Joy Vibration

A Happy New Year! May the year 2017 brings lots of joy, love, abundance and amusement! I’m cooking chunk of meals, doing laundry and also working on picking up a new song and choreography for my Zumba class. My new year started out really busy, and it seems to be continuously busy, so I’m doing things efficiently. Why not writing a blog even! I’m multi-tasking tonight! Let’s start the year 2017 topic with joy! So, the topic is “Joy Vibration!”

Like all colors and sounds have different vibration and wave length, all energy has different frequency and vibration. You know there are positive energy and negative energy in general without knowing too much about energy. It’s not good or bad rather, but of course, the positive vibration definitely works better for all in the universe. Of course, it’s impossible to have positive energy everywhere in us all the time. All kinds of energy is normal to have. The goal is to discard the lower vibration energy and replace it with higher vibration energy. It shifts our entire system. It really helps us to live our life lighter.

The examples of lower frequency energy are sadness, grief, anger, hatred, depression, jealousy, competition, envy, doubt, criticism, judgement, punishment, pain, betrayal, paranoia, control, to name a few. Of course, these are the emotions/energy we all have at certain times. So, it’s not like we can completely eliminate them all. Though, I think it’s good idea to keep in mind what is lower vibration and what is higher vibration energy, so you have more awareness and can work on removing lower and replacing with higher.

The examples of higher frequency energy are love, joy, abundance, amusement, fun, laughter, kindness, sweetness, gratitude, forgiveness, effortless, neutrality, seniority, confidence, validation, expansion, freedom, lightness, enthusiasm, exuberance, vitality, and so on. Among all the higher vibration energy, love vibration is really high. Gratitude is also high. So, if you know Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments, love and gratitude create the most beautiful water crystals, sure enough. You can google Dr. Emoto and water crystal science. It’s quite interesting and amazing.

Love and gratitude are my favorite vibrations for sure but joy and amusement are also amazing vibrations. When you’re in joy, it wipes out all the negative vibration you had that day. A few minutes of joy feeling definitely have stronger effects on you than any of the negatives you had during the day. So, it’s really important to have fun, amusement and joy during the day. It doesn’t matter what you do and how you get there. The key is to have joy everyday, so doing what you enjoy is so important.

Today at the gym, I was talking with a gentleman about differences between fun group exercise classes and not so fun classes. We both agreed that the classes where the instructors are having fun are fun classes. There are many good group exercise instructors but good instructors don’t mean the classes are fun to be honest. The serious classes are really not fun for me for sure. I mean, we tend to get so serious in our lives so easily, why do we want to add another serious thing at a gym?! Workout doesn’t have to be serious and hard. You can get a really good workout without being serious. You can have fun and also get a good workout. I think that’s the reason I started to look into Zumba because it’s a very different style of group exercise class than the traditional group ex classes.

I’m not an exception of getting serious sometimes. I tend to get serious since I tend to be a hard worker in general. But then, even teaching Zumba becomes “work” and hard. The last Wednesday was like that. Of course, I had a little situation with my main work (healing work), so I was already freaking serious. Then, I couldn’t enjoy teaching Zumba. After a while, I realized that I was getting too serious and was forgetting how to have “fun.” Then, I’m reminding myself about the conversation with my teacher the other day. You can have fun by teaching if you’re doing it for yourself and not for others. If you’re doing it for others and not for yourself, it becomes “work.” Yeah, right… That’s right..

If you are too serious about anything, remember that seriousness doesn’t bring a high vibration into you. How can you have joy in life everyday? It doesn’t have to be all day long, but how can you have joy even momently everyday? My friend would say he would go fishing because he is in love with fishing. I don’t think I can bring joy by doing fishing because that’s not my thing. However, I can bring joy by moving my body for sure. I love moving my body with music. Moving is my thing. Expressing through my body is such a pleasure. I must have been a dancer in my past lives for sure.

What makes you tic? Are you doing what makes you tic? The more you take a good care of yourself, you know what you want. Do what you love and enjoy. It brings joy and love into you and your life. The more you bring joy into your life, the less lower vibration energy takes over your life. Do you want to try that? It’s ok to be sad sometimes, but don’t forget to bring joy regardless.

Naomi needs to sub a Zumba class tomorrow morning at 8:30am on top of my regular class at 5:45pm, so I’d better go to bed!

Wish you lots of joy everyday in this year!  😀