Scarcity Picture

It’s Sunday and I got up at 5am. You think you would rest and take it easy on Sundays, but sometimes, energy comes in too much and I have to just get up as usual and start clearing myself up. Took me for a while since it was really sticky and dense, but now I realized that I have one extra hour because of the daylight savings time ending day! It’s the time abundance! So, I shall write a blog before I hit the gym! Sounds too good to be true! Today’s topic is in the realm of space and abundance. It’s space and abundance series!

When you work on abundance, there are two large groups of topics you want to work on. One group is what you want to bring in. Another group is what is limiting and restricting your abundance. So, even if you know what you want to bring in, but there are limiting beliefs or patterns in you, then highly likely you won’t bring in what you want in life. Since I’ve been in the intensive clearing unit to bring my abundance lately, I noticed something this morning while clearing myself. That is “scarcity picture.”

What is scarcity picture? It’s the thought or belief that you have a limited resource. You have $100 in bank account and you’re holding onto the every bit of your dollar. You restrict your grocery, you limit your fun time, you almost starve yourself from all parts of your life because you have this picture of “if I lose this $100, there is nothing else more.” That’s one example of scarcity picture. This is not just about money. It can be materials and can be non-tangible matter. It can be your job, can be your relationship, can be your time, space, etc.

I used to know a lot of people who are considerably wealthy financially. The thing I noticed though is how they think of things are very much scarcity picture. It was almost like they’re hanging on to every bit of dollar as if once they lose a dollar, their wealth might go down to the poverty lane. It was sort of fascinating. Some are much more intense about it than others. But this energy of holding onto money was uniform among these people I used to know. I’m no longer around those people which is a good thing because no matter how much money, property, wealth you have, if you’re thinking in the scarcity, it’s not going to invite abundance.

Maybe since I spent so much time surrounded by these people or maybe since I went back to school as a pre-med, until recently I had this scarcity picture. How I thought of money and spending was sourced by scarcity way of thinking. When I started to learn a lot more about abundance, I realized that this exact way of thinking is an opposite magnet of abundance. So, I think much differently now. Even when I catch myself toward scarcity way of thinking for tiny purchase, then I reverse the thought and clear the scarcity energy. Instead I bring in the abundance picture and abundance flow of energy connected to the unlimited resources.

This morning when I was clearing my energy field for a while, I did noticed that quite a few people’s energy was sticking and pulling my energy. For one, I had a pretty busy week last week and had quite intense healings/readings in each session. Another is that the person I sent an email to end the relationship suddenly showed up at my door on a week ago weekend. That was not expected but I respect that he wanted to talk in person. The person who requested another session as the last session got interrupted did “no show” yesterday. Another big one was my neighbor had a serious shouting, cursing with someone, which made me rush into the door to stop (because I was afraid that someone might get hurt, abused and I’m a recovered non-of-my-f-ing-business-person). Such and such. So, there were a lot going on, so I just decided to clear one layer at a time, one energy at a time as it showed up.

As I clear my layers of aura, I saw several people’s energy in there. Some left as I told them to leave because their bodies can’t use their energy if it’s stuck in my energy field. Some were holding onto my bones, so I had to keep sending a spiritual communication to them that they need to bring their physical body to physically communicate with me; otherwise, there is nothing I can do! Of course, the intense one was from my neighbor sure enough. Though, while I was working on it, the interesting thing was the person who showed up at the door popped up as well. So, something must be related or similar. Of course, the girl who did no show showed up, too. So, I was working on one energy but somehow all related and mingled up one over another. Then I realized that somehow I felt that there is this “scarcity” picture or energy is there. It wasn’t about money. It wasn’t about materials, but I know it was scarcity.

Sometimes when you feel certain ways, it might be the feeling coming from other people. I’m not saying that you don’t have the same energy in you because if you didn’t, it probably don’t stick in your energy space. As I clear energy and removing other’s energy, I also started to clear the energy which might have been in my space for a long time. For instance, I know for sure that I was raised by my parents, so I did absorb their energy throughout the time I was with them. Then, I find this little but intense picture of scarcity around relationship. It held energy like “if I lose this one, there might not be any other opportunity,” “this did fill me somewhat, so why lose it,” “I only get older and only get unattractive, so why not holding onto this,” “he might change because he has been making some progress since I met,” etc.

It was really odd because those “thoughts” are not normally my way of thinking. I love myself, I love how my body is built, I love how strong and muscular I get, I love how spontaneous and a kid like energy I have, I think I’m sexy in my own way, I love how silly goose I am. That’s pretty much how Naomi thinks of herself. So, those thoughts showing up this morning was seriously odd. Then, I realized that it was probably from others who were in my space, and also I might be having the old but similar energy sitting in my space. So, I started to remove the quality of energy randomly as it shows up. The more I did it, it got lighter and lighter. Man, the family energy was intense! Even if they are not shooting those energy toward you, you absorb all the energy from them by observing it or healing them as a kid.

Any who.. it took me probably like four hours this morning, but I now feel like my normal self. Good thing.. Man, can you imagine living by feeling like that? I only have this and nothing else? If I let go of this not-so-good one, there is no other option? Wow.. that’s horrible way of thinking. Including this girl who did no-show is a good lesson for me. I don’t have to bend down to talk to my client like they’re babies. If they don’t respect my time and energy, boundary is set. It’s not my problem. If they don’t make a half way to meet and greet, there is nothing I can do. I know there are many reasons, but if I keep granting all the reasons for all the people just because I “see” it, nothing works for myself. I have to set my life and space for myself, not for others including my clients, family or relationship.

Long story long as usual, if you know you’re stuck in a relationship which is no good for you, determine the energy behind it. Do you have scarcity picture? Do you have your partner’s energy coming into your space? Do you have your old family energy sitting in your space? You can clear those energy and it makes much easier to be neutral and to make choices for your own good. Yup, if you need assistance, here is a healer~. You can set up a session. How small or large depends on your readiness, but it does make a shift as long as you’re willing.

With that, have a wonderful Sunday! I’m going to hit the gym to work on my legs!