What Mother’s Day Brings Up

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. My mom lives in Japan, so I sent a card painted with the soft pink flowers. I thought it would be suited for her on Mother’s Day. I don’t even know if she would understand what Mother’s Day is at this point (she has Alzheimer’s), but I know for sure the soft pink flower will be good to her heart. I wish I could visit, but I won’t sweat about it. I do what I can. So, today I’ll write about what Mother’s Day is bringing up.

I thought about writing this topic just because I noticed so much grief was surfacing in many people while I was meditating this morning. Mother’s Day is a day to do something for your mom and show appreciation I suppose. I did notice that there are many in whom the Mother’s Day brings soreness in their chest. It’s cool if we can enjoy the day with mom. What about the grief surfacing in people? The emotions and resistance toward mom aren’t going to switch to joy just because of the Mother’s Day obviously.

Either one is aware or not, either one is in resistance or not, this day seems to bring up lots of emotions in people’s subconscious. Take my sister for an example, I was aware that her heavy energy was hovering over me this morning and I couldn’t figure out what was up. As I was cleaning up myself, I realized that the Mother’s Day is bringing her lots of emotions under the surface. She has two moms: biological one and the one who raised her, our mom. This wasn’t just my sister, for my mom as well. I normally don’t do a healing on others unless I’m asked for a service, but I decided to give a healing on both my mom and sister for the Mother’s Day.

Either you still have a mom present or passed, it doesn’t make the difference in our emotions and reaction in us. Because it was so painful to observe so much grief is showing up in many people, I wanted to encourage us to do the Mother’s Day to celebrate for our moms but also fill lots of love for ourselves. Maybe you have sore memory with your mom. Maybe your mom is passed. Maybe you never met your mom in life. Whatever it is, if you’re feeling any bit of soreness around this weekend, I wish you to do loving things for yourself. That reminded me that I ran out of my rose absolute essense. I’d better get one tonight.

I no longer possess much soreness toward my mom since she got Alzheimer’s, but I used to be very resentful of her. I didn’t understand how she behaved and I wanted her to love me in my way. When I saw her no longer functioning like before, I could let go of my resentment and anger toward her. I could love her unconditionally for the first time. So, my mom’s Alzheimer’s was a gift for me and for my sister.

The thing is… your mom is doing her best. Your mom was doing her best. If she could do better, she would have done that, but she couldn’t, right? So, it doesn’t invalidate the experience and emotions you have around it, but holding on to it only imprison you. It locks you up. Just let go of the soreness. It doesn’t mean you can be best friends with your mom if it’s not possible, but you don’t have to hold onto the soreness. Just let go so that you can be free.

Lots of love and gratitude to you ❤  -Naomi