Creating Space for You – Feng Shui

It’s Saturday, guys! Whatever is going on around politics, I decided to focus on what makes me tic and joyful! I hope you will put your focus on what makes you happy, too! My creating my new space continues, so why not share some tips from how I do and what I’ve learned so far! If you feel your life’s energy isn’t flowing around your living space or work space, or if you even have a slight tendency of hoarding, here is some inspiration for you! Let’s get started!

When I was living in Japan and I was about to move from my parent’s home to the new marriage home with my ex, there was a major clean out to do. My mom and my sister came to help although I never asked them to do. I was working full time in the corporate job and my ex was also working full time. So, it’s not like I could spend a century to do the packing and cleaning. I wanted to get it done, and I was super good. I’m a kind of person whom once a goal is set, the drive to complete is extremely high. Besides I have a really high energy (you probably will know immediately if you’re ever in the Zumba class I’m in!).  So, the speed and rapid decision making to get the project done is quite amazing.

This is not what I learned from my mom for sure. While she was helping, it was horrifying to see how messy she put stuff in the box on the side of my eye sight. It makes it really efficient if you pack things up in an organized manner when you unpack the moving items. My mom isn’t like that. I probably got this part from my dad since he was meticulous as he was an accountant. Anyway, so I did have some “gift” or “talent” already in me. Now, I have additional wisdom since I do the energy work. So, I can work from the spiritual angle as well.

You look around your home and your office and think how you can change, get rid of stuff you don’t need, so you can create a new wind to come in. Then, you either get unmotivated, don’t know where to start, everything has sentimental or energetic value sticking on you, so you can’t really do much. Well, that’s all right. Once in life, I was like that. Actually, I was in that state for a long time since I was a pre-med. I couldn’t throw away my lecture notes and text books. The paper printouts from the hundreds of lectures were piled up high in my room. My book shelves were occupied by stuck of lecture notes and textbooks. Although I was already graduated and working for a corporate job, my room looked like a pre-med’s room.

I think I was living like that for some years. Then, something hit in life. I got fired from a corporate job for the first time in life. Luckily I was a serious gym goer, so the depression didn’t hit to immobilize me for sure. Still, the energy in my room and my life was “stuck.” It wasn’t flowing. Then I met my spiritual learning. Although it wasn’t as crystal clear about how the energy works and how your space represent your life in the beginning, I knew that I had to do something about my room because it wasn’t my “present time.”

It’s really not easy to be honest when you first start clearing your space especially if you have some hoarding tendency. It’s like you clean out the house which was abandoned for a century. What to keep in mind is to be certain about your goal and where you want to go. I wanted to change my room to up-to-date, “present time” room for me, not in the “past time” room for me. There is a reason you get stuck and your room get stuck in the “past time” because you hold energy which you haven’t let go of. See, now? This is why space clearing can feel so hard.

Another thing to keep in mind is be persistent about it, but not to go overboard to exhaust you. When I was stuck in life, I was already low in energy. Plus, this space clearing is very energy related. So, you do get tired. The key is to do the clearing a little bit at a time. Most of the time once you get started, you get this runner’s high like “kick” and there is this endorphin kick of keeping it going. However, it’s the best to cut it no matter how thrilled you are and how you feel you can go more. Set the time or section to do for the day and that’s it. It’s like the Saturday farmer’s market. Once you hit the time you set or section you set, the bell rings and you can’t continue, period.

The reason I emphasize this is this. If you get exhausted, you won’t come back and do it again for a while. That’s not a good sign. It’ll be again the same hard start if you have to take a break for another century. So, keep it light. Another thing is, what’s the point of  torturing yourself by pushing hard? See, everything gets easier and lighter when you are amused and having fun. Make this space clearing as a fun thing and light, so you will be excited to do more next day. You see?

Now you cleared your space roughly and that’s great! The energy in your space starts flowing. Then, if you want, you go a little bit deeper. You want to remove items which are not serving for you for your highest good. Meaning, items that are not in the present time need to go. How do you know? Well, this is some skill I got since I developed this “checking in” with myself skill a while ago called “muscle testing.” You can research it online, but you can create your own version of checking. I do the muscle testing because I don’t count of my judgement sometimes if I’m attached to the objects.

Muscle testing I use are two forms. One form takes much more time and another is quick. First one, you stand still and ask a question and see if your body moves forward which you program your body for “yes.” If your body moves backward, it’s a “no.” In the beginning of muscle testing test phase, I used this body testing a lot. It does require some patience and time.

The one I use most frequently is the finger rings. You make rings by touching your ring finger and thumb in both hands and you cross both rings like an infinity shape with your finger rings. Ask a question and pull your finger rings outward. If the rings break, the answer is a “no.” If your finger ring infinity is intact, the answer is a “yes.” This needs some practice and programming because how much force you use makes a huge difference. So, you only needs some patience initially when you program your fingers to do this muscle testing. Make sure you do the conditional check before you do the actual testing, i.e. set your finger test to be neutral by checking with the conditional question like “Am I a female?”

I use the muscle testing when the objects are questionable to keep or remove. When my head judgement is questionable, I go with the muscle testing and strictly follow the answer. If I get “yes,” I keep it. If I get “no,” I then move to either donate or sell. Basically, it doesn’t matter really how you remove it to start with, but the bottom line is if it’s a “no,” it’s not a “present time” item for you.

Another important key for the space clearing is to ask key questions. Question #1: Do you love it? Question #2: Do you use it? Question #3: Does it make you happy? All has to be met, not one, not two, but all three. “Do you love it?” If you have an item which was a gift, you tend to keep it. Ok, if you’re not using it for decades, how good is it to keep it? I understand that you want to grant the intention of the person who gave you a gift. But, if the item is sleeping in your closet without being used, how appreciative to the gift giver and to the item? It’s taking up your space for something which is usable and lovable and makes you happy!

“Do you use it?” “Ok, you love the item, but you’re not using it and you’re just keeping it. Why? This is the major pattern of my case. If you have a let’s say a handkerchief, brand new, no wrinkles even, but never left your chest closet. So, this is not about your treasury box. Handkerchief is a handkerchief. You’d better use it as a handkerchief, or bandana, or wiping your baby’s butt, whatever it can be used for. It’s not for keeping in the closet for centuries till the earth might be moving on when it’s pulled out again. So, if you’re not using it for years, you won’t use it. Better to remove it from your space. You’re thinking that you would use it in the future. Future when? How long of the future are you talking about? Tomorrow? Five years form now? When you’re married? Ok, you’ll get a new, suitable item when you need it at that time in the future, so get rid of it! It’s taking up your space, blocking the flow!

“Does it make you happy?” Ok, you’re using it, but you have this feeling about this item. Every time you wear, you don’t really like how it looks around your mid section. Or every time you see the item, you remember your old relationship. NOOOOOOOOO!!! Keep the things which make you excited and happy! Why do you use and have the things which make you feel sore or bring you back to the past? I hope you’re not using the condoms you bought for your previous relationship (just saying.. it just came out of my mouth)! Anyway, see the strategy here? Once you get the hang of it, it gets easier.

I also recommend to do the clearing of your energy. You can probably do the grounding meditation from my blog to start with. That’s just the one basic tool, but it’s better than no tool at all to clear your energy as things will surface if you start clearing your space. You can check my grounding meditation post (Basic Meditation II: Golden Sun). You can also do the recorded meditation class which you can purchase online from my site (Meditation). This gives you more thorough tools than just the basic grounding (then I can probably assist you to remove energy better if you have more tools).

Lastly, spend some time to think about what you want to bring in your life. You’re creating some space by removing old stuff from your space. You can bring in the new, suitable thing for you in your life. What would that be? It doesn’t have to be a material. Do you want a new relationship? What kind of relationship do you want? Do you want new career? What kind of quality do you want in it? Do you want financial wealth? Ok, then be more specific. What about friendship? What about health? What about your physical fitness? Anything is possible. It’s all about how you put your focus on what you want to bring in your life. So, while creating some space for the new, focus on thinking about what you want in life.

I think I covered pretty good. It all starts from the energetic change. If you want you to change or if you want your life to change, start changing the energy in you and around you. You might not notice immediately, but I can guarantee that things shift and change in life. I can say it from my own experience! And most of all, have fun!

With that, have a wonderful weekend! It’s almost Thanksgiving! 😀