Taking Things for Granted

It is Spring and is easier to be lighten up. I’ve been a little bit busy, so it’s nice to be able to sit down and write.  Today, I’ll write about the theme I see in my healing work lately. This is also very true for all of us; hence, the topic is “Taking Things for Granted.”

When our life gets out of control, we tend to focus on how to get it under the control. When things are not working well, we tend to look at how they’re not working well and how to fix them. The thing is, the more we focus on the problems, we tend to become a narrow vision. Then, we keep looking at the problems; we only see the problems and not even a solution. Why? Well, it’s like a camera lens. You zoom in to see the problem, the problem gets bigger in front of your eyes. You see every single details of the problem. You can’t stand it. If the entire vision is filled with the zoomed in problems, how can we see anything else including any possible solutions?

When we are so focused on problems, we feel the pains in the problems. I wish I had a knowledge to get into such research team when I was in the field, but I know there are a whole research realm in the pain study. Since I feel other’s pains easily, I never took a look at it and I won’t get into details to discuss about it. But, let’s say if you focus on the pain, you obviously feel the pains which is unbearable. In other words, if you shift the focus out of the pain, the pain is not as intense as it actually is. The life problems are the same.

When we are so tuned into what’s wrong and how people are bad, no matter how beautiful and wonderful things are all around of us doesn’t even exist in our eyes. It’s almost like you place a box around of the head of a horse so the vision of the horse is only right in front of him. Then you put a carrot in front, that’s all the horse can see and he will continue chasing the carrot. There are millions of matter besides the carrot, but that’s the condition the horse is placed in, so he can’t see anything else. When we focus on problems, we are like this horse except, the person who put the box around our vision is ourselves.

When life gets too hard, take a step back from the pains and problems we are seeing. Do we even realize how nice and kind your neighbor was this morning? Do we even notice how loving your partner was last night to touch your shoulder with care? Do we even notice your friend/acquaintance cut their time to do things for you? Everyone is busy with their lives including your family members. No one is so free to waste their time to do things for us nor they don’t have to. When we are so focused on our issues and taking all the beautiful things for granted, we even miss out appreciating our beautiful friends and people. Have we even said “thank you, ” from our heart for someone doing anything for you? Saying “thank you” doesn’t mean much if it’s just a formality. See the difference?

They say it’s important to enjoy the smell of the rose, but there is a lot in this statement. If we are not allowing our life and ourselves to even notice the beauty of everything around of us, how can we notice the beautiful people and wonderful things happening into our lives? The universe is giving us so many things; there is no limit. If we don’t even notice the abundance, it’s just as same as saying to the universe, “hey, I don’t need such beautiful and wonderful things in life because I enjoy having these yucky things. I want more of these yucky things.” Then, the universe will stop giving you more beautiful and wonderful things in life and keep bringing you what you have requested: the yucky things. See the simple law of abundance?

If you feel life is rather difficult, pay extra attention to what you are grateful for. Was the server at a restaurant nice and friendly? Did the cup of coffee taste wonderful because the barista made with care and beans were roasted with passion? Do you know how much of people and energy in the universe involved in even a small thing like a cup of coffee? Earth is beautifully supporting us everyday. Do you notice that?

The vibration of gratitude is quite high, almost like that of love. The more you notice what you’re grateful for and you feel grateful, your vibration starts changing. Soon enough, maybe you realize that you forget if there was a problem.  Even if you don’t forget, the pains are not in despair. Do you want to try? What would it hurt, right?

Lots of love, gratitude and amusement throughout of your day!