You Are in Charge!

It’s December already! There is a custom in December where I grew up to clean home and offices to be ready to welcome the new year. Every year I sort of try to do that, but was never really on top of it. However, this year is different. I was consciously removing the stuff irrelevant to my current life style throughout the year and most intensively for the last few months. So, I don’t have to even think about cleaning or clearing! It’s already been in the process! Yoohoooo! I can’t wait what kind of new to come in the upcoming year! Before the weekend is over, I’d want to write a blog! Today I want to write about being in charge of our lives. Hence, the title is “You are in charge!”

I’m not really a dependent person. I like freedom and spontaneity, so I’m pretty much a single actor. That’s what I thought. Lately, I had a wake up call while processing an incident and realized that I was depending on others in some part of my life. Since I feel that I did all I could be doing for the first phase of my taking steps, I would share it.

I go to Zumba classes a few times a week. Actually this is a newer activity. In fact, I started to go to Zumba class probably a couple of years ago at most. Before then, my love was a step aerobics. Since I realized that pounding on steps for so many times a week has been hard on my lower back (I tore my lower back three times), I decided to slow down from it. Still I was taking it once a week. When the step aerobics instructor decided to give up on that time frame, I got desperate. Then, after I left the last corporate job, I decided to try out other Zumba instructors classes besides once a week Zumba class I had been taking. That’s how it started.

There are a few Zumba instructors I really enjoy, but there was this one instructor whose class had been so much fun. This one is fairly new class for me. I think I started to take his class a few months ago, or maybe at most in summer this year. It was such a joy time that I was so looking forward to the class in the morning. It made a difference in my vibration for the rest of the week.

What happened was that this instructor suddenly announced that he put his two weeks notice to the gym. I was trying to be understanding but my mouth was literally open. That afternoon, I got slightly depressed. Since I’m very conscious about how to shift my vibration to positive everyday, having a fun and joy is so important. This class gave me the automatic joy and excitement in just one hour. I kind of got panicked to be honest.

As I processed about it for the next couple of days and then I happened to go to the graduate clairvoyant class where we read each other. That was the week of the presidency election. So, the topic was what was lighting us up at this current moment. So, each of us read and visited the totally different topics on the readings. Of course, we were different individuals and were facing and experiencing the different matters.

The reading was really helpful as usual. I always value other clairvoyants and healer’s insights in my teacher’s school. Though, what stuck in my mind was the conversation we had during the break time. I was sharing about this instructor quitting and I was telling her that since then I had been seriously thinking about how to replace the joy time of this class to something else. I was seriously thinking about how I can create a joy time. As we jokingly chatted about it, the other clairvoyant said jokingly, “He showed you what the joy is like. You got it, so now he is leaving. Because you’re too dependent, now he is leaving so you can create on your own.” We laughed.

That night and next morning, that conversation kept showing up in my meditation. Yeah sure, the group exercise classes are designed for people to join and have exercise and fun. However, I do have a certain style of joy and exercise I need and look for. So, finding the good classes and good instructors have been always challenging. I’ve been a gym goer for over a decade, and this has been always true. Then, I realized that it’s because I’ve been counting on others to provide a fun and joy for me. I know that’s what classes are for but this message is for me.

Then, I realized that because this instructor’s class has been so much fun, I didn’t really need to look into creating fun on my own. I got a Zumba instructor certificate in February, but it has never been much movement besides making a CD for the future class. So, when I saw it clearly, I decided to create my own joy and fun. So every morning, my intention and energy work on myself is about how to create my own joy. This is a wake up call thanks to this instructor quitting and making me feel desperate.

As I meditated every morning, I started to see the clear ideas of what I need to take steps. One step at a time. At one point, I had a clear message of “go for the gym.” So, I decided to apply for the Zumba instructor position at the gym I go to. You know? As I have been very energy sensitive, I was avoiding the gym environment to be the place of teaching Zumba, but why not? I live in the gym almost. I lift, stretch, do Zumba, etc. It only makes sense to do it at the gym. I did have some resistance, so I kept telling myself to remember everything should be effortless and downstream. All about allowing things to come to me.

I kept listening to the messages popping up during the meditation and without resisting, I listened and took steps one at a time. I talked to the instructor who was quitting to get some insight about how to teach at the gym. I don’t know what I expected from it, but he did tell me that I needed to go through audition, which made me say, “WHATTTT???” in my head. He also gave me a name of the person who is in charge in the area. With that in mind, I decided to at lease get a sense of what kind of person this manager was. So, I decided to join the class which she was teaching couple of days later. Her class was fun. I really liked it.

So, me being me, I tend to be a no filter person, I walked up to her after the class to tell her how fun it was. Then, funny thing happened. She pulled me aside and told me this. “Come over here. You should be an instructor. Apply online. Be current on your certification.” I was like… Okay.. I didn’t tell her anything. Is this synchronicity or what? I’ve been listening to the messages and following them without resisting, but still this is something. I was more excited about the synchronicity at that point!

Two days later, I applied the Zumba instructor position online for the gym I go to. The following day, I think it was the following day, I got a call from the hiring manager (who was the lady I met). We scheduled for an audition on the Friday of that week which was actually three days ago Friday. I made a CD for the audition and went through it. I told her that I had been a hardcore stepper before and tried to teach a few times but it never worked out. She asked me to show her doing step, so I did. Of course, I was seriously rusty since I haven’t done step for more than one year. And?… I think I’m in. She said that she would coordinate which slot to put me in. She also told me to practice step aerobics and maybe I could even have my own class for it, not just subbing. This was surreal..

Anyway, if you have read my past blog postings, maybe you have some ideas on how this attempting to teach a group exercise class has been more than challenging for me. Now, I took the huge steps forward about it! All happened almost in the synchronicity and more of no effort. I guess that’s what law of allowing is like.

So, I’m sharing my story of this to say that we’re not passive on life’s outcomes. Even though we allow things to come to us, we take steps to keep allowing things to come. We’re in charge of our lives. It’s different from the “go-getting” way, but rather knowing we create our own outcomes and allowing the universe to bring them in. So, if you ever feel like some part of your life is a passive passenger or in the victim mode, remember that you’re in charge. No matter how the life’s circumstances are, relationship. career, finance, health, anything, you can shift it. You can take in charge and allow things to come to you.

With that, have a wonderful week! Happy Holidays! 😀