Spirit Guides?

Last night, there was a spirit guides workshop at my teacher’s school. I told my teacher last month if the regulars (people who have learned all the tools in her intuitive school) were the only people coming to the workshop, I would want to “take” the class, but if new people, even one, are coming to the class, I’ll be a space holder (because I don’t get to do my work… hopefully I can explain this in this post). She told me that there will be someone who just took her meditation class which is the basic tool learning class. So, I agreed to do a space holder role. So, I’ll talk about this so-called-spirit guides which people seem to love.

Ended up, there were all brand new people. Let me just say, it was something. It’s always challenging to be a space holder role in the beginning of a program or class because people are not used to using tools. I say tools tools but what these spiritual tools my teacher’s school and my meditation class teach are about setting up the energetic boundaries, releasing and removing the energy not working for us in our space, and most importantly, being in your own body instead of floating around and going to everybody else’s space. So, new people obviously haven’t learned such skills, so the class space isn’t quite safe. My work as a space holder involves a lot more when class has people who are brand new therefore.

When I first took this spirit guide workshop, it was probably right after I started to learn the basic tools in the meditation class. Man… I wish my teacher had a space holder in that class when I took the class, but it was my way of experience and learning through such experience. It wasn’t pleasant. I was freaking out. Who cares about spirit guide?! The two other people who were in the class with me were talking about aliens, greys, whatever I don’t remember. You know, it really doesn’t freak me out at this point since I’ve had quite a bit of experience and I’ve seen quite a bit by now. However, back then, I was so new to this. I mean, I didn’t even know if my spirit guides were what back then. The only thing I knew was that it seems to speak through pendulum (which I don’t use it any more).

What freaked me out the most was that probably that night, I took something with me from the class. Meaning, something came with me from the class that night. So, all night long, I heard noises I’ve never heard of, my fountains were making angry noises all of the sudden, I was getting cold, scared, shaky, all at once. For a while, I really didn’t care to be close to the “spirit guide” workshop my teacher offered.

Now after taking all the meditation classes, healing classes, clairvoyant classes, many many workshops, graduate clairvoyant classes, and quite a bit of space holder roles in the those classes, I’ve learned a lot of tools, have seen and experienced a lot of things. So, spirit guide workshop doesn’t freak me out and I know what happened back then for sure. However, I still will not attend this workshop unless there is a space holder or all the attendees are regulars. I’d rather be a space holder if I have to deal with “beings (entities, spirits, guides, whatever you want to call).”

I used to get excited and curious about spirit guides like everyone else long time ago. Though, not to that extent any more since I learned a lot. Here is what I can say for sure. I think people are giving and trusting too much on these so-called-spirit guides. In fact, last night, I had to deal with dozens of unnecessary beings coming to the class along with these new students. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming them because what can you do when you don’t know? The main issue is that we haven’t learned how to discern beings and how to safely set the boundaries with beings. Beings including without body and with body like humans.

Just because spirits don’t give an automatic enlightenment to them. Just because people are deceased, their spirits don’t get automatically enlightened, either. There ate gazillion types and kinds of beings, and you just never know they’re really safe “guides” for you.  But again, this comes with learning and experiences.

If you are exploring yourself in the spiritual realm, I definitely encourage you to get a basic training by learning tools. You can start from my recorded meditation class online (or I can do remote class I guess). It’s all about learning and developing the spiritual tools and bring your awareness more and more. Unless we’re aware, we don’t notice things. When I didn’t have tools, the only thing I had was my extreme sensitivity. I couldn’t come close to places, people or things which had lower vibration. My sensitivity was serving for a purpose, but my life was so limited without the tools. Now, although I don’t enjoy it sometimes, I can do a lot more than I used to (like going back to the gym).

If you’re communicating with so-called-spirit guides, ask yourself and those spirit guides who have seniority. If you get “spirits,” then you’d better fire those. You have seniority over any energy, beings, physical matters in your own space. Even if it’s Jesus Christ, if he is coming into your seventh chakra, you’d better kick him out (I don’t think I’ve seen him doing that, though… so it gotta be an imposter). Eliminate unnecessary beings floating around you. Definitely, nothing should come into your space (aura, body, chakras) unless you’re intentionally inviting like some channels do (which I don’t really like it because I see and feel what it’s doing to the body… side story…).

Ok, so this is my five cents for today. I’m sure it’s so out there, but if you believe it or not, what is is what is. So, I thought I would spell it out!

It’s October! Autumn! Can someone sell me something more than pumpkins?? I want variety! Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!