It’s Not Logic, It’s Intuition

Happy Thursday night! That’s right, I’m writing on a Thursday night. I have some space this week which has been really helping me to rest and sort things out in life. It’s been so busy ever since this year has started and I haven’t even had time to set an intention and goals for this year. Now, it’s February already! Yikes! Well, yikes it’s already passed one month this year, but yay for February. It’s my birth month! I’m going to celebrate my birthday for as many days as my age! I’m one of the rare species who enjoys my birthday no matter how old I get! Today’s topic is about intuition and intuition is just so different from logic.

The reason I have so much relaxing space today was that I didn’t take the subbing request which came in yesterday. Technically, I could have taken the sub request, but no matter how I checked my muscle testing, I got “no” on that. So, instead of I tweeked my muscle testing to say “yes” on the subbing, I listened and didn’t take the request. Besides, I’m having a really bad energy attacks this week, so I needed some time to clear that energy from myself.

Ended up, a friend texted me yesterday that he wanted some help on his financial matter. He works late, so I knew it would be late at night to work on the stuff. Then, I realized that if I was taking the sub request which was 8:30am this morning, I would have had a very hard day today. I probably was so tired from staying up late last night and waking up to get ready for the 8:30am subbing in pretty far location. In addition, I was planning to have a lunch date with my friend this afternoon. I would have had a packed schedule starting from last night. So… things worked out really well for me especially since I probably need some easy going day here and there.

So, this is the “intuition.” I use muscle testing to double check, but I did hear “no” on my intuition as well. Intuition is quite intelligent in the bigger sense than brain intelligence. So, logic doesn’t work here. If I start using logic, it would be like this. “Ok, if I sub, that would be a little more pocket money.” “Oh, my morning is open, so I can do the subbing and then I can go to lunch. Then, I would take my favorite Zumba instructor’s class at 4:30pm. Then, I would go to Trader Joe to get some inspiration for dinner and I’ll make some meal for today or two.” This would end up another packed day for a busy healer this year. This healer needs really good time off and rest.

Earlier this evening, I was at the gym changing clothes after taking a quick shower. There was a lady behind of me who was mumbling something. It could be self talk, could be talking to spirits (I’m just saying…), so I was just doing my own thing. Then, obviously she was really unsettled and looking for something. As I paid more attention, it sounded like she couldn’t find her pants. Looked like she forgot the bottom change of clothing. Unfortunately, she soaked the other pants she was wearing by thinking that she had another change of clothes. I was already wearing my warm up pants and the another pants I put were what I wore for the Zumba class earlier. So, I offered those pair of pants which weren’t clean since I wore for the class. She took the offer and put them on. She was going to bring them back the following Thursday since I don’t come to the gym in the evening besides Thursdays.

Then, something was telling me to something. I quickly picked up that “something.” I checked my muscle testing to double check and I got a “go.” So, I said to her, “What’s your name?” She told me her name. “So, Xyz (her name), you know what? You don’t have to return those to me. You can have them. Those pants didn’t fit me well. They were fairly new and bought from They keep coming down and I have to keep pulling up during the class, so I can’t wear them when I teach for sure. I was thinking about putting on eBay or giving them to someone or.. So, you can have them if you would like and you don’t have to feel bad or anything because I’m being really honest about it.” She was a little surprised, but she looked pretty happy with the pair. They looked pretty cute on her, too.

That was also intuition. I wasn’t doing it to be just so “kind” or “generous.” Of course, I wouldn’t leave her alone with only underwear on because even though they were not clean clothes, at least she could put them on to go home. Still, it was perfect for me. I needed to remove those pair out of my space so I could bring more suitable thing for me. I was keeping them because I was still thinking about how I could use them. Then, I was wearing them during my favorite intense Zumba class by pulling the pants over and over because they keep coming down on my legs. How silly am I? So… I didn’t need to look for someone to buy them on eBay. I didn’t need to drive down to Goodwill. I no longer would be wearing them like a kid who is wearing her big sister’s big clothes. I found a perfect person who would appreciate those pair than I do. Perfect!

Listening to the intuition is a skill. We all have intuition. The difference is either we ignore intuition by overriding with logic or too busy to even notice our own intuition. So, if you would like to have a downstream, effortless, joyous, and abundant life, pay attention to your intuition. Trusting your intuition even if it doesn’t make sense is rewarding for you. I guarantee. It takes some practice and trusting the subtle messages you get. The more you do, you understand what is your logic and what is your intuition. Listen to your intuition because there is reason your intuition is talking to you.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂