The Key Is To Have Fun

Happy Saturday! I was going to hit the gym to lift, but decided to take a gym break. I started to sub Zumba classes again and have one more short term permanent class on top of what I got. I have five classes for now in coming up week! So, I’d better plan when to lift and when to rest. With that, I have a complete gym day off! I’ll do a chilling and cooking kind of day today! The topic today is all about having fun!

We’re not kids any more and can’t have fun all the time every day, you say. Yeah that’s what we were taught. That’s what we were told by our parents, teachers, society, our bosses, etc. Think of this a little, though. Who get worn out and feel like life is sucking our will to live? Highly likely that’s us who tend to work hard, push hard our limits, and no sweetness of life when one day, all we are doing is to just keep going. It’s very familiar to me because that’s how I tend to get. Especially when I was working for a company, no matter how my brain knows about this, I have an innate pull to work hard. So, as much as I can, I’m planning to keep my work to be my own boss, not for an organization or other people. I know for most of the people, that’s not an option at this point.

Although, I do my own healing work and do the Zumba gigs on the side, I do have to watch my hard work tendency. I’m not really good at having fun. That’s not my natural draw. I grew up in Japan where work is a serious matter, when it comes to work, no matter what kind of work, I tend to get serious. This happens even in teaching Zumba. This happens doing the space holder gigs in my teacher’s spiritual classes. Well, I’ll take it back. I don’t get too serious on my spiritual gigs, but need to keep reminding myself to bring in amusement because the energy I deal with there can be very unpleasant. This is true about my healing work I do. I’m not taking my work casually per se, but if my healing work is getting too out of control and taking over my life, I have to wonder what’s my life is for.

When I was contemplating about teaching Zumba last year, my teacher told me that I could still enjoy by teaching. My wonder was if I start teaching, I would lose my joy of doing Zumba. She told me that if I teach for myself and not for others, teaching can be very fun. I hadn’t been in the teaching role except doing the space holder role in my teacher’s school, so I wasn’t sure how it worked. Now, I have been teaching Zumba classes for about a little short of two months, I started to understand what it means.

In the beginning when I started to teach Zumba class, I had so much pressure. I mean, it rolled out so quickly since I decided to take a step on teaching Zumba, I didn’t have much time to get ready for a class. That itself was a pressure. I had to create a CD and choreography doable for me and enjoyable for others. I had never taught an exercise class before, so I had no idea what would work except I kind of knew what kind of style I tended to like. The first CD and choreography I put were really hard. I had four songs with massive jumping because I wanted to put a class to get a good cardio and workout for people. I took over a really popular instructor’s class, so the pressure of his class scale and me, a first timer instructor couldn’t be ignored. Ended up, I hurt my lower back in probably three weeks or so.

They key is to have fun really. When we get too serious and work so hard, we’re in the lower vibration. Joy, amusement, fun, laughter, these are all high vibration energy. When we’re vibrating in higher vibration, highly likely we won’t get stuck or injured. When we’re vibrating in low, yes, injury can come, illness can come, and stagnation can happen. I started to learn what makes it fun for me in terms of Zumba teaching. A part of fun I started to notice is to create a new music with a new choreography. Ok, I’m not a choreographer, so I learn by watching someone else’s on YouTube or Zumba video. I get bored easily when I do any group exercise classes. That part has been always the case. I tend to like variety. I tend to pick up instructors who are creative and bring the unique styles.

With that, creating a new thing for the class is a big part of fun. Then, I get to dance the new songs when I teach the class. I just keep focusing on what I like and having fun in the class. Then, even though I lose some bits of choreos here and there, the class generally gets fun. If the people in the class like the class, that’s bonus! Unless I have a strange situation, that’s how I’ve been rolling for the Zumba classes. And yes, teaching Zumba can be fun. It’s different from taking the class, but the best part is I get to create my own style! How cool is that? I can put Naomi style Zumba class. Yeah! This applies to anything in life. My healing work is also my style. Though, I’m still working on how I can create and bring in fun for myself in my healing work. I’m cool most of the time, but when it comes to some intense situations, it’s easy to get serious… Yeah.. I’m glad that I didn’t become a doctor or shrink..

How much fun do you have during the day? How much fun are you having lately? If the answer is “hmmmm…..,” then put some fun in your intention. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. You can put some fun time during the day when you come back home. You can have some amusement here and there at work. How can you make your work more fun for you? How can you make your life more fun for you?

With that, have a wonderful weekend! Oh yes, it’s Valentine’s week next week! I careless honestly because it’s my birthday next week! Celebrate!!! Have fun!