Take the Ownerships Only on Our Own Problems

It’s another beautiful day in Seattle. I just finished my long term project on Sunday night and since then, I’m having a spiritual growth period. So, I’m taking it easy and haven’t been doing much of the gym visit. I’ll go back tomorrow hopefully. I’d been working on this project since I left my corporate job last year. It has been in my mind longer than that. This project is to create a meditation class in a recorded form. I could easily visualize doing it in a physical class like I learned or a remote live class at least. Though, whatever I attempted to do the meditation class, it always came back to the remote and recorded version for me. So, I decided to give it a shot.

I thought it would have been a lot easier and faster. I thought about giving up on this a few times. First time I was going to give it up was last year since I just couldn’t get over with my vision of “perfect picture.” When it wasn’t moving forward and nothing was clearing up, I decided that I’d at least complete for the sake of my completion. Then, I finished the first sequence on the night of the New Year’s Eve last year.

The second sequence was harder in the very different sense. I started to have some interference. The interference came with such intensity that I wondered if it was worth going through such. I could be totally ok with doing healing and reading. Though, like some things which never seem to dissipate out of my space, this project had never disappeared from my space. So, only recently, this month to be more exact, I decided to use a little spiritual help than I had been doing. I also made it very clear boundaries and set tools at hand while working on the project. Then, I just finished almost close to the midnight on last Sunday.

I don’t remember if I mentioned in the blog, but I know I’ve repeatedly mentioned in the Japanese blog. Healings and readings are wonderful and it’s a great assistance and helps on our life’s and soul’s journey. However, if we don’t have the basic tools, we depend on healers or doctors about everything. Then, I saw the needs on teaching the basic tools. That’s how this creating the meditation course project has started. Meditation doesn’t mean you learn to sit quietly. This is the meditation where you learn the spiritual tools which you definitely can use in your actual life. Without it, I probably have to bother my teacher every single day. So, I’m very pleased and grateful that I could finish the project. It’s up online on meditation class tab if you would like to learn the tools.

As I was creating the meditation course, I got to review each tool including the tools I don’t use too often. One of those unused tools stuck out while creating this project, so I’ll share with you. This is a useful tool for me since this topic is very tricky; that is knowing if problems you’re trying to solve are yours or not.

We often spend so much time and energy solving a problem and it doesn’t get solved. Then, it’s not your problem. If it’s your problem, you know what to do even if you might not want to do it. The thing is, if someone else’s problem is in your space, you can’t solve it because it’s not yours. You’re not supposed to solve it.

The reason it stuck out while creating the meditation course for me is that I started to notice this very exact topic in my healing business. People come to get healings or readings. That’s great! The thing is that I noticed there are a couple of people whom I gave healings or readings, I felt horrible after doing the service. So, I don’t use my energy for healings. Of course, I’m not a perfect person, so I make conscious awareness on not to take on or use my energy. Majority of my healings and readings makes me feel super excited.

Lately, I had a healing and I felt that I needed to gain my energy back seriously afterwards. I had to visit my favorite restaurant to eat something real quick, so I would not pass out. I told the chef, “What do you have? I can eat a whole cow right now. Feed me, anything you got.” I was seriously running out of energy. This is a clue something was totally off. Though, I wasn’t giving my energy or using my energy. What’s up?

This sort of thing happened this month, too. While I was taking a look at it, then I realized that ah.. it’s about boundary and intention differences. Some people want you to solve their problems. They want you to be the part of the solutions. The thing is as long as you’re unaware of this intention coming from the others and you’re sucked in the loop, highly likely you’d experience some energy drain. Of course, other people are probably not vicious. They don’t know any better. So, it’s not like you can confront and do something about it. It’s more to do with how you bring your awareness up and shift, change how you operate your energy boundaries.

So, are you trying to solve other’s problems? Then, unfortunately you’re wasting your energy which isn’t going anywhere. Bring back your energy from the other people’s problem and spend it for your projects. You have so much you can do for what you want to do. Use all your energy for your project! If you’re expecting others to solve your problems, then you’d better shift your attitude, right? Take ownership only on your own problems. Of course, with some fun and amusement! 🙂