Just Because Spirits Don’t Mean Superier

It’s a grey kind of day in Seattle. This week has been quite busy for me. I decided to do an assistant role in a new healing class which has started this week. I’ve done this role for the healing class before, but I find that a healing class and a clairvoyant class are very different. The basic tasks of the assistant is the same: holding a space for the class. What it means by holding the space is to keep the classroom space safe and clear from all the energy besides the students, teacher and me. I kick out everything else. Basically, I’m a spiritual bouncer for the class. I set the new intent for the new healing class for my own learning, healing and spiritual growth. So, today’s topic is relating to that. It’s about spirits!

When I first heard about spirits, I was little. I grew up in the superstitious country where they believe in ghosts. It did freak me out. I wasn’t fond of anything in that sort of topic. When I started to show up in my teacher’s school several years ago, I took a workshop called “Spirit Guide.” I don’t even remember what that class was about or if I hired any spirit guide at then. All I remember from the class was the talk from the two other people in the class. They were talking about the beings (spirits), more specifically, aliens, off planet beings. I was freaking out! I mean, I was puzzled to start taking a meditation class from my teacher to start with. This beings talk was beyond my acceptance level at that time.

Wow.. if you think of it, people do change. I changed a lot. In fact, who thought I would be a healer when I first showed up to my teacher’s. She kept calling me “healer,” and it bothered me so much back then. “I gave up on med school, so could you stop calling me that, please!!” That’s what I was saying in my chest every time she said that. Anywho… From freaking out about the spirit talk to now kicking out beings left and right, what a difference.. When I decided to be a healer professionally, in my mind, I had some specialties and topics I would want for my healing practice. Definitely, I wasn’t interested in exorcising. I would be no way of Linda Blair situation. Well…. I started to wonder if that’s also changing in me.

The reason I’m gently leading this post to the topic of spirits is that I witness that we give too much credit and too much vulnerability to spirits in general. When I took a Reiki training from a trusting classmate I met at my teacher’s school, I was with a woman who does so called “channeling.” Back then, I wasn’t as trained or experienced as much as nowadays, but I was very sensitive and sensed any energy including spirits. When the girl demonstrated her channeling, I could see a dark energy passing by me and went into the girl. The entire time she was channeling, I was like a porcupine with needles fully erected. Since my classmate, the Reiki Master was letting her have it without any interruption, I just observed from far away behind the wall. That was the first time I could clearly understand what wasn’t right in terms of dealing with spirits.

If It was me now, I probably would have said something to this girl with a clear insight and wisdom. I didn’t have a clear understanding back then. Besides, I had just finished clairvoyant class back then. You don’t learn things just because you complete the programs. The learning starts after. Since then, I had many many classes from my teacher, many many healings on strangers, many many readings on students and strangers, and more importantly I’ve done quite a bit of a space holder role over the years. So, now I know what’s up so much clearly.

I have a friend who is very intuitive ever since I know her. The thing is, she can channel if she wants to. I think she started to develop this skill when she was trying to communicated with her deceased one, which does make sense. When I first gave her a healing, I could clearly see that a spirit was disrupting her energy field. It was a male. So, I shared with her. I was going to let go of the topic, but this is my friend, you know? I was gently asking her why she was communicating with this spirit who was not even her dad or her guides. She wasn’t getting my point but I clearly stated to her to think about if it’s for her highest good because I didn’t hear a good reason she was doing it. Unless she was trying to be a medium, it doesn’t make sense to channel with someone else’s deceased one.  It took probably some thinking on her part, but she did get it and stopped doing it.

My point is this: just because it’s spirit doesn’t mean they are superior. Sure, great, you might have a gift of channeling tendency. I do, too. However, if a stranger walks up to you and starts talking to you, do you listen and start talking back friendly? I hope not. The same thing can be said about spirits. Just because they don’t have a body doesn’t give them a free ticket to ride your channel. Remember, you’re no less. We all have the sparks of Source energy.

I see so many people’s seven’s chakra is occupied by beings. Well, if it’s a Light being, isn’t it all right to be in the seven’s chakra because it’s a spiritual chakra? Well, then seven’s chakra won’t be so distorted and dark when I cleanse the chakra. The bottom line, if you communicate with spirits, guides, beings for your assistance, have them outside of your energy field. That’s the basics. No one comes inside of your space because it is your space. You can communicate with spirits without them invading your space.

I know it’s a little extreme post today, but I decided that I won’t be waiting around when people get dark and misaligned from their truth. Take it or leave it. I would love to see people shine and glow like they really are. You can. It’s just other energy is in your space, that’s all. Own your space because you can!