Can’t See Doesn’t Mean Nothing is Happening

Seriously it’s so nice like summer days in Seattle. It makes me wonder what the rest of the year would be like weather wise. I’m working on a project, so a half of my energy has been focused on that project. While I was semi-meditating this morning, suddenly the topic hit me. Probably because I was thinking about the “project.” So, I’ll write it before I go to the Pilates Mat class. It’s about how we focus on visible and immediate gratification while most of the time, it might not be in such form.

I deal with energy all the time. It’s invisible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. The same thing can be said about our life, goals, and abundance. Just because we don’t see what we expected to see doesn’t mean nothing is happening. In fact, if we shift our focus, what was invisible could be very visible. By the way, I’m no different on that when it comes to seeking and trusting only visible matter sometimes. So, I’ll give you my example which showed up in my meditation this morning.

When I was in a tech project team, my boss’ manager has requested me to form a training session for the team. For, this manager has been emailing us, the team about the complaints he had been receiving around the particular project tool. He repeatedly sent an email with similar wording which didn’t tell us the details. If you work in the spiritual matter, that’s one thing. However, if you’re functioning in the tech/engineering/science project, you have to be objective, descriptive to a point so that things can happen. This manager didn’t do that.

Me being a very proactive and very good at resolving a matter before the clear problems happening, I pulled this manager on the side and suggested to be more specific to the issues so that people can fix the mistakes. Otherwise, I was tired of seeing his same type of emails again and again without anything resolved. The manager described to me that being specific would “hurt” someone (I really disagree with it to be honest..), so instead, he wanted me to create a training session to show and teach how to use the tool correctly.

Again, me being me, I dug every bit of the tool by researching and asking around from the different departments including PMs. In my mind, in order to make things proficient, we need to know the opinions and views from many angles. Each department runs and focuses differently. PMs want to see different matter than devs. SDETs run differently than devs, such and such. By the way this was outside of my daily projects; however, I saw the benefit of doing it, I was willing. When it comes to work, all I focus on is to make the projects better, to make the results better. It doesn’t matter who, what, how, if I can see the benefit, I was for it.

Fast forward, in the morning of the day I was supposed to give a training session, the responses to my Outlook meeting invitation were only five. It could have been ok if those fives were from my team, but none from my team had responded to attend the meeting. The only people who responded to attend were PMs, Lead devs, Lead SDETs, only those who were not the reason for this training. So, I emailed the manager to say that maybe we needed to postpone the meeting. If the team didn’t see the value on the training and none would attend, there wouldn’t be reason for the training. I used “your team” instead of “my team” on the email. On the spot, I got fired by being said that I was having a bad attitude. I was purely wanting to help resolve the problems the team seemed to be receiving. Well, there probably was more to the story on this manager, but I won’t get into it since that’s not my point.

What I didn’t know or even this manager didn’t know was the actual training without me. According to my colleague, every single one in the team was there to attend. Beyond that, the PMs not directly related to my team, Lead Devs, Lead SDETs, the top of the ladder, project manager, this manager’s boss, of the entire departments were there even. The colleague called me and was telling me the conference room was full and filled with people they’d never seen or met before even. Only if I got to do the training… right? But, that’s ok. That needed to happen or I would have been still in the tech industry, working up my life out of me.

The bottom line is that I didn’t see that many people were going to show up in the meeting. That didn’t matter maybe. I didn’t know the entire team was going to show up in the meeting because I didn’t get any responses back from them. So, this is a very real life example of nothing visible for us doesn’t mean nothing is happening behind our visions.

Sometimes, people come to my healing or reading services wanting to see or hear the very logical, visible, and practical matter. Like all of us tend to get inpatient when our life gets too uncomfortable. Sometimes, the answers are clear and crisp matter. Sometimes, the answers are very invisible because the work needs to go beyond invisible matter. The results happen either way. If we focus on seeing a Band-Aid on the surface, we miss what’s going on beyond the surface.

Trust your work of action. If you do inaction, of course, nothing shifts. Though, if you’re taking actions, no matter how invisible and how you can’t see any physical results now, things are happening. Trust the course of work you do and put your intention clearly. The universe takes care of the rest. The universe will always take care of you.