Claiming Your Own Space

It’s Saturday, I woke up early as usual. Ever since I started to create new space for myself in life, I wake up early and get up before 6am. It makes a huge difference to meditate, set the intention for the day, and bring my abundance gauge up before the day starts. As I noticed the effect of that, I naturally started to wake up and get up early. I have lots of things I want to do before I actually “start” my day! Anyway, my morning set up is done and I think I still have time to write a blog! So, today’s topic is still about the “space.” It’s about how you create and claim your own space.

I realized that I have been learning about “space” intensively in the last couple of months. This space thing is rather deep than I was aware before. I do “space clearing” all the time. I do house healing and business space healing which are all about clearing the space and claiming the space as yours. I do a class assistant role in my teacher’s intuitive school which is also all about keeping the “space” safe and clear. I used to do my healing work in an office for some years and the first lesson I learned was how challenging to keep the space clear and safe while there are so many other people involved in the space and the building. As I have been much more aware about the energy in the space, I thought I pretty much knew about space.

This spiritual realm or if you prefer to say the non-physical realm is rather deep. One topic never ends as is. It’s sort of like a college learning. If you choose to barely pass the class, your learning goes that far. If you choose to be open to the depth of the genre, your learning is endless. I naturally like learning in general, so my spiritual journey has been naturally going deeper and deeper. Since I do spiritual work for my career, it only benefits all involved.

I was aware of clearing up the space by removing the olds and the ones not serving you at the present time. If something is occupying a space, either it’s useful or not, there isn’t space for other things. Then, if it’s not useful, you’d better clear the space so you can bring the new, up-to-date and suitable thing for you. This really isn’t only about the physical matter. If you’re keeping people or projects which aren’t serving you for your best, there is no place for the more suitable, new, up-to-date of your vibration to come in. I knew it by head, but I really haven’t experienced this clearly before. So, I’ll share it.

I had a some sort of relationship starting from the beginning of this year. I think I wrote it in the blog a while ago. Since I didn’t realize that I was completely blocking this part of my life for protection, I was very resistant for a while. Though, as I got some assistance from other healers/readers and my teacher, I decided to work on myself around it. The thing is everything happens for reasons. It only shows up if you have to clear something. I’m not talking about only karmic relationship, but more of the energy which is stuck in your energy field. In my case, it was about relationship and I wasn’t aware I was unconsciously protecting myself. I thought I was retired from being attracted to guys or relationships.

Fast forward, I did lots of work on myself and even got to clear the materials related to the former relationship from my room. You never realize that you forgot some items which were gifted from your ex or from that time, etc. because you don’t live life by thinking about those item’s origin much. I’m very grateful that this person showed up so I could clear my space.

While I’m working on the physical space of my room, I realized that my weekly schedule is quite tight every week. Here I’m attempting to work on teaching Zumba sometimes somewhere in the future. I also have almost unpredictable healing practice which I can never estimate how the day goes or week goes. This “packed” schedule has started to be obviously popping up in my eyes. So, last week, I decided to create some space for all the things I want to do.

I want to lift three times a week at the gym, so I decided to hit the gym at 7am before the Zumba class in the morning a couple times a week. I want to start my day with meditation and setting up my intention of the day, so naturally I started to get up around 5am. Then the rest of the week started to follow the similar pattern. So, I start my day early and I haven’t felt tired or sleep deprived.

Because my schedule gets dense from time to time, I started to prepare food in advance. I cook a lot in chunk on weekend and pack it up in each meal size, so I can grab and eat when I don’t have much time to eat or cook. I also started to buy more snack food like apples, cottage cheese. With the lifting and Zumba schedule, I’m much more conscious about what I need to feed my body in terms of nutrition. Besides, I do energy healing, so I really need to have nutrition and energy for my body from good food sources.

When I looked up my planner and wanted to have more open time in the evenings for my healing business, I then decided to cut the spiritual class roles I’ve been participating in my teacher’s school. I also wanted to free up more time, so I decided to cut my participation as a healer in the healing clinic. I will do once or twice a month; that’s probably the best for me at this point. I communicated with my teacher and she was completely agreed with it. So, I got to clear and claim more space for my own healing practice.

I also decided to cut one Pilates mat class especially since I started to notice that the days I have the Pilates make me very tired or fall a sleep. This only happens when other energy is coming into my space too much. So, I don’t know for sure what’s going on about my Pilates class, but for now cutting one would be a good experiment. Then, I can free up one morning which can be open for teaching Zumba.

While I go through such clearing and creating some space for my important things in life, this guy I had some sort of relationship kept popping up in my head. That’s a sure sign as an intuitive healer that I need to look at it. So, I did. The thing is… even though this person’s appearance has helped me to heal some part of myself, what I had with this person wasn’t what I want for my relationship. As I learn and work on my abundance and claiming what I want, I’m more clear about what I want from my relationship. I really valued the relationship I had with my ex which was trust, fun, support, loving, smoochy good relationship. The one I had recently was nothing like that. He wants his freedom; so do I honestly. But, if I’m open for a relationship, I want loving, trusting, communicative relationship. I wasn’t getting that as is.

So, I deiced to end it whatever we had or hadn’t had. It took me some courage to do, but I wrote an honest email one morning after meditation and said that I wanted to end it to open up for the space he was somewhat occupying. I mean, I can’t even go out on a date if I was in the state as is. I felt somewhat I was providing the energetic space for this person. No hard feelings because I know for sure that this person wasn’t open for the relationship or love at all. I like him a lot, but if it’s not serving me for my highest good, I can’t have it. It’s the same principle as clearing physical things from the room. If person isn’t ready for it, don’t just hang in my space. Come back when you’re ready! That’s my call.

Of course, I had to clear out the energy after I sent the email. Though, when I cleared all the energy surfaced from me, I took a look at my relationship space. It was 100 times bigger than it has been. Then, I knew I did the right thing for myself regardless what this sending email would do to me, him or us.

Long story, but it was so clear to me that letting go of something/someone that are not serving you for the highest good is a wonderful healing for you. It’s all about claiming your own space and owning your space instead of providing your space to things. projects or people even though they don’t belong there. So, if something rings a bell in you, I definitely encourage you to work on that. This probably can be challenging, so you can always get a spiritual assistance. Give me a call or email if you would like my service. I’d be happy to work with you.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 😀