Energy Affects Us

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. I probably should keep some key notes for myself which holidays affects me and not. Anyway, it doesn’t matter! We gotta go as things come, right? Yes, I know I’m going to write the topic which is a common sense you might say. I just had an awareness about it this week, so I’ll write it any way. The topic is energy. Oh yes.

I’ve been learning a lot of new tools and cleaning out a shit load of energy from myself over the years. However, there are times the energy I have to clean up from myself is so heavy, so yucky as if I’d never done the grounding or clearing. The thing is, you may know or you might not, if we’re clear completely, I don’t think we’re here. Besides, our energy field holds more than just this life time, you know??

Last couple of days, I felt like a serious regression in my spiritual learning. I felt like me when I did not know about grounding or any of this stuff years ago. I used to have heavy anxiety from time to time. I didn’t know when it visited me. For sure, it wasn’t because of the final exams because I loved those (yes, I’m an odd ball… ). Anyway, was it yesterday or the day before? Either way, I felt like I was out of whack even after doing my morning meditation. I even did my dance exercise, lifting and sauna. Still, I had to meditate again in the afternoon before I did my daily rounds of work. I just thought maybe it was one of those days and it shall be ok as I did cleaned up.

As I drove off, something sat on me. Well really sat on me. I remove stuff all the time, but when I’m driving, it’s a little bit challenging to focus. So, I did my best and trying to get to the place I was heading to. When I stopped at a signal and set the left turn signal, I started to have a weird anxiety attack. I didn’t know where it was coming from except there was a bus behind of me waiting. Would a car behind of me making me nervous at this point of my life? It was just strange. Fast forward, I couldn’t find what I was supposed to get and went back home.

All day long, my energy was strange. No matter how I tried to center myself, I couldn’t. I don’t know how many attempts I did to clean up myself better in the morning. No matter what I did, I ended up with this strange energy, like some anxiety, some insecurity, some uncertainty, some fear?! Going out to do my on-foot-marketing wouldn’t be a good call, so I decided to end my day early. Although I’m not a dreamer, I did have a sense that I had a dream state in the serious “protection” mode. When I woke up around 2:30am, I pondered. Then, I did my advance clearning technique which made me relaxed enough to fall asleep till morning.

The thing is, for me, I can see better in the morning right after I wake up. I can clean up and remove stuff from my body and aura. Though, this morning was rather rough. I was slightly bothered by it, but I made my Saturday morning plan and took off to the on-foot-marketing. Then, I got this nerve pinching pain in my hip. I was like, “what?” When I got my tea, I sat outside and took a look at my cell phone, glanced through my inbox. Wow… an email from a new healing prospective. Why didn’t I think of that?? Well, this one is rather, too sticky, so I didn’t think of it as my healing prospective related.

All of the sudden, it made all sense. All the anxiety attack, the intrusive energy, the intrusive spirits, etc.. Well luckily for me (or not), I seem to have raised bar for my spiritual skills, so I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of interference nowadays. On one hand, I was relieved that the strange energy and feelings are not mine and I didn’t regress back to when I didn’t know these spiritual tools. On the other hand, I still had to deal with it. However, when you name the energy, it’s so much easier to remove. When you’re blind and unknown, then the focus is rather blurry. So, I dealt with it and I think I have a clear sense of why this might be showing up now.

With this long story of my strange day experience, what I want to say to you is that the energy affects us, really. If you feel you’re so out of it or you don’t feel like you at all, you’re probably right. Someone else’s energy probably got into your space big time. If your emotion or you feel out of control, ah, good sign. You got something else in your space. Oh, no freaking out because we all bump into one another and energy goes everywhere. So, nothing new except, if you are affected so much, you’d better raise your awareness and take some action about it, right? Anti-anxiety meds or alcohol probably won’t keep you sane enough.

So, if you feel something is odd with yourself, do some action. Meditation is good, exercise is good, sauna is good, Epsom salt bath is good, finding someone who can help you shift your energy is good. Basically, anything to help you bring your energy high is good. You can try the couple of meditation tools I posted long time ago. Those are only a couple of basic tools. I’m creating a new site for a meditation course which teaches many spiritual tools to help you shift your energy field and assist your daily life. I’m almost done with the first week tools. I have three weeks worth to go. When I’m done writing it and is available to purchase, I shall announce.

If you have a good system to cope with the energy influence, cool! Keep that. If not, find a way to change instead of giving in. You’re always senior in your space. Nothing else. You own your space and no one else. Of course, joy and amusement have to be in it! 🙂