When You Can’t Get Out of a Rut…..

It’s another Saturday! Today has been quite a bit of journey for me. Why don’t I share what has been popping up in my life and learning this week?!  We’re all humans and I know for sure that there is no one who doesn’t have the time or voices which are pretty negative. The reasons and situations are different on each, still the basic principle of being in the rut is the same. No matter what, you just can’t get out of it. Someday it’s easier to get out; some day no matter what you do, you just can’t be out. So,  I shall write a blog to share what I do and list up things you can do in those times. It might not help you directly but it will give you an idea what you can do for yourself in those times! Hence, the title is “When you can’t get out of a rut….!!!”

My Saturday started out from my daily morning meditation and fine and such, and then went to the clairvoyant graduate class I attend at least once a month. It was a powerful class as we read each other. I could have gone to my no-plan-spontaneous walkabout, but I found a car parked at my parking lot when I got home. Ended up, towing that car, meanwhile I had to wait for the towing truck for 2.5 hours. Hence, my afternoon was pretty much gone (thank you whoever this careless car owner was). I can’t stand getting stuck. I can’t stand being controlled or being boxed in. So, these couple of hours were seriously repressing my energy. However, I finally managed to use the time to meditate and continue the work I was doing during the clairvoyant class. The car was towed, escaped myself to the Trader Joe to just get ROARRRRR out of my energy, and walking back home to think about writing a blog about lists of getting out of negative focus! Yeah!

You know, things happen in life not because of “for some reasons,” but because of “your creation.” Whatever is happening to you right now, including your surrounding is what you have created. I know you might have resistance to this, but it is true and it’s the fact. If the current life situation is so negative, think this way. Yes, you have created it, but now is the results of your past energetic input. So, once you change your energetic input, your outcome, your life situation will shift sooner or later. That’s the fact. It doesn’t go easily for sure because we’re so used to sit in the negative mode. It almost seems like human brains are conditioned to think repeated negativity. To be a little more woo woo, there are energies which don’t want us to vibrate in high. Someone like me who are in the role of shifting other’s energy gets a pretty good attack from those energy. Ok, that’s a side story, but it’s true.

You have bills to pay, you have kids and family to feed, but you have no resources, got fired, or your shift or income is cut. You are in the seriously bad relationship which in your eyes there is no win no out. You have health concern and no matter what you can’t shake the fear and anxiety around it. Your kids are in bad shape and you have no idea what you can do any more. You are in the bad job situation and you wake up every morning with drenched anxiety. Your parents are getting old and sick, and you are stuck in taking care of them although the situation is killing you. Such and such. You can name so many different things, small or large.

The bottom line: When you’re stuck in negative anything, the only thing you need to focus is to shift your focus off from negatives and shift your vibration to positive. That’s the basic goal. I know you want to argue, discuss, yeah but, but it doesn’t help arguing about it, either. So, if you want to shift your life situation and your negative rut, focus on changing your thoughts and vibration to positives, nothing but positives. Unless you’re vibrating in positives, you can bring nothing positive in your life, either. I’ll list up the ideas what you can do in order to get out of the negatives.


  1. Forget your problems which bring negatives in you.
    Ok, this is the very first step. If not having a job is freaking you out, stop thinking about it. I’m serious. Is it helping you to think about it? Is it solving problems? No. So, stop looking at it. Every time you look at your negatives, slap your face and look at everything else but those problems!

  3. Think, do, feel what makes you smile and feel joyful.
    Now, your focus is out of the negatives. Then start thinking, doing, feeling what makes you tic, even tiny bit. What do you like? What do you enjoy? What makes you smile? If talking to the dogs or cats makes you feel great, then do it. If moving your body makes you feel good, do it. If driving out to the nature feels good for you, do it. Walking the beautiful park, going to the gym to move your body, painting, singing, cooking some creative dish, dancing, visiting your favorite coffee shop/café/restaurant, reading inspiring books, etc. You know what you like even a little bit, so do those, think about those!

  5. Remove your limits
    Now, you’re more relaxed without negative focus, somewhat or slightly positive, then take a look at your limits. I’m a healer and spiritual teacher, so I can immediately notice the limits in people which are restricting their energy. You can notice it for yourself, too. Pay attention to what makes you feel locked up, small, restricted, squared, boxed in, systematic, etc. For instance, is your analytical brainy function restricting your spontaneity, freedom, creativity? Is your cultural norm limiting you and make you behave and think in the certain way? Is your family tradition and conditioning make you think in the certain way? Remove them. No matter what the intention was, if it limits you, it’s not helping you.


  7. Replace with creativity and expansion
    You’re aware of your limits now and removing or at least starting your journey to remove those limits. Removing limits means you’re creating the space to expand. You’re taking off the borders to go beyond what you used to think who you were. Not any more. Before fear or any negatives takes over the new space, replace those space with creativity. Creativity is very much the key to the expansion and positive vibration. You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t have to be a musician. Creativity comes in different forms. You can cook things from scratch at home. You can create and run a project. You can write. You can do a no-plan-trip. It doesn’t matter whatever it is you’re creating. Create. Keep creating. It can be small. Keep creating.


  9. Make a wish – imagination – Feel
    Now you’re a lot more in the different space than when you were at first in the rut. It is easier to think about what you want. So, this is your make a wish time! Imagine what you want. What do you want if you have a disposable $10million? Oh don’t! Don’t even say that’s not gonna happen. Then, you’re back to the first step, man. What do you want to do? Do you travel? Where? Do you want a house? Where? What kind? How does it look like? Do you want to save some? Sure. How much? To what bank and which account? Oh, you want to pay off your debt? Sure, which one? New car? Sure, which car? Color? School? Ok, what program? Which school?

    You got the ideas. Then make sure to feel as if you got those wish came true in hand. How does it make you feel? How does it feel like when you have xyz? Does it change you? Does it change how you feel about anything? Keep imagining and keep going until you go to this expansive euphoric positive feeling. You might not go there, but you can get there after a while. Stay in that positive as long as you can. 17 seconds on positive feeling shifts quite a bit of energy in you according to the books I’ve read. Not sure about the “seconds” part since I’m not experimenting the numbers, but for sure it does shift energy and hence the life’s outcomes believe it or not.


  11. Here are random lists of things to do or think to be in the positive direction.
    -Clean your room (I’m not kidding. This moves energy in many ways.)
    -Go outside for sun light and fresh air
    -Go for a walk
    -Read a book especially about law of attraction (I recommend Lynn Grabhorn’s “Excuse me, your life is waiting.”)
    -Get healings or readings (this is for reason. Guess why I still go to the clairvoyant graduate class or participate in healing clinic? I can shift my energy by other’s assistance. Oh, I’m a healer!!!! Give me a howl for my service!!!)
    -Exercise (if you don’t like gyms, I get it. Try a Zumba class or two. It’s not like you think what “gym” exercise would be)
    -Go to the Zumba class and make sure to make faces when you do it because that’s what I do! You can come to the class I’m in. You seriously can’t be serious.
    -Sing out loud
    -Play music
    -Dance (try even just jiggling your booty at home with some music. How can you not laugh or feel goofy doing that??)
    -Go to farmer’s market and touch, talk, feel the earth’s production and people who create those produce.
    -Go to art show, music concert
    -Eat at a restaurant where their food is amazingly creative and delicious! (mouth orgasm, guys!)
    -Shout out gratitude for anything
    -Look for a baby or toddler and stair at them (they’ve gotta magic!)
    -Find a humongous tree, stand underneath it, look up its branches, and feel its source energy.
    -Go to the water front and see the water
    -Meditation (as I always say, it’s available from my site, too!)
    -Get an ice cream cone and eat it surrounded by kids and grandpas!
    *note: I seriously recommend avoiding alcohol if you’re in a rut. It’s helping you say, but it’s not. So, I can’t recommend you to do what has too obviously negative effects.

I think that’s a pretty good start, eh? It doesn’t matter if you’re Dalai Lama or Jesus Christ. As long as you’re a human, you do face “negatives” in you, out you, everywhere. So good to have some tools handy so you can practice. Also, these are not just for the rut time. It’s a daily routine nowadays for me so I can change the way I think and function more and more. Try and see how you do! You can let me know how you do!

With that, have an amazingly positive weekend!

Grabhorn, Lynn (2000) Excuse me, your life is waiting. Charlottesville: Hampton Roads