It’s Spring! Time for Deep Emotional Cleaning

Actually, it’s Summer in Seattle. It doesn’t look like April weather. Sun is always nice when the usual is gray and rain! Last night I took a class called Inner Feng Shi. It used to be called Spring Cleaning. I wasn’t expected such deep energy clean work from that class. Hence, I’m cleaning my room since yesterday. So, today’s topic is spring cleaning.

I’m normally up to date on getting rid of things which are not current. Well, I’ll take it back. I became up-to-date on what I keep. I was keeping my study materials for a few years. I’m sure I wrote on my blog long time ago. Since I learned and I have been experiencing that keeping stuff which are not serving us really blocks new and more suitable things to come into our lives. So, I became very good at getting rid of stuff whenever I notice.

However… I say however.. Last night, I became aware of something which was a huge deal in my view. I went to the class hoping to work on my healing practice related matter. What showed up was my loss from the past relationship. I was once married long time ago and I had worked on the grief I thought. When I was meditating and looking into what’s not serving me at the current time, my wedding album showed up. I knew I kept it since my good friend at that time made that album for me. The surprising thing was when I saw the wedding album popping up in my clairvoyant view, I felt thick pains sat on my mid back. Then, I realized that I needed to get rid of it.

As I shared my experience with the class, I started to get teary. I thought I was done with the grief. It was a long time ago and I don’t even miss my ex, either. Though, the grief of loss showed up. What’s happening is that grief I’ve been having with the current encounter lit up my old grief from my past relationship. It’s been quite painful, but when I realized it, I decided to work on all: present and past.

Fast forward, when I came back home, I dug the wedding album. I didn’t want to carry any grief even if it doesn’t show up normally. Man.. What was I thinking? So many pictures to shred. It was already close to 10pm and I don’t even know how long it took to finish. I didn’t want to continue working on this next day, so I did shred all the pictures. When I had in my mind when I was shredding the wedding pictures was this: I need to get rid of stuff which is from that time. So, today I removed all the stuff which reminds me of my past relationship. I took all to the good friend Good Will.

I was planning to work on creating a meditation recording this afternoon, but I fell a sleep for at least three hours after I came back home from the Good Will. Cleaning might feel like it looks good and feels clean, but it’s a lot more than surface level. It’s a surface physical work and also energetic work. I tell you what, I didn’t enjoy the last couple of weeks because I was in pains thanks to someone, but I do see that it is serving me to heal in the deeper level. So, I’m grateful that someone hurt me recently. I could realize that I still had a grief from the loss.

So, maybe you don’t have such big thing sitting in your home, but Spring is a great time to remove what’s not serving you. In Japan, they do in the end of the year to prepare for the new year. In my opinion, that sucks because it’s in winter and it’s dark outside to even clean out. Here in the US, it’s spring, very nice out. So, even if the cleaning part might be rough, there is sun and spring green will lift you up!

Deep cleaning not only removes what’s not serving you from your physical space but also from your energetic space. It creates a space for something new to serve you better at the present time. I’m thrilled to see what new will fill in the space I’ve created. Do you want to try? It gets fun once you start digging! Have an amusing spring cleaning! 🙂