Vibrating High

Wow, this week must be special since I’m writing two blogs this weekend. Well, it’s more to do with there are lots of energy visitors in my space and I’m doing my best to vibrate high, so I won’t be in pains or get low. Hence, the topic is vibrating high!

Since I’m sort of having a little challenge this weekend energetically, I decided to do the low key but still do some activities to take a good care of myself. Someday is like this. No matter how I meditate and clear the energy from my energy field, it keeps coming back or one after another. Instead of getting frustrated or being in the thick pains, lately I come up with things to raise my vibration so the low energy can’t bring me down.

One way to bring the vibration high is exercise. This used to be my only one solution besides meditation. Though, sometimes even workout isn’t enough. So, having a list of things to increase the vibration is very helpful. Lately, I added the physical cleaning in the list. Cleaning the room, kitchen, bathroom, car, anything. Physical cleaning really moves energy from the room. I had a spooky accident the other day and my blender shuttered all of the sudden. The entire kitchen was spattered with yet to make protein shake. So, I cleaned the entire kitchen from the wall to the ceiling this weekend. It feels so much lighter!

Another on my list is to visit my favorite places. I mean, really favorite, not just ok, but super dooper favorite place. There are many local small businesses I like. I particularly like the businesses where they feel their passions for what they do and love of what they do. So, today I decided to visit one of the local Danish bakery. The bakery started their business in 1974 by the immigrant from Denmark and he brought his Danish baking there, the little note in the bakery says. The swiss kringle is amazingly delicious!

Every time I go there, I get some sort of kringle and a cup of decaf coffee. The inside of the bakery is very comfy and clean. There aren’t too many places I can stay (since I’m very sensitive with energy), but I can stay and eat there. Every time I go there, I eat a treat and drink coffee, surrounded by senior folks and a little kids. I sit by the window and have my treat while smiling at an older lady or two.

You might laugh but every time I go to this bakery, I get teary. Why? It’s a bakery with such history and it has been loved by so many people for decades. I get overwhelmed with feeling of love, joy and gratitude of so many years from so many people. So, I do my best not to look like a wonky person eating and tearing at the same time. Visiting one of the favorite places is delightful. Love and gratitude are of course, high vibration energy. I got overwhelmed there (again) today.

When I was munching, an suv carrying a family was passing by. The parents in front, looked at me with sill faces. Then, my attention went to the back seat. A young girl was sitting toward my side in the back. She looked still faced like her mom, but then when she caught my eyes, she smiled slightly. So, I smiled. Then, she waved at me, so I waved her back. It brought a big grin in her face and so did mine. What a treat! The all afternoon after I left the bakery, I was filled with gratefulness. Even though the heavy energy still had visited me tenaciously throughout the day, the pains felt lighter throughout the day.

If we focus on negatives or things which aren’t pleasing, it strengthens the negatives. If we shift the focus from the unsolvable negatives to the positives, the negatives won’t gain strength. The darkness can’t be around when we’re vibrating high. Joy, amusement, love, gratitude, forgiveness, excitement, enthusiasm, laughter, etc. Keep thinking anything makes you feel in high vibration for a while, even for a short time. It shifts everything. So, no matter how shitty your day might be, do something to bring your vibration high. What’s in your list to bring your vibration high? 🙂