Does It Matter if Readees Get It or Not?

They say the storm is coming (or already in) in Seattle. It sure is raining pretty hard. I need to cook to prepare for the week, but I don’t feel like it. So, I’m going to write a blog! How about that? I had a distant reading this morning and I’ll write a brisk of thought from it.

Does it matter if the readees get what’s said during the readings? In other words, does clairvoyant readers or mediums have to make sure the readees understand the messages? I’m sure I would say the totally opposite of people would say. My answer is “no.”

When you do a spiritual reading, there are a lot more going on than you can physically observe. Certain things can be said and certain things can’t be said. The reading is a spiritual conversation between a reader and a readee. So, the majority of the time, especially the readees are new to this realm, it might be mind boggling. Or rather, it hurts the logical brain (it doesn’t hurt really, but I’m saying that the logic doesn’t apply). The thing is that conversation can be made without verbally talking. In other words, many messages are said telepathically without verbal communication.

When I took the clairvoyant program a while ago, sure, this part was very questionable. Every time my teacher said even if the body doesn’t get it, the spirit part of them gets it, I acknowledged it, but still validating what was delivered was the hardest thing. I think we humans want to get validated. If you are a healer or reader, you really won’t get validation from the readees/healees. You really have to validate yourself. This part was really hard and I never really liked readings when I was a clairvoyant student. So, of course, when I decided to do the healing work, first I started to do the healings, but I hid I could do readings from people for a while.

By now, I’ve read over a hundred of readings at least since I first read a classmate in the clairvoyant class. So, I really don’t have such intense discomfort about readees get it or not. I know for sure many students go through discomfort of not knowing they were right or if it was helpful for the readees. I intentionally or unintentionally chose to do the path where I read someone every week ever since I started this spiritual journey. Then, you start to see and learn what’s going on more than just going through the one year clairvoyant program.

Luckily or unluckily, I’m very sensitive, so I don’t miss any lower than neutral energy floating around in the reading room or readees. Either I address it or not is another story. So, as I read or other people read, the readee’s energy shifts instantly. Some readees don’t change because they are not willing to accept or change. The more open to change and evolve the readees are, the shift is immediate. So, I know as a fact that it really doesn’t matter if the readee’s body understands the readings or not. All it matters is the readees are healing and evolving through the readings.

So, basically I’m saying that the effects of the readings or healings are totally up to the receivers. Even if there are great Source energy available for them and there are wonderful healers doing the work for them, it’s up to the receivers. If they don’t want to have it or can’t have it, energy won’t come in. Healing can’t happen. It might sound like a cop out, but it’s true, so there is no way around it.

If readees can get the messages physically, it probably is satisfying. But again, it doesn’t matter if the energy doesn’t shift. The message is delivered to the spirit self, the spirit makes the change and then delivered to the body to make a change. It always start from the energy level.

So, if you’re looking for a physical validation from the readings, maybe you might want to talk to John Edward or Road island medium (although I don’t think they would give you a guaranteed physical validation). I normally careless if readees get everything or not. When I teach the spiritual tools and delivering important messages, I do make sure to be understood as in making sense in the verbiage wise. But, I know some people need to hear the messages again and again throughout the time before they can really soak it in. Body is a strange thing. It only takes things it can take.

Any who, again it’s a random post, but if you are getting read, go with the feelings and how you feel after the readings. That’s much more true than making sense in your brain. With that, have a wonderful Sunday! :O)