles such as instructor competition, so I stopped doing such any more. I told my teacher about it.

I said to my teacher, “You know? Teaching is completely different ball game than doing. I love doing Zumba myself and if I teach, I’m afraid that I won’t enjoy like I do Zumba.” My teacher said very interesting thing. She told me this. “Ah, it is true if you’re teaching it for students, but if you’re teaching it for yourself, it is enjoyable. Yes, it’s true that teaching and doing are very different. But, you can still enjoy it by teaching.” I paused. Sometimes, my teacher’s response is the reminder of what I know. Sometimes, her response is completely out of my wisdom. I’ve never taught Zumba, so I have to see by physically experiencing on this one.

I never thought of that in the physical sense. When I do healings or readings, as a principle and the truth, I know that healings and readings are for me as well. Healing myself is the key and the healee can have the benefit out of it, sort of. That’s why people who come to my service are the ones who have lots of matching with what I’m going through or what I’ve already experienced. No surprise that probably almost all of the people who come to my service are heart chakra person or empath because I am so.

I never thought of this principle in the physical matter. Of course, why not? If we’re only thinking about others and only focusing on others, then we become the last thing. Then sooner or later, either we get burnt or we start to have resistance to what we’re doing. Sometimes boredom, sometimes irritation, sometimes exhaustion, etc. So, teaching for myself instead of teaching for others makes sense. I just have to experiment in the physical matter like Zumba or something. I only know in the spiritual matter.

So, since then, I particularly set the intent of my healing goal to be healing myself and for my expansion so that the healees can get benefit from it. Of course, I always do diligence and do all the necessary “homework” for the healings because it’s just the way I am. I want my healings/readings to be a highest good for the healee’s needs. Though, I know I can’t forget myself, so I have to place an extra reminder for myself. It’s really important. Heart chakra is an affinity for self and others. Self comes first and then others.

I think I wanted to write about this since I know there are many compassionate people out there. We tend to get lost by caring others. Then, it won’t be good for either for us or others. Both lose that way. If we bring our focus back to us first no matter what we’re doing, then the balance in the energy exchange and the balance of the universe works perfectly. If you’re tired, take a rest no matter how demanding your family or work situation might be. You can only do a good job if you’re well rested. If you’re hurting, step back from it and take care of yourself. When the pain is not there, then you can go back to do what you’re doing. This is a very principle of my healing. That’s how I learned and I so appreciate that I met this style of healing because I had been an other-centered person.

Whatever you do, I hope you’re doing it for yourself, not for others. Others can also benefit if you just exist as who you are and do what you enjoy doing. I hope you can see that because I do.