When Someone’s Energy Is in Your Space

I was thinking about what I would work on at the gym tomorrow morning while doing a little exercise at home tonight. Monday mornings are my lifting day at the gym. As I think about the routines I would do tomorrow, it reminded me what happened last week at the gym which affected me pretty much throughout the week. So, I’ll talk about that today. Of course, it’s about energy, but it’s energy not yours and someone else’s.

Last Monday, I was planning to work on arms and was going to try out the new exercises. I was quite excited about it and wanted to get on it. I wanted to use the rope pull to do the different triceps exercises. I saw the section got opened, so I jumped onto it. The only thing was that there was a little unusual guy using the other side of the section. He was backing off to the side when I was using the rope. Obviously, he didn’t like I was using the section while he was doing his work on the other side. So, I said to him, “Does it bother you if I’m doing the work here?” He didn’t say straight up, so I said, “That’s fine. I’ll go somewhere else and do some other exercises.”

The story should end there if it’s a normal gym scene, but it wasn’t. The guy started to talk about why space was so important and it was important not to have other’s energy around him when he was working. Well, I get what he was saying to a point. However, the part which was eery to me was that even though he seemed to be talking about a metaphysical matter, it felt dark. The vibration coming from him was very controlling. If he was working out, everybody should get out of his way, sounds like. I do like space, so I get that. But, we live in the social world, not a solitude world especially at the gym. Unless someone is extremely close to you and dangerous, you can’t completely create a huge space around you to be honest.

I have a little problem with controlling energy to start with, so my body started to react with the resistance and feisty mode. Anyway, I tried my best to be “nice,” and not going to the fighting mode. Since he gave me a lecture of metaphysics and treated me like I didn’t know anything about it, I started to tell him that it was important to filter out other’s energy if you were in the public places. Then the situation got weirder. I was lifting in the bench section now, then this guy came next to my bench, believe it or not. He could go somewhere else, you know? The more strange thing was that he continuously “talked” or “explained” his metaphysics of lifting sporadically.

The strangest thing I thought during my lifting was that when I was working on my shoulders at the bench, I couldn’t even lift 10lbs. I mean, sure I’m a girl and maybe my shoulders were wimpy lately. Still, I’ve been lifting the basic parts of my body for a while. I should have thought about it more clearly when I was lifting, but I just thought that my shoulders got weak and I should be working on it more often.

By Wednesday night when I was participating as a healer in the evening healing clinic, my triceps were in pain and I couldn’t bend my elbows more than 90 degrees. Then, I realized that it happened like this before. At that time, I was receiving a healing from another healer at the clinic and I requested her to heal my triceps since I couldn’t bend them with pain. What she helped me to realize back then was that I was lifting in the middle of the aggressive males. Then, I went to the competitive mode since I noticed that they looked at me with disrespect. Basically, instead of letting those guys energy pass through me, I took it on. Then my arms started to be in pain and I couldn’t bend. As soon as I realized it and let go of their energy, my arm pain was gone and I could bend my arms again.

So, my suspect was that guy from last Monday. Luckily, I got healing from my teacher at the clinic, and she even said that his energy of “control” was in my body and space still. Man.. Really?? I mean, what did I do? No wonder I couldn’t lift 10 lbs. No wonder my arms were in pain and couldn’t bend. I probably hurt my pec muscles or two.

This is a great example of what other’s energy does in your space. It’s not your energy, so it doesn’t work for you. If the intent of energy is vicious, of course it would work negatively on you, too. Besides, I’m a female and he was a male. Male has much heavier energy vibration than female energy. Just thinking about it, my arms get heavy. Yikes!

I always try to be very conscious about energy at the gym because if I don’t, I might take on other’s energy. If I get competitive mode with males, that’s like a death sentence to my energy field. I will be absorbing their energy. Not good. Lesson learned. Stay away from suspicious one and stop being nice (while his energy was hurting me!).

This is not about just gym, right? If energy is not yours, it really doesn’t work for you. So, remove other’s energy from you is important to be truly you. It doesn’t matter if the intent is good or bad. If it’s not yours, it’s not going to work for you. The more you remove energy not yours and bring your energy back to yourself, the happier and the more true to yourself. You can remove other’s energy by learning spiritual tools through meditation class I teach.

Next time you have some strange pains or unexplainable symptoms, check if other’s energy is in your space. You might be surprised how energy can cause all sorts of stuff!