Law of Allowing – Flowing Downstream of the River

Happy Thanksgiving the day after! I hope hope hope hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I almost thought of buying a whole turkey and bake it, but didn’t! I need to plan it better for the upcoming holidays! I like spontaneity, so I hardly ever plan on anything on holidays nowadays. But, I realized that I need a little bit more intentional in terms of holiday cooking! That’s all good. Learning new things about myself and life everyday! Today, I’ll write the topic which I started to understand spiritually during the meditation this morning. The topic is the “law of allowing.”

I think I wrote about it before, but I have never managed to read the books by Esther (or rather Abraham) Hicks. They’re known for books about law of attraction. What this lady does is that she channel the spirit who calls himself/herself as “Abraham.” Her books and workshops are according to the messages from the spirit, Abraham through Esther Hicks. She wrote books such as “Ask and It is Given,”The Astonishing Power of Emotions,” etc. (Obviously I only know two books written by them.) The reason I mention about Hicks is that this “law of allowing” is described in The Astonishing Power of Emotions if I’m not misunderstanding. Again, I’ve never read the book, so I can’t say for sure.

The last few months, I’ve been really working on shifting my energy around abundance. I know I’m a late comer, but for some reason, law of attraction was not an attractive topic for me for a long time. I probably have had many programing and conditioning around it. So, it’s only recently I started to realize that I need to shift this area around me seriously. So, every morning I listen to the recordings from my teacher’s abundance classes I took and also I assisted. Although I’ve listened to them and meditated with it many times, certain topics don’t blossom till I can hear it or I’m ready for it. Although I’ve heard of this “law of allowing” from my teacher’s mouth many times on the recordings, I have been just turning the pages as it proceeds until this morning.

My teacher uses this Hick’s “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” sometimes in the class, so I’m certain that this law is mentioned in that book. If not, I apologize. I’ll read the book someday, but not right now. According to what I heard from my teacher’s recordings, there are three laws in attracting abundance. The first one is the law of attraction. The second is the law of deliberate creation. The third is the law of allowing.

The law of attraction is no matter if you are aware or not, you attract the likely energy to you. This is about like attract likes. If you’re anxious and making decision with your anxiety, highly likely your outcome also has somewhat anxious energy with it. The law of deliberate creation is that you deliberately put your focus and thought on what you want to create and to have. The law of allowing is that you allow things to happen.

Yeah, it sounds no brainer, right (maybe not)? I thought yeah I got that every time I listened to my teacher’s teaching. Then, this morning while meditating, I realized that I’m aware of the first law, “the law of attraction” very well. I also realized that I tend to do a lot around the second law, “the law of deliberate creation.” You know why? It’s because as much as I can be a very laid back person, I’m very much of a go getter. I’m an action person. Once a goal is set, I make it happen. That’s pretty much how I ran my life in the corporate world till last year! But, this third law, “the law of allowing” is not my cup of tea I realized. I don’t like to be waiting around because I “make things happen” normally.

This morning, I could hear and feel the difference in the second law, “the law of deliberate creation” and the third law, “the law of allowing” very clearly. I’m a kinesthetic person, so I learn things by moving my body or feeling through my body. This is all about flowing the river in downstream or upstream. I tend to go upstream in the river even though I’m intentionally and consciously changing that part of myself. The law of allowing is definitely a downstream of the river.

You do some work to change your energy in you so you can attract positives in your life. You do put focus on what you want. However, you really don’t have to knock the door to door to get what you want. You really don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. You really don’t have to put effort and seriousness to get what you want. For, all of these are your closed valve actions. All you need to do is to tune into the universe, source, messages, and you pick up the right actions at the right time. It’s rather light, effortless, and joyous. That’s what this “law of allowing” is.

Ehh…. Who is good at this? Anyone? I mean when you’re trying to buy a house, don’t you just keep looking and looking till you get exhausted sometimes? When you’re looking for a job, don’t you keep looking through all the job sites, job search engines, every single networking events, job fairs, etc.? When you’re (well, this is how you feel and not really true, but…) scarce in money, don’t you look for every money opportunities like any jobs, anything? Well, maybe not you guys and only me who tend to go there. Anyway, basically it’s saying that stop all that and just allow things to come to you, things to happen to you. You just keep your antennas open and receive messages to pick up the right actions at the right moment.

This is harder than you think. For one, your internal energy has to be calm and neutral in order to be open valve, open antennas. Your internal energy needs to be positive instead of desperation, fear, anxious or any negatives. Also, you need to have trust that your intention and what you want are in action. You need to also believe that your outcome is not yet seen but is on your way. Definitely patience involved, but it’s more of trust and certainty that you’ve already turned the wheels and all you need to do is to flow down the downstream.

After I had this realization, I saw all the areas of my life which I’ve been working on to heal and expand looked bigger during the meditation this morning. Also, there was one noticeable incident I could identify that it was a synchronicity and happened because I was open valve to pick up the messages. I want to share it with you guys, but I have to do certain things in the timely manner, so I’ll share it after I feel I completed on that.

If you’re hitting your head over and over to make something happen, take a step back. It’s definitely working against your wish. Instead, be clear about what you want, clear out any negative thoughts and feelings around it, ask the universe to bring it you to, then allow the universe to bring it to you. Meanwhile, keep your valves open. To do that, do things you really enjoy. Do things you get joyous. Do laugh. Do smile. Be goofy. Have fun in life. It’s a much more fast track than making efforts and being serious.

With that, have a wonderful weekend and happy holidays! 😀

Hicks, Esther (2007) The Astonishing Power of Emotions Carlsbad: Hay House.