Control Has Adverse Effect

July has started very busy. It’s a lot to do with I’m doing a couple of new spiritual activities starting from this month. When I put new activities or do new things, everything else comes along as if everything is in sync, which is true. As I pondered what topic to write today, I thought of the topic of sticky energy. So, I’ll write about one of those sticky energy which is energy of control.

Currently I’m assisting a couple of spiritual classes. One is healing class, the other is a new clairvoyant class started this month. I also attended a reading in the graduate clairvoyant class. With all those, I have been thinking of the energy which is not easy to remove. The majority of energy is easy to remove. It’s like dusting the shelves in the room. You use the duster and it’s clean and feeling good.

Some energy, however, doesn’t get cleared easily. It’s like when you spilled something on the desk and dried out. When you use duster, dust gets cleaned except the spot where you spilled something. Then you have to use other clearning method to clean the sticky gunk. The enrgy is sort of like that.

When I do the assistant role in the spiritual class, I deal with mass energy. It could be from the students in the class. It could be from completely outside of the class. It could be related to the students but coming from outside of the class. Either way, it’s my role to clear the energy, so students and teacher can be safely teach and learn the class. So, the sticky energy can be any number of sources and reasons. With that, control energy is pretty noticeable. I can name it, even if I don’t know where it’s coming from at a moment, just because of where it lands and what it does is very predictable.

Sometimes, students emit control energy. They might not want to hear what the teacher is teaching. They might be threatened for whatever reasons. Or they could be simply competing with others, which they shouldn’t be, and they might try to control others including me. Often, students emit the control energy when they have fears. I think control is one way for humans to react to their fears. If the topic brings too much fear, people want to be safe by controlling to make sure they’ll be safe.

It doesn’t really work, but that’s what people do. It doesn’t have to be in spiritual space, right? People do control the surroundings to make sure they themselves are safe.

The other day when I participated in the graduate reading, the readee was a male. When I drove up to the class, I started to have this intense energy coming into my head. I have too much usual suspects, so at that point, I wasn’t sure if it was related to the class reading or it was related to my healing business. So, I did my best to ground and clear myself. As we did the initial meditation and clear out our energy, I still had this intense sticky energy in my head. So, I shared with my teacher. I told her that I didn’t think this was coming from my own practice and I believed it was from this up coming reading. So, we started to dig what was up.

It was clear that the energy was coming from a female, not too old, not too young, long dark hair, probably Caucasian. The energy source has a body, meaning it’s not a spirit and driver is a human. Though, the readee is a male whom I actually knew. There seemed to have very intentional purpose on this energy and it was aiming at me more strongly than the others: my teacher or other graduate reader.

Basically, it felt like she was very threatened by me since I would be the center chair for the reading (which I didn’t know at that point). We didn’t dig too deep since we were going to do a reading anyway but she didn’t want me to give the information to this readee. She was threatened that if I gave a reading to this readee, she would lose control over him or whatever relationship they have.

Fast forward, I communicated to her spirit to spirt to back off from me since their relationship was nothing to do with me and also the readee has his own freedom to choose and do whatever he wants to do in life. I showed some threat technique to her spirit and that clear out the intense energy.

I have to say that control doesn’t help us. I mean, by controlling everything in order to make things work like we wish to work? I don’t think that’s the way we want things to work actually. The more we try to control and manage our own internal fears, we stop our own healing process. Well, if we know, we probably wouldn’t be doing that, right?

The more we control others, we lose others. Do you see this in energetic sense? Who wants to be restricted by other’s control? It’s almost like being placed in the energetic prison. This is not just toward others. It’s for everything including projects. When people put their control energy in something, say a project, the project has this limited capacity with all the restriction. You can’t be creative. You can’t have freedom.

Sometimes, I catch myself when my energy was about to get too involved. When I like some people, I care about others, then I want them to succeed and be well. When I see they need obvious help, my energy starts to get drawn by them or the project. Basically, I get hooked. Luckily, I meditate and check up on myself quite frequently since that’s the basic requirements in order to do my healing work. Then, I can notice something is off balanced, and I can fix it.

When I realize that I have too much attachment on a project or a person, I ground and clear whatever the energy between me and a person or a project. Normally it’s yucky strong. Once, I clear the energy, I no longer have such strong desire to fix or help a person or a project. That doesn’t mean I will not help. Even if I decide to do something, I can be more neutral without my own human bodily intention. I’d rather help in the bigger picture, a highest good for each of us and all involved.

So, if you know you’re a control freak, that’s cool. You’re one step ahead since you already have awareness of your controlling nature. Pay attention to the control energy in you and maybe make a conversation with yourself what it wants and what it does to you really. I know control doesn’t help in the big picture, but unless we recognize it in ourselves, there is just an empty talk. Letting go of control, then you can let go of your fears. There your freedom starts to happen. There is no limit, no restriction. There is no limit to your abundance. Want to try? 😉