The Universe is Always Supporting Us

Today is a veggie out Sunday. I had quite a bit of coincident in the last few days, so I need a serious break from my spiritual work. Well, I’m writing my spiritual blog, but I’m doing this as my creative activity. I want to write about what we tend to forget or unaware everyday. It’s the universe!

I had a visitor from India on Friday, so I made arrangement to have an open space on that day. If I had other activities like my healings, I suspected that things could get really tight and stressful. So, I was doing some marketing activities besides meeting him. It was cool that he had contacted me to arrange a meeting. So, my Friday was going to end by clearing up the things I might have picked up by visiting with him since he was a coworker from my last corporate job.

While I just came out of clearing meditation in the evening, my room lights started to flash (this happens quite often lately when some strong energy is visiting me). So, I closed my eyes once again to clear out the energy from my room. Then, I heard this loud squeaky noise followed by a serious bang sound. It was definitely a car crash but didn’t feel and sound like with another car. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but I thought I’d better came outside anyway.

In front of my building there is a huge oak tree. I don’t know how many years it’s been there, but the circumference of the tree is probably around the length of three or four adults holding hands. I love this tree. It makes me feel ok to live in this crowded area when I stand below it and look up all its branches.

So, I saw a van crashed into this tree when I came out. The driver was a young man, wasn’t intoxicated, but his van had a brake issue. His car was speeding up on the street and his brake wasn’t working, so he drove his car into the side walk to purposely hit the tree so that the van could stop. Pretty incredible, split second judgement he made. He was ok. Several people came out and assisting all sorts of things. One girl started to call 911. A young man brought a cup of water for him to drink. A girl started to take his pulse and check his physiological state. Some guys kept saying, “sir, you’re lucky, you know? you’re lucky.” I think bystanders were shocked with the accident.

Interestingly enough, we covered the healing in the emergency situation in the healing class I’ve been assisting. So, even though I wasn’t paying attention to the details of what my teacher was teaching, my awareness was already brought up to review the emergency healing. So, when I first saw the accident scene, I started to set up the healing on the whole accident scene. When I located a driver in my eyes, I re-grounded and put protection around me and for this young man. I also grounded the entire scene, all the people including police, paramedics, neighbors, etc.

When the officers had arrived, all the bystanders disappeared from the proximity. The young man was left alone with the officers, dealing with the post accident matter. He looked in shock and seemed to have an intense anxiety of course (well, I’m an energy healer, so the calmness outside doesn’t work for me.. ).  I decided to stay with this young man till he was settled, so I told him that I would be there till he would feel ok. He said that he would appreciate that.

I didn’t do anything when officers and the young man were cleaning up the scene. I kept grounding and giving a healing so he could remove the anxiety, fear and if any physiological matter to be healed. I also grounded the entire process to proceed as smoothly and kindly as possible.

As I sat on the wooden bench and holding the space in the accident scene, I could almost hear the oak tree talking to me. I looked up and it looked gloriously big and shiny green. The tree didn’t even move a bit. I don’t even know if the van made a scratch on the tree. The tree seemed to be all right. I was grateful that this tree was so powerfully saving this person and any unnecessary harm. I thanked the tree while sitting down and waiting till the young man moved on from the scene. He said, “thank you for staying,” when he took off.

You know? We forget that everything is supporting us everyday in every single minute. The earth, the universe. We focus on things which is so negative or is stressing us out and forget that the universe is always supporting us and will always support us. When we get stuck in life and feel like a dead end, helpless or hopeless, remember the universe is always supporting us. What we see and feel at a moment might feel so true, but it is just a brief moment of life. Our view can be skewered or limited. Remember we’re not alone no matter how alone we might feel or seem to be. Just trust that the universe is always supporting us and will always support us.