Intuitive For Yourself

Aloha Sunday! Yes, it’s been a little while since I wrote the last blog. My life has changed dramatically since the last blog post, so this was the first time I could feel like I’m back to my normal self. So, today, I’m going to write about Intuition for ourselves.

I have a few YouTube vlogger I tend to look once in a while. The majority of them are Zumba related because I’m always hunting for new songs and new choreography for my classes. The others are food oriented because I need to have well planned meals prepared in advance for the week. I also have one youtubber who is a fitness model/trainer who puts her workout vlogs and also some food preparation ideas. I’m really not too much of a “fitness” individual, but I do like lifting. So, this lady’s vlog really helps me to learn about the workout which works for the specific muscle groups. It’s been an eye opener for me who had been doing the plain old lifting routine.

The reason I mentioned above is that the recent youtube vlog by the fitness lady was about “intuitive eating.” I like this lady despite the fact that she has babing babing looking; she is very intuitive and her head is really there. So, I really like her stuff. The only thing I don’t follow was the macro/micro “weighing” style of eating. It’s common for fitness individuals to intake specific amount of nutrition, so they do weigh food which I would never do. In fact, the reason I don’t do it is because once I was looking into a wellness coach and looked into the science of dieting. Diet or rather eating is a big part of wellness along with exercising. I really didn’t like any type of “diet” ideas and never looked into it till I thought I needed to learn a little bit if I were to introduce anything to people. So, I experimented on my own. The result: I stopped enjoying eating. I rarely saw food as “food” or “nutrition” but saw it as “calories.” So, I quit big time. It works for some people, definitely not for me.

This lady who was all about weighing food before was sharing about her “intuitive eating.” What that is eating whatever your body needs and wants. So, she doesn’t weigh food any more. However, she has been doing this weighing for centuries, so she knows how much she is taking by eye measuring as she mentioned. Now this lady is pretty much in sync with how I eat. I thought that was a quite interesting change.

Ok, that was a long prelude, but I thought about this “intuitive” way of living about myself today. I’m a healer, a spiritual worker. However, last week, actually till this morning, I thought I got lost on what I was all about, what healer is all about. What happened was that my life schedule has changed dramatically due to the unexpected Zumba teaching schedule. Long story short, everything happened in a day or two and I now was teaching six classes per week (two regular classes, three temporary classes, and one subbing). I was teaching two classes per week plus maybe one subbing till two weeks ago. That’s more than double! So, my body was in shock, my spontaneity was in shock, my spiritual work was in shock.

All I was focusing on was to complete the six classes, that’s it. My entire system was focused only on that. However, I’m sure you probably have no idea about my primary work, but it involves a whole lot more than just seeing a person for a session. It’s inbetween stuff is the killer most of the times. My teacher’s classes which I’m assisting aren’t easy, either. The student’s energy visits me beyond the class space which I have no obligation to take care of it; it’s not my gig to follow up because it’s not my classes. Not to mention that the temporary Zumba classes I thought I was just helping out were beyond I signed up for. Each instructor and their friends have started to shoot energy attacks toward me because they perceive I’m in a way of having back the classes for them. I’m like, “man, this is so uncalled for.” That’s been my couple of weeks, so I’ve been no way in shape of doing my healing work.

When I was filled up, I really needed my alone time and my tranquil space. So, I skipped all the rest of the participation to my teacher’s school activities and blocked all the subbing availability for Zumba. Then, I took off to the gym to lift this morning for the first time in last three weeks. I felt so good. Man, I could be lifting another couple of hours. I can’t skip this part of my life. If anything cuts me off from lifting, I need to re-examine my life. That’s a very good learning lesson this morning. I wasn’t tired. In fact, my body was so excited that I could lift. What an amazing feeling!

Then, I took off to a half an hour distant beach and sat at one of my favorite coffee shops looking out the water. The air and energy in that town are so different from Seattle. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle, but I do like small towns. If the land is especially the Native American energy vibration, I can’t describe how peaceful I feel. Anyway, as I sat and wrote a card for my mom, I again thought I could not skip time like this. I need to take time no matter how busy and how impossible I feel to have such time. Again, that was a realization.

Right now, the energy of earth, the world, and the US are very hard. There are so much needy energy all around. Unless we take a good care of ourselves, we’ll lose our balance and ground. So, pay attention to your intuition for yourself. Intuition is for yourself. I do intuitive work for others, but the primary usage has to be for myself. Same thing can be said for you guys, too. So, pay attention to how you’re feeling, what your body wants, what you want. If you keep ignoring the messages, it’s the pathway to unhappiness and negative energy in life. So, listen to your intuition about you and your life. Then, follow it no matter what your brain says.

With that, have a wonderful week! The February is ending. We entered Pisces! Wow… Neptune and Jupiter ruling. I’m a Jupiter kind of person, Neptune is tricky!!! 😀