If You’re Really Tired, Keep in Mind About Usual Suspects

Whoaa…. It’s September! How did this happen? Last posting was three weeks ago! It wasn’t my plan, but I had to deal with coarse energy as usual! I had a seriously hard starting this week, and I just couldn’t figure out what till this afternoon. So, I shall share about it. Yes, as the title says, I was seriously tired to the point that I wondered if my mom might be passing (she has Alzheimer’s and lives across the sea). I don’t think that’s the case as far as I know. Any how, today’s topic is, hence, if you’re really tired, there are more than just the physical cause of tiredness. There are usual suspects: energy!

Unlike majority of the population out there, when I feel tired, I normally suspect energy first. The reason is simple, I pretty much know my body and unless I did 8 hours of boot camp class, there is no way I would be exhausted. I’m very physically in-tuned. The thing is though, physical exhaustion is not as tiring as energetic exhaustion. So, if I do my healing or reading work improperly, I would be knocked out pretty good while if I do hard cardio class, I probably get hungry and maybe my legs get little tired. I say my healing work improperly is because if I did everything right from how I set up to how I complete, I shouldn’t be exhausted. If I screw up my energy exchange or boundary (could be time, could be compensation, could be unconscious automatic healing), for sure I will suffer at least a day or two if not longer.

When I say the usual suspect is energy is because of this. We each have different vibration. My vibration is different from any of you. Your vibration is different from anyone else including your family member. When someone else’s energy is coming into your space which is your body, chakras, aura, then it’s like some out of sync vibration got into your vibrational space. Imagine you’re vibrating in certain way and some totally different vibration comes into your space. It disrupts your vibration. It’s not about your vibration is good or bad and others are good or bad. It’s just different. So, when you get tired, you can’t get rid of some thoughts, you can’t stop anxiety, fear, etc., highly likely something else is in your space.

You know we live in civilized society, so we bump into others all the time. Nothing unusual. That’s why it’s really good idea to get some healing from energy healer or spiritual healer to get your energy field cleared out of others energy from time to time. It really helps. The goal is to keep our own energy in our space and remove other energy out of our space. Pretty simple! Not easy, but very simple.

Normally, I could understand why some energy sits in my space. Sometimes, my sister who lives in Japan needs something (it’s normally about my mom). Sometimes, my healing business prospective are seriously thinking about contacting me and their energy visits me before they can even make a physical contact (not fun for me but this is what I do. What can I say?). Sometimes, someone who has ill intended comes in. Sometimes, someone wants to see what I’m seeing and knowing by coming into my space (this is seriously not a good psychic manner if you were to ask me!).

This week’s tiredness was very odd, probably because it was combination of multiple things, so I couldn’t figure out the main source. I could tell that it was a female. I could tell it was Asian, dark hair and older than I am for sure. I could also tell that this energy had probably rounder body type than I do. This is why I thought it was my mom, but my mom’s energy changed since she got Alzheimer’s, so not that. The thing is that this energy sticks heavily in my chest, stomach, throat everyday! No matter how many times I clean up, I wake up with heavier energy than before. I couldn’t get it. Besides, I was getting tired of this because I couldn’t function to do my normal life!

I had to take a nap since I was exhausted and couldn’t even move my body like I want to. When I woke up, I just had a thought. So, I decided to clean out the karma with this one individual who popped up in my head. Sure enough, as I clear karma with this person, I felt nauseating. After that, I removed her energy from my space. Sure enough, her energy was seriously stuck in me to the bones. How did this happen? To be honest, I don’t care. The only thing I know is that when I was new to the spiritual realm, I used to use this person’s service. I didn’t know much, so I just went along and trusted whatever this person did or said. Probably her energy was coming into my space back then. It’s not that this person is bad or wrong, it’s just the awareness and truth are different on each as I always say. I just realized it now, that’s all.

How this energy got into my space so heavily now? Yeah, I think there was some intent from this person at this moment. So, instead of just communicating physically, I think the energy was coming into my space. It happens all the time, but hopefully people who do the energy work and spiritual work have more careful awareness on that. But again, we’re not perfect, either.

So, the bottom line of today’s topic, if you’re tired unusually, just keep in mind that usual suspects might be in your space. I help people to remove other’s energy from their space and teach them how to remove energy as well if you’re interested. Just because it’s invisible doesn’t mean it has no effects. It probably has greater effects than visible matter most of the time.

With that in mind, have a wonderful Autumn! It’s the transition time! Lots of fun, joy and amusement with it!