Spiritual Work Requires Lots of Rest

Happy Saturday morning! I literally slept for 12 hours. I’ve been subbing for Zumba classes, and I had two subbing gigs which I didn’t intended originally. So, it does throw me a little bit to the side. Taking a Zumba class is one thing, but teaching a class is a whole lot different game. I use more energy, or rather exerts more energy so people can see what’s going on. I’m new so I probably am doing the way which isn’t energy efficient. But, I guess that’s how new learning goes. So, I’m pretty wiped out. I finally get to have a real “weekend” this weekend. I have two days with nothing scheduled! Yippy! With that, today’s topic is about importance in resting for spiritual work and growth.

I mentioned about subbing Zumba classes, but I’ve been subbing one on Friday mornings. I have a regular Zumba class in the evening, so I’ve been teaching two Zumba classes every Friday. Yeah, sure. Some people do it I bet. If I were taking Zumba classes, two classes won’t be too bad I don’t think. Though, I won’t do such thing because why should I put more stress on my body and also I have a lot more I want to do besides taking Zumba classes. So, obviously this teaching two classes on Fridays has been quite a stress on my energy system.

As I woke up before 5am this morning, I noticed that it’s not just Zumba teaching tiredness. I’ve been having some healing/reading sessions in-between my Friday Zumba teaching. Physically of course, I must be tired a little bit, but it’s more than that. When you do any energy work or spiritual work, the work last beyond just the session time. Besides the healings/readings are not just for the healees/readees. I get light up, so I need to process my stuff surfaced during the session. So, by the time I do the evening Zumba teaching, I’m not as neutral and as grounded as I normally am.

Because the gym I teach in the evening has a long history with me, I get all sorts of things surfaced when I do the teaching there. Last night, it hit so hard and I started to wonder if I can continue teaching Zumba at all. So, I started to sort out things by doing the muscle testing. I get “no” on giving up on this evening Zumba class which requires long commute and also comes with lots of energy attacks. I also got “no” on taking the Friday morning class as a permanent class instead of evening Zumba class. If I did this, I have to completely give up on my Friday morning healing clinic once a month which I’ve been doing for several years. I also got “no” on not scheduling a healing session between Zumba teaching on Fridays. Okay… I have to ponder on that part more.. Healing is my primary focus and Zumba teaching is a side gig. Other than that, not sure on that “no” part on that.

If I think of things in my left brain ways, definitely giving up on the evening class makes so much sense. However, spiritual work goes differently than brain work. Sometimes, we have stuff we really need to clear out from us and if we don’t create an environment where the “stuff” get stirred up and lit up, we don’t get to clear them. So… this evening class is the “environment” in which I get lit up, all sorts of programming and old pictures get lit up in my space. So, I get to remove it. Otherwise, they would be buried more and more and I probably will take them to the next life time. So… as much as it’s really rough for me right now, it probably has a purpose for my highest good.

The thing is, when you do any spiritual work on you, you need lots of rest. Your body needs to process it afterwards. Your body and energy field need to release those stuck energy which is not easy sometimes. Sometimes it brings pains physically, emotionally, or mentally. Sometimes, you get so exhausted that you can’t do anything. I can say this because I’ve been doing the spiritual work for a while and I’ve experienced many many times. When I first took the clairvoyant class from my teacher’s school, oh boy that wasn’t fun at all. She kept saying, “more fun to come next week!” Then, I was like, “lady, are you kidding me? What part of this is fun to you? I’m having a miserable time here!!!” Yeah, because I had so much stuck energy surfacing every time we worked on a certain topic in each class.

Without doing any conscious spiritual work, we do this all the time. We create life time situation or locate ourselves in an environment so we get lit up and the stuck energy get surfaced. It’s not pleasant and painful sometimes but it does remove those stuck energy. So, when you are physically, emotionally, mentally shaky, think of it as you might be doing some spiritual work on you to remove stuck energy. You do need rest. You do need amusement. You do need fun. When energy leaves, you’ll feel better. Sometimes the growth period is short and sweet. Sometimes it’s quite long or one growth period visits one after another.

Take some jammy day or two! I’m having a jammy day today! I had a jammy day without wearing jammy on Thursday, too!

With that, have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love, joy and amusement in your way!