Be In Sync With Your Expanded Self

I’ve been flowing from the morning and I have about one hour till my next schedule. So, I got a “go” on writing a blog; hence here I am! Today’s topic is about abundance and moving through the downstream.

I’ve been assisting a couple of spiritual classes right now and one of them is ending tonight. The class is abundance class. I love this class. I never get enough of it. So now, instead of taking this class, I’m assisting the class as the class space holder. I was listening to the recordings every night this week and one of the most memorable topic in the class is flowing through the downstream.

I have many traits but one of the traits which is very strong is perseverance. When I took a look at male energy and female energy in myself, I find that my perseverance is my male energy. I spontaneously come up with some ideas and create with my female energy. How I get to the goals is my perseverance, my male energy in myself. When it is flowing and light, it’s great. Though, I have another traits which are very counter supportive of those traits. The big one is making effort and work hard. Unless I’m careful about it, I tend to go there. That’s my upstream tendency. I tend to choose upstream instead of downstream.

See, when things are flowing, it’s never an upstream. Imagine you’re rowing your boat upstream and how much energy and effort it takes. Does it go any farther? Do you get where you need to go? Or is that really where you want to go? I consciously remember thinking light and doing light. When things are not light and heavy, like let’s say your finance is pretty tight, we tend to do something about it. More likely we try so hard to “fix” it. The thing is, the more we put effort and energy into it, it gets heavy and hard.

Life gets really heavy on surface sometimes and I do fall into “fix it” mode sometimes. Though, it never works well. Maybe I’ll survive barely on that occasion but the same thing comes again and again and I have to deal with the same heavy shit again and again. So, I said, “no more.” I’m doing differently. At least, I’m trying out differently because the old methods are not working.

I mentioned in the couple of blog ago that I’ve been trying out ebay. The reason I did was to remove the olds from my room: my graphing calculator from my pre-med time. I thought ebay would be the best shot to reach a student who would use it. It would be much better off than sleeping in my shelf or at Goodwill shelf if this calculator can find a student who would use it everyday in school. I listed one and pretty soon, I noticed another olds in my room. So, I listed one thing after another. The amazing thing is that this calculator is sold yesterday! More amazing thing is that so far four items are sold. It’s just amazing. They were sleeping in my room unappreciated. Now they find their new home where they can be appreciated. Pretty neat, eh?

Since I was in financial field for a long time before, I tend to calculate cost and benefit when things are involved in monetary matter. I get pulled by the old habitual traits. So then, I have to remind myself about upstream and the very reason I do things. For instance, my huge dictionary sold on ebay was so large that I had to buy a box. I didn’t bring in a tape, so I decided to buy it as well. It ended up, of course, costing more than the shipping fee the receiver paid for. If it was me a long time ago, I probably would kept bitching about moaning about how I could have done better or more efficient. Then, I tell myself, “See Naomi, remember the reason you are doing this is not about making money. This is about removing the olds from your room so you can bring in the new and more suitable things for you. You’re making space for the new!” Then, I get it. “Yes, right. That’s right.”

Lynn Grabhorn calls this spiritual part of us “Expanded Self” in “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting.” Expanded self because she/he doesn’t have limits like us who have physical bodies and put all the limitations about logics to everything we do. Expanded self is downstream. She/he has no limit, no blockage, no stagnation. It’s completely in sync with the Source energy which we all want to be connected all the time.

This week, I decided to just keep removing all the limits, fears and anxiety for whatever they are and to keep moving forward. I decided to trusting everything will work all right. It’s like crossing a narrow suspension bridge between the high cliff. That itself makes me want to just lie on the ground since I have a height phobia. If you’re crossing such fragile bridge up high, the only way you could do is by looking at the end point, your goal. If you look down how high and deep the valley is, fears show up, gravity grabs you, you may lose balance and might fall.

You can’t caught up in fears. You can’t focus on fears and anxiety or problems. You just have to keep going, looking up your goals and trust things will work. Then strangely enough, you’re connected to the Source and you see the downstream. You just listen and see the downstream and follow. Every idea, place you might want to drop by, a person you might want to email or call, if you keep connected to your Expanded Self and pick up’n follow all the subtle messages you get, you’ll be thrilled how effortless and beautiful things are flowing and you’re in sync.

So, my time is up to grab something to eat before I take off to the next. Stay in sync with your Expanded Self!