We Need to Feel Good

I took a rest and several naps yesterday. Thankfully, I’m back to normal today. My writing time is on weekends, but other errands are pending. So, I’m going to do the creative time! Why not?! I’m learning how important to have a positive vibration more often daily than not. Sure that’s what all say, but really it is the remedy for everything. In fact, abundance doesn’t seem to come around without the positive vibration. So, let’s visit that today!

I’ve read “The Secret” many times and even watched the movie. Sure, it did make sense, but probably not to the point of big DING. I almost donated my “The Secret” book, but the used book store didn’t take it. When I was mumbling about how cleaning the things which weren’t serving me was important and this book hasn’t left my home, my teacher said, “revisit one more time because it’s a pretty good book.” So, I was hesitantly kept the book. Though, I started to use the book as a reminder. I open the random page and read. Sometimes, it resonate with me and remind me to think or behave differently about something.

Lately, I purchased a book by Lynn Grabhorn called “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting”. I was interested in this book for a few years, but never got urgency to get it. Though, lately I decided to give it a shot. I’ve been reading a few pages at a time because I feel like I need to sink the information in instead of read through like some textbooks. Actually, it’s quite helpful. She does a great job on giving the details of how feelings work on law of attraction.

Earlier this week, I did a business space clearing. Before I did the work, I knew the energy in that space was a bit yucky. I always thought that when a new business takes over this space, they really need to clear up the energy. I understand that not all of us are sensitive like me, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have affect on us as I always say. Interestingly, the new business owner who is going to use the space asked me to do the whatever the thing I do, i.e., my space healing. So, I took a look (I didn’t have to but it helps a person who can’t get it) and gave a suggestion. Then, I did the healing on the space the other day.

Man… Have you been under a house or visited an abandoned house? If you imagine that, it probably gives you a good idea of this space. The thing is, though, this space was in business for a long time till recently. How in the world can an active business space be like that? Well, there are lots of space like that as far as I’ve seen. I used to make a suggestion to those business owners, but if people don’t get it or are not interested in healing themselves and their businesses, there is nothing I can do about it.

Actually, healing/clearing a space can be much easier than healing on a person because a person has their will or tenacious tendencies which block the healing work sometimes. Still, this space was a work. If you can think of a negative energy, you name it cuz they had gotten one. Hopelessness, boredom, void, depression, lack of motivation, punishment, guilt, shame, judgement, etc., etc. Of course, it attracts negative entities as well. No wonder I’ve never wanted to be in this shop before. For the first time in doing the space clearing, I felt like if it could ever lift up. Of course, I’m not the one who is healing on the space, but I gotta put my grounding, protection and seniority up or else I would have been knocked off.

Fast forward, I finished the work within the time frame as I promised. After I walked out of the space, I felt okay except I couldn’t pull smile on my face or have my normal high optimism. I cleaned up myself so many times, but every time, the thick stuff was still coming out of my chakras. Anyway, it took me probably more than one full day of clearing, resting and napping to be as normal as I could be. Man, I thought I needed a serious healing from my teacher, but I came out of it. Yay for me!

The reason I’m writing about this space healing is that if you stay in the space where so much negative energy, negative vibrations are accumulated, there is no way you wouldn’t be affected. I know life brings lots of griefs and challenges, but you gotta bring your vibration above those negative events. If you can’t bring your positives in you, practice on how to bring the high positive vibration even just a few seconds. It shifts your energy completely.

Basically, if you are thinking about your negative things in life, your feelings, or thoughts, your vibration is going to be nothing but negative and low vibration. I guarantee you that it will bring more negatives in life if you keep vibrating low. So, we all know that there are many things we don’t like in life. We can’t be optimistic about the urgent life matter haunting on us. Still, shift your focus off from the negatives and focus on positives because it’s really important to vibrate positively for you and for your preferred life outcomes.

What can you think of in order to bring joy in you? Looking at a cute baby? Sure it definitely will bring a huge smile on my face. That’s important! I no longer stay in the group exercise classes where the instructors bring in some negative energy. It doesn’t matter no matter how physically good classes they do. Muscles are the only small part of our existence. I don’t want to take time afterwards to clean out my energy. Instead, I take Zumba from the instructors where I can freely goof around and have fun like a five-year-old might do. I take Pilates from an instructor who has a passion and joy in her knowledge and herself. Everything we do count.

The take home message I wanted to deliver was to make a conscious attempt to bring your feeling up in joy. If you haven’t read the Grabhorn’s book, you can try out. I’m still reading it and it’s helpful since she describes well for a kinesthetic person like me. Also, if your space, home or office brings you down, you can get the clearing done. It makes a huge difference. I do on my own living space, but I sometimes get it done by having my teacher’s service. If we stay in all the time, we get used to it even if it’s not good.

Oh, blue sky is out! Yeah, we need some sunshine and blue sky to grow! Have a joyful rest of the week! 😀