Pains – The End Results of Dissonant Energy

Happy Saturday! Holidays energy has left quickly as the new year 2017 hit, and I’m trying to get back to my normal routine as the 2017 started up really fast. I had a really nice holidays, and it was a first holidays I could really celebrate. I never really liked holidays since I moved to the US. Thanks to my steady work of removing the old stuff and old energy from my room and my life, it paid off. I started enjoy cooking again, started to bake again and decorated my room in holiday cheers. I baked many ginger bread and pumpkin fruits rum bread and shared with quite a few people. I had so much fun doing it. Now the holiday energy is gone, I’m back to my business! Today, I want to talk about “pains” as I had quite an episode during the holidays.

Some may disagree, some may ponder, but pains are the end results caused by energy. You are like “what??!!” “What about cancers?!” “What about xyz?!” I know I know.. It’s not that simple to explain as everything has complex involvement, but I still say that the pains are caused by energy. When energy in our space is completely agreement with our highest good, there won’t be any pains, there won’t be any disease or illness. The thing to keep in mind is that the “cause” might not be coming from your past in this life time. It could be while you were still in your mom’s wombs or could be from the past lives. You can believe it or not, up to you. I’m just telling you from what I know and I have learned, seen, witnessed, and experienced.

When we have energy which is not resonating for your highest vibration match, it does create a dissonance in your energy field. Certain energy tends to accumulate in certain areas of your body, aura, chakras for whatever reasons. For instance, gallbladder tends to store anger. Kidney tends to store criticism and judgements. Sciatic nerves absorb punishment energy. Those are examples. It’s not a set stone dictionary answer as each case has much complex system and each person operates differently. However, there are general tendency of lower vibration energy accumulating in certain areas in us. There are many books talk about energy and body. I can list a couple in the end.

Since I started to learn about spirituality and healings, the energy was the easiest and the most challenging thing I have noticed. I’m very sensitive, so I sense even a very subtle energy without knowing what’s going on. So, I had to pay attention to it because I didn’t like it. It drove me nuts as it is very painful for me to feel all of those coming into my space. At first, I was following what the energy and body books say about energy in certain areas, but then I realized that each case is slightly unique. Of course, we all are unique individuals, so it’s not like computer programming language about our body and energy.

As I pay attention to each energy I noticed during the healing, I started to pay attention to it and listen, see, ask what they were. As I do that, I could get some information of the energy. Some has a very restricting tones to it, but it’s self caused. Some are very much coming from outside sources. Now I no longer has to dig so much about what kind of energy they are like the initial learning phase, but one thing for sure is that everything is energy. Every illness, every pains, every stress, every negative feeling, they are all caused by energy.

During the holidays while I was having a really fun, good holiday celebration on my own, I started to have a complete opposite experience all of the sudden. Right after the Christmas was over, I started to have an unbearable pains in my lower back, left hip, entire back and neck. Sure, I might have been pushing myself a little bit since I had to start teaching Zumba in such short time frame. But, it was too sudden, didn’t have much obvious injury I could think of, and more strangely, there was this “strong pinching” pains all around. When you have sciatic injury or nerve injury, the pinching pains are common. So, I got freaked out a little bit if I injured spine or something. I injured my lower back three times in past and my body was starting to have a “fear of pain” reactions.

I gave healings on myself, did this and that. But, this pains were so strong that I literally asked God (I would call Supreme Being) a help. I was really crying out to take these pains. I thought about visiting the chiropractor I had used for years, but for some reason, my intuitive answer was always giving me this information – “It’s energy. It’s caused by energy. Shoot for removing this energy.” I get that I get that, but it’s so painful! I’m trying I’m trying! Then, I remember that my teacher gave me a gift certificate of her service when we finished the last clairvoyant class in early December. I was going to use it later, but why not using now! That was my thought and I booked a session with her.

As I described the pains and what was going on to my teacher, she pretty much agreed on what I said about this pains except she gave me more insight on it. So, basically I told her the following. I started to have this shooting pains and left hip dislocation after the Christmas day. I think this energy is around my sister in Japan. This is what she would normally have from time to time. She sometimes can’t walk with pains. The reason I’m saying this is that around this time of the year, my sister get ill. It gets worse and worse. There are so much cultural expectation around new years in Japan for wives that my sister, instead of creating the new tradition of her own, plays on the impossible expectations. So, she gets ill physically. It has a strong tone of “punishment” in this pains. So, I think this is not mine, this is not what caused by injury I did, but it is caused by the energy flowing in from my sister.

My teacher nodded and she also added that it was not only what my sister has and experiencing, but the energy is coming from her mother (not our mom as she has a different biological mother). When my teacher said that, I was like, “that’s worse!!” My sister’s mother never accepted her role as my sister’s mother and left my sister and my dad. On top of that, she blames my sister for all the things occurred between her and my dad. I have no idea who this lady is to be honest and I have no interest in her. However, I know that my sister’s longing to be loved by her which would never be accomplished. So, one day when I visited Japan a few years ago, I told her that she would never receive what she longed for from this person because she is looking from a wrong source.

Fast forward, my teacher helped me to remove my sister’s energy as well as this lady, her biological mother’s energy from my space. I felt much more sane, but of course, I had to nurture, heal and take care of my body to come back to my normal balance for a few days after the healing. Man… that was something..

So, why those energy came into my space? Good question! I asked the same thing even though I kind of knew the reason. When you’re a family of someone, it’s really hard to be neutral. You already have the connection and blind energy cords, pathways, etc. So, I know that my sister’s energy comes into my space from time to time. Because she was dealing with her mother’s energy, it flew in to my space with my sister’s energy. Thanks sis!

The thing is.. If you’re completely neutral to the energy, it won’t stick to you. So, there is something in me which is not quite neutral to the energy. That’s always the case. When my healees/readees come to my practice, some energy is really hard to deal with. Then, I know that there is something in my space which needs to be cleared. It’s all about mutually beneficial healings. I always learn and heal myself when I have a challenging healings or readings. Not always easy, but in the end, I get lighter. It might take sometime but I get lighter and feel better for sure.

So… Even if you don’t believe these energy stuff, when you have some pains or even less than neutral stuff in you, pay attention to what you have in there. Does it feel like punishment? Does it feel like restriction? Does it feel like anger? Grief? It doesn’t matter it’s negative energy. The goal is to notice it, bring your awareness about it so that you can remove it and replace it with much higher vibration energy. This is not to say that you should just rely on all the energy practice. Use all the care it would help your situation: physicians, naturopath, massage therapist, chiropractor, rolfer, healer, etc. It’s all about using all the tools available to you to assist, and at the same time, having the wisdom to shoot for the cause.

With that, wish you a health, loving, abundant, and joyful January and weekend! 🙂


The Reference books for energy and body I sometimes use:

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