The Olds Have to Die Before New to Happen

My blog writing normally falls into weekends because I have more open time on weekends. However, I realize that I have to go with the topics when they enter or else, topics don’t wait for the weekends or it never shows up. I do blogs for my creative work since my creative expression comes through hands more easily than through my mouth. Also, it is not completely just for writing purposes and is part of my spiritual work and for my healing business. So, I figured that when the topics show up, I’d better write it as long as time allows. So, here it is! Today’s topic is relating to what most people probably are experiencing right now. Moving to the “new life.”

My teacher told me that the earth’s new year starts in August. She mentioned it when I told her that I felt the drastic change in energy when August arrived. Technically, August is still summer, but I could definitely tell that the earth has shifted energy distinctively. Of course, schools start in September in the US, so I’m sure lots of people feel that September is the new year. Ever since I moved to the US, I always felt that Fall is more like new phase of the year than January. I wonder if I would feel the same if I lived in Japan  or China. Anyway, the point is that this time of the year is shifting to the new phase.

Last night I was assisting the new short term class about abundance. I took this class many times and this probably was the first time I’m doing the space holder for the class. The cool part is for this class (I noticed) is that while I’m holding the space for the class to be safe, I could also give some clairvoyant insights on what’s going on with the class. This only happens when the class members are ready or open for such. If the class is formed by people who are not open for it, I normally shut my mouth and don’t even give any specific insights. This class is neat in that sense because I do enjoy assisting people to expand their horizon.

While they were clearing up each chakras around abundance, they all commented on how their first chakras were so dense. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to each person besides the entire class space, but because of the commonality I’ve noticed, I paid attention. In fact, I’ve noticed that lots of people, including myself, are having this “dense” energy in their first chakra lately. So, I took a look. Here is what I got and what I shared with the class.

It looked to me that they and lots of people are shifting to enter a “new.” Whatever this “new” varies depending on the individual. But the commonality is that people are shifting to whatever this “new” is, so their first chakra needs to shift. The olds have to be purged out in order to bring the new life. That’s what I got.

At first, the only person who got what I was saying was my teacher. However, as I described more they started to get it. Let’s put this way. This “new life” can be changing the life style from the old one to the new one. It can be more non-tangible matter like how you live your life as in your attitude-wise. It can be about changing the entire career path. It can be changing the partnerships. It can be physically “moving.” Again, this varies depending on the individual.

So, why the first chakra is heavy and has dense energy? First chakra is the basic needs of humans. Food, health, finance, career, family, dwelling, etc. It represents the basic life style in my view. If we were to change or shift the basic life support system we’ve been living in, we’d better make a space for new style to come in. So, we gotta say “bye-bye” to the old style of living. It’s dense and heavy because it’s the accumulation of so many years and even past lives long stuff.

No need to be discouraged in my view. When energy is dense and heavy, sure it doesn’t feel good. But, the good news is that we got to those heavy energy so that we can get rid of it! Before we couldn’t even reach there, so we didn’t notice, right? So, whenever your basic needs are shaking, i.e., your job, your health, your family, etc., think of it as it’s a great opportunity to purge the olds and bring in new which is much more blessing for you. Instead of reacting with fear and anxiety, trust you’ll be always supported and everything works out for you as long as you allow things to unfold.

When our first chakra is threatened, we tend to react by fear and anxiety. I think it must be a primal response, but more like a very primitive conditioning. I know it’s natural to respond that way, but instead of settling to say this is a “natural response,” we can reverse and recondition our response. For, I think we conditioned from the old time harsh survival environments. Instead, trust that you’ve been always supported and will be always supported. You have to let go of the olds otherwise you can’t get to the “new life.” Let go of your hands tightly holding onto the olds which aren’t even serving you any more. Then allow the new bright life to come into you. Yes, you can! (I’m telling myself, too!)! 🙂