Tech Savvy vs Electromagnetic Field

I got a little spoiled with July and somewhat in August. It was lighter, easier to navigate than the last few months, but September… Oh man.. Starting from the Mercury retrograde in the end of August and all those Mars, Saturn, Neptune fighting each other… People get affected by the planetary energies, so on top of what I’m sensing as is, it’s double triple rough for someone so sensitive like moi. Gotta do what I gotta do! My long term struggle with technology is nothing new, but this week was more pronounced. So, I’ll write about the electromagnetic field and technology in my point of view.

I’m conscious about removing stuff which aren’t my present time matter. So, once in a while certain things in my room get my attention. This time it was my TI-83, the graphic calculator I used when I was a pre-med. I know! Why do I still have it? Can’t explain well. Maybe it was still in my mind that someday.. Anywho, so I decided to get rid of it. I could take it to GoodWill, but who would look for a graphic calculator in GoodWill? It’s probably equivalent to dumping in the garbage can. Besides, those are not too cheap for a student, either. So, I thought of trying ebay for the first time in life.

It wasn’t bad at all. Figuring out stuff on applications or computer is not too hard for me. Besides, I used to be in the tech field for several years. I put one item, then something else came to my mind. In the end, I listed a few items and see if I could remove them from my room. It would be good if someone can enjoy while I don’t any more. If I can get some money for it, it’s better in the energetic sense, too. So, I was casually waiting to see how it goes. So, I did this last weekend and sold one item already which is amazing!

Though, the only thing is my thing with the technology or rather, I should say the electromagnetic field. Ever since I listed stuff on ebay, my room is never the same. My night is never the same. Basically, I have to deal with the energy visitors more than I normally do because this ebay thing drives so much traffic! I deal with the energy visitors because I do spiritual work, but the quantity is different. I’ve created my healing work space in serene traffic, but not in the flood of traffic.

Let me describe what I’m talking about. When I say that I don’t like iPhone, smart phone, computer, and technology, they automatically assume that I’m tech illiterate. That’s not what I’m saying and every time someone assumes that, my short fuse snaps and I just want to stop talking (well, I’m a human and not operating in spiritual mode normally…). But you know, people don’t get it because they don’t have the same experience like I do. So, I just need to pick and choose who and where to say things like this.

When the tech devices have electromagnetic field, especially it runs with a software, it seriously hurt my body and energy field. I mean, when someone text me, I get a metallic headache and then I know that someone texted me or emailed me. Email used to be horrible for me because I could sense the sender’s energy without knowing that I got an email from someone. This part still is the same, but energy of a person, a human coming into my space and these electromagnetic field coming into my space are two different things.

If you have a migraine, the pain is like that in my head when these energy comes into my space. I sometimes have to stop what I’m doing, meditate, lie down, or whatever I need to do to remove what got into my space. Not fun, not easy, not cool, but I live in 2016, what can I do?  I’m much better at handling these than a decade ago. I used to refuse to have a smart phone, so till my bulky phone died on me, people at work were surprised that I had such an old timer cell phone. Besides, I was in the tech field, you know? Who would not use the advance tech gadgets? There is a reason for that!

When I first got my iPhone, it was a nightmare. I used to question my teacher and other students in her spiritual school about this so many times, but I finally gave up on asking others about it. For, they don’t really get what I’m saying and what I’m experiencing. When one doesn’t understand the degree of the pains and struggle, it’s hard to see the solution if any. So, my journey of dealing with technology is sort of like my journey of spirituality. I got the basic concept but the rest, I have to figure out on my own because my truth and experience are only mine and other’s truth and experiences are different from mine.

This is not just iPhone or ebay honestly. Every time I get an e-bill from a tech company, I get a serious disabling day or two. I wish I could stop their billing, but they claim that it is the “mandatory.” Every time ACH payment goes through my bank account, my experience is similar but this is a little more complicated because the financial organizations and systems have very different energy. Anyway, maybe if you have issues or need some help on that, I can discuss in the private healing or reading session.

I hear some people can’t wear watch because it stops when they wear it. Some people say that the lights on the streets get turned off as they walk by. Some people say that their cars stop (well, this happened to me a couple of times, but not recently. Crossing fingers!). When there are very strong energy coming through my room, my room light starts flashing fast and wonky. Living my life isn’t that easy, but I’m learning how to navigate better. If you got something, you’d better learn to cope with it instead of giving up or being bitter about it. Nowadays, I do my best to shut down the tech devices at night. It’s not easy since I’m not used to it, but I’d better learn to take care of myself. I ground and separate from each device and each application daily. Yikes, right? But, if that helps me to have an easier day and life, I’d better do it.

So, if you have difficulty with electricity or electromagnetic field, you’re not alone for sure. I encourage you to learn to take care of you instead of blocking or shutting down yourself because in the end, you’ll suffer if you shut down. I used to do that for centuries, and I know how hard it was when life got really wonky by blocking. Anyway, it’s random as usual, but have some earth time! We live on earth for reasons! 🙂