Holes in Aura

Today was my regular participation in the healing clinic. I love doing that. Interesting part of the healing clinic is it’s never the same. Well, it’s sort of like the classes which is never the same no matter how the cariculum is the same. We had a new healer student today to participate, so I got healing from her. The cool thing about receiving healings or readings from different people is that it gives different takes on everything. I always learn from different people and in different occasions. So, I’ll write about the topic which caught my attention today. It’s the holes in aura.

Maybe you’re familiar with aura, maybe not quite. Aura is like a bubble surrounding our body if you visualize. We have an energy field which is aura and our body is included in it. Aura gets inured like our bodies get injury sometimes. It can be stemmed from our body injury literally (but I think it happens because of the energy source… anyway.. ), can be from the emotional cause, can be mental, spiritual, etc. However, there are occasions where aura can be damaged from the external sources.

What creates damages in aura?  If you misuse the psychic tools, it can rip or tear aura for sure because I’ve seen that. Besides that, there are definite external causes for aura damages. People throwing you strong energetic vibes, it can rip, tear, make holes in aura. Do they know that they’re doing that? Probably not. Did you know you’re capable damaging other’s aura? Of course, not.

I’ll give you a perfect example, my favorite one (yeah right), the competition energy. I visit this topic all the time in different angles, but the competition energy is no way near a high vibrational energy. It has edges, it has sharpness, it is hard, rigid, and sort of like a weapon tone to it. I dislike competition energy so much that once I quit doing my gym goer-thingy for a good couple of years. Some people don’t like gym probably by similar reasons. In my case, I don’t really care what people think of how I look. I really dislike the competition energy in general and gym has such strong theme of competition in many aspects. I started to come back to my gym going since there are a lot of things my body can appreciate by going.

Today when the new healer was giving me a healing, she was figuring out the “whack” in my aura because that was the topic we covered in the last healing class. She is learning the different subject matter each week. She was telling me that there were many small indentation sensation in my aura, which both my teacher and I said at the same time, “whack.” Then, she recognized and learned that they were the form of whacks.

Whack is a damage created in aura by people throwing energy at you. If you know the old time street fighter, it’s like shooting a hadoo ken. People might not say mean things or straight forward words to you, but still they can throw energy at you. The more people don’t say straight up things, the stronger the energy held behind it can be. So, I have a little learned response to people who don’t say much because they tend to throw big energy whack without saying anything.

I wish I don’t get whacks or holes in my aura but I do because I’m not living like a hermit (actually I wish I could sometimes). When the new healer described many small holes in my aura, I mumbled, “yeah.. I go to gym pretty much everyday, so you know?” That gave her more information for her own healing learning.

I’m a very kinesthetic person and I love moving. I love lifting weights but I love moving with music so much. Hence, I started to enjoy Zumba a lot nowadays. It used to be step aerobics, but nowadays there aren’t too many options in that genre. So, I switched gears. Each instructor creates their own version of class style and music and dance tones. I find it’s so creative. It’s not mechanical like some classes where the instructors yelling at you to fix your forms and push you to the edges by doing 100 push ups.

So, how I get so many small holes in my aura? Well, the thing is, because I’m very athletic and have the “don’t care, just want to have fun” attitude, I enjoy the highly energetic classes which tend to be the male instructor’s classes.  The class gets crowded, so I prefer to be in the middle of the room, but I position myself up front in most of the time. Reason: there are more space in front so I can do the big moves. Besides, I really like a space around of me, so in the middle of the class would give me a very uncomfortable feeling. Then, as I catch up with the instructor’s moves, I get these female competition energies shooting at me from the side and back, multiple times from multiple people. I was aware of this for a long time since I’ve been a gym goer for decades. When I got more and more sensitive by doing the spiritual work, I had to stop my gym activities because of this sensations.

So, these competition energy aiming at me does create the holes in aura. Nothings new. I do meditation and clear energy’n mend more than once a day. The more I participate in the Zumba classes and have fun more and more, I realized that I have this consequences. The choice I made before was completely stopping what I enjoyed for this consequences. Though, I’m learning newer way to handle these. I’m much more aware and have much more tools and wisdom than before. Then, I got a new information what I can do with these whacks created by the competition energy attacks.

I hoped that I could prevent this from happening which obviously can’t happen because I can’t change others. As my teacher says many times, there are ways to handle this. First is to avoid this from occurring which I did by not going to the gym. This works but what’s the consequences in my part? I lost the joy of moving. I’m not a dancer, so it’s hard to describe how I enjoy moving so much but I do. I do healing and I have to shake off the residual energy I occasionally absorb from the healees or readees. Moving my body and doing the physical activities really balance my healing work, so it’s very important for me. Hence, this option definitely doesn’t work for me any more.

Second is to match the vibration to others, so they won’t be threatened by the differences. This would mean that I would lock myself inbetween people, feeling stuck in small space and can’t move well because not so many people are big movers like I am. I was doing a low key when I started to come back to the gym scene, but I swear I can’t enjoy as much! I felt like I’m in a morgue. I felt like I was participating in the dark funeral. So, if I can’t enjoy much and also bump into my favorite competition energy, what’s the point of going to the gym? Yeah, this won’t work.

The third is to let the energy pass through me. This is the hardest spiritual tools among all I’ve learned so far. It’s not just about this gym competition attacks, but this applies everything in my spiritual life. I’m working on it. Someday I might be able to reduce my damage mending work by getting good at this.

The new healer delivered me a message from the supreme being to me. She said that the supreme being was telling me to fill the holes with loves. So I asked my teacher if I’m going to fill the holes with my love? Fill the holes with the unconditional love from the Source, from the supreme being, she said. Yes, that makes sense. I’ve never done that, so I’ll try that every time after I take the Zumba classes.

Anyway, so it’s about the holes in the aura today. By the way, aura is sensitive so it can be damaged but it doesn’t mean it’s permanently damaged. You can mend it. It’s more to do with awareness and intention. It’s probably a good idea to get some healing once in a while. If you do physical check ups once in a while, why not doing the entire energy system check ups, eh?

Anywho, have a wonderful weekend! July is almost over. Can you believe it? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like things are moving up toward the right direction in general. What do you think? Fill your aura with lots of love and gratitude! 🙂