You Have Many Options

Happy Saturday! I’m munching Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate covered Almonds and writing this blog. Why not?! It’s cold in Seattle. It snowed yesterday! I grew up in a snow falling town, so it reminded me of where I grew up! Ahh… dark chocolates are gone! Darn! It’s all right, I have peppermint tea to go! Yes, I’m a little perky tonight because I was practicing my Zumba choreography. So, my endorphin is up! I had a busy healing clinic yesterday and had a powerful reading today. So, I’ll write about what sticks out from all that. The topic is your options!

Some of you might know, but I have a sister who lives in Japan. She is much older than I am, so she got married when I was in middle school. I got married and moved to the US, so we haven’t spent much time together as adults. Still, you never get disconnected from your original family no matter how physically separated. The family dynamics and energy are quite tenacious and sticky for sure. The reason I’m mentioning about my sister is one  of the healing we did in the healing clinic was a distance healing on my sister.

I won’t get into the specific topic of the reason I requested a healing on my sister, but her life environment and today’s reading had so much commonality, so I wanted to talk about my sister instead of the details of today’s reading.

My sister, as she is in the generation which is still very conservative, old fashion Japanese, lives in a very conservative cultural norm. She is a stay home wife, mother, care taker. Unfortunately she is surrounded by all males. This is nothing against males, guys. I’m saying that it’s hard to be the single opposite sex in an environment. Her husband is a male of course and they have a son. Her brother-in-law lives with them because he has a mental illness (well, I don’t know what it’s “because” but that’s the way it is in their world…). They have a dog and a bird, but they are both males even! So, pretty much she is the only girl in the house.

Yeah, it’s no big deal, you say. I have a good friend who is a single girl in the household, but she does say that she wants girl support. Anyway, my sister’s environment is a little bit more coarse than my friend in the US for sure. Japan is, still to this day, male dominant society. Well, you can argue about it, but I see it everywhere. It’s designed for males. It’s designed for females to serve males almost. I didn’t realize it when I was living there. Besides, my ex was a white American, so I really haven’t had much experience with how Japanese males in relationships. Since I moved to the US and I happened to do business with Japanese folks in Japan in the last corporate job, I clearly see the huge cultural differences there.

My sister, no matter how handful she has been in life, no matter how capable she has been and she is, doesn’t get any credit for it. It’s almost like her freedom is repressed, her expansion is repressed, and she gets treated as if she is incompetent than the males in her house. That sounds bad, but yes it is. She is not abused or anything. I’m talking about more spiritual, energetic concepts than the physical matter here.

Yes, my sister chose that environment consciously or unconsciously. Yes, she could have or still have choices to change her environment. But, I know sometimes it’s not as easy to make a change as for other people. For instance, I chose to be single; I moved myself out of marriage because I didn’t like how I became and I knew the environment was the cause. I took a risk to be well. No matter how scary and jumping off from the cliff it felt like, I had more freedom to do so compared to my sister’s environment. I wasn’t living in Japan, so even though I had my cultural programming, still I wasn’t sitting in the Japanese culture. I also didn’t have a kid, either. So, either I kill myself or get killed, I was responsible just for myself. She has much more with her for sure.

Today’s reading was not exactly the same environment like my sister because the readee was American, meaning lives here. However, being in the environment where all the people were just sucking up her energy and no will to change themselves is pretty much similar. It’s all about realizing what is happening at this moment and what you want from here on. I wish I could share the details of the reading today, but I respect each person’s story and journey, so I want to be as vague as possible.

Unlike my sister, today’s readee has more tools and the cultural background to be ok to seek for her freedom. No matter how challenging and impossible it seems at times, all of us has limitless options. And, I could see that today’s readee was making the shift in her energy as I read her. It was beautiful. I wish I could take the photos of before and after readings and healings to show you how different people look. I’m very pleased to be a part of her witness and her soul’s evolution. I wish my sister can do the same, but I know that I can’t make her do it. I can’t change or fix her or her environment. All I can do or all I’m supposed to do is to allow her to be wherever she is.

I’m sure I wrote in the other blogs about options in life, but we all have limitless options. I hope you guys all know that. It doesn’t matter what happened and what’s happening right now. It doesn’t matter how impossible it may feel to you right now, but you can always shift and change anything in your life. Sure, it might not be easy. Though, the principle is simple. You set your intention. You set what you want in your life. Then, start taking steps one step forward at a time. It’s not one step after another. You only focus on putting your one foot forward. That’s all you need to do. You just trust that you have all the support from the universe you need. No matter what, you trust. Yeah, I know it’s not easy sometimes, but that’s why I’m here to do my spiritual work. I’m here to do the service when needed. So, know that you’re not alone and you don’t have to do it alone.

Anyway, I kind of got into it, but it’s holidays! You gotta sing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and dance with it! Joy, amusement, laughter, yeah! Oh, by the way… I’m going to start teaching Zumba next week! Whoaaaa!! This is fast rolling! If you’re in town, maybe you can join the class sometime! It’s all about having fun, joy and being silly and goofy! I’m going to create a joy vibration class! A different way to shift the energy of people and the universe!

With that, have a gorgeous weekend! Lots of joy and love for yourself! 😀