Growth Period

It looks like I’m hitting another growth period today. I had a plan for today, but it looks like I have to take it easy. It’s been for a while since I wrote a blog last time, so I shall write about a growth period. Why not?

What is growth period? When you do some big learning or big energy shift in the spiritual, energy layers, your body is left behind. Then, the body has to catch up. During that period is called a growth period. Sometimes, you get sick like flu or cold. Sometimes, you get just tired. Sometimes, you hit so much in life at once. Sometimes, your body is just tired for no reasons and your head is seriously airy. These are the examples of growth period symptoms. Some growth period is light. Some growth period is heavy. Some growth period is very short and some period is long. You might also hit one growth period after another, so it can be a long process of shifting your body vibration.

I hit growth period so many times by now ever since I started my spiritual journey. As I recall, when I first took the one year clairvoyant program, it was very unpleasant. Don’t get me wrong. Just because learning the clairvoyant program doesn’t mean your experience is unpleasant like mine. Everybody is different. Everybody’s situation is different. I’m a very sensitive intuitive, but along the line early on in life, I probably kept my senses shut and closed. Otherwise I couldn’t live my life I don’t think. It worked when I was young, but as I grow older and experience many things in life, shutting down the senses probably started the adverse effect. So, when I was taking the spiritual program, I had thick fear around it. I don’t know why I kept going to complete the course because it was beyond painful and hard.

So, if you just started your spiritual journey, your growth period is quite mysterious and unknown. Though, know that it is part of the process of your body to be shifted to the higher vibration. It would never be too big or too much because universe won’t give you more than you can handle for sure.

If you keep doing the same things over and over in life, I don’t think you hit growth period as much. For instance, I hit growth period right now because I did small things which I’ve never done it before. It’s not what you did more likely, rather the difference in how you approached, how you set your attitude, how you set your intentions are new and different. Then, you hit your growth period. That’s where I am today.

I’ll give you the examples of what I did for this growth period. I’m assisting a new healing class which has six students in it. Assisting the class program isn’t new. This is around the sixth long term program I’ve assisted so far. Though, on Tuesday my teacher asked me to share my experience of what it means to be an empath healer. So, I did. Believe me, I’m such a strong empath that I had never wanted to do the assistant role because I could feel all the people’s energy in the class and I didn’t want the “attention” which hurt my body. The thing is….my teacher is an interesting lady. She is never pushy or demanding, but she just asked if I would want to be an assistant on the clairvoyant class. My answer was, “well…… Let me meditate on it and I’ll get back to you.” The very last minute before the program started, I informed her to accept the role. That’s a while ago.

On Tuesday, I talked about how I was doing unconscious empath healing when I didn’t know any of these spiritual matter. I shared my story starting from my ex having leukemia to my gym acquaintances becoming very ill with spinal infection and a leg amputation upon accident. I shared with the class that every time, I never felt bad or sorry for them. Rather, I couldn’t ignore. I felt their pains, what they went through, and their feelings. I was overwhelmed with all and I had to visit them everyday. That’s my empath trait. I didn’t know back then. I also shared how different I am now but still I am an empath. The challenge is this empath trait. How I stay neutral, detached from the outcome, and keeping my seniority up to all the energy are all vital when you do healing.

I felt everybody’s emotions and thoughts coming toward me for sure because this was a beginner class. They don’t have much spiritual tools and experiences. Yet, knowing that and feeling that their vibration was flooding my space, I kept talking. Then, a gentleman who was in the class asked me a question. Obviously, my story about my ex lit him up because he was experiencing the very similar matter with his newly divorced wife. I know this gentleman before this healing class since he was in the remote clairvoyant class I was assisting in the last couple of years. Knowing him, coming up to that awareness is big. Not that I planned to light him up with my story, but I just shared my true experiences. Someone benefited from it.

I’ve also helped a friend who has a language difficulty on the same day. Being new to the US and not being able to communicate well are quite a handicap as I remember about myself long time ago. As I helped him set up the things he wanted, it reminded me when I was a banker long time ago. I spent time with such immigrants while I was supposed to make more sales. Other bankers ignored them and cut those “non-high sales prospective” out of their sight quickly. I, on the other hand, did as much as I could to help them so that they would have more information and tools they needed. It reminded me that I was very different from my surroundings in banking and I didn’t question what I was doing.

With all combined, although I can’t articulate exactly what I’m learning at this point, I hit the growth period. I know I’m opening the new dimension. I feel that removing some layer of energy which was hidden and trapped in my energy field.

Also, knowing that my teacher trust me to do the class assistant role as a space holder (this is nothing like a TA in college. it’s all about dealing with the invisible matter during the class.), it made me realize how I’ve grown and have changed as a healer and a spiritual worker.

When I first learned the healings, I wanted everything to happen just then. Though, it can’t be. Our learning is a journey and it takes time and space because we have a physical body. As my physical body heals, my learnings get deeper and wider. All I do is for my own healing, like the rest of us. With that, others can benefit from it, from the wisdom I gained, from the experience and information I gained. So, hurray to the growth period!