Creative Energy Is Your Life Force Energy!

Aloha Saturday! Ahhhh… I didn’t think I could write a blog this weekend, but here I am! I’ve been having a huge growth period and had been in a very bad shape. I haven’t been like this ever. I had a magic this afternoon and am back to myself! So, I want to share it with you. It’s about the importance of creative energy in you. Hence, the topic is “Creative Energy Is Your Life Force Energy!”

I’ve been having problems after problems in my Zumba classes. I’ve been teaching Zumba classes in four different gym locations, total five classes per week. It wasn’t my plan. In fact, I was pretty ok with two regular classes per week and occasional subbing. Shit happened here and there and I was asked to temporary cover three classes. This happened as a matter of one day or two. Anyway, that part is a long story, but here I am, teaching five per week for the last few weeks.

Problems started to happen in my first regular class. It happened about three weeks ago. It was a serious “sound” complaint. I’ve never had a complaint before then. I knew it was a lot more than just the sound issue of that day because the complaint didn’t end by me telling the action plan. It lasted quite a while. It did suck up my energy of that day. So, that’s the beginning. I noticed that in this specific location, people are lost in my class. I’m a little bit different from majority of the classes I know of. The main difference is that I thrive to bring in new stuff every week. Yes sure, this is a gym group exercise class. Sure, people come to the class to workout. However, this is a Zumba class which in my view is a “dance” exercise class. The reason I started to be attracted to the Zumba classes is the possibility of creativity.

When I started to “fix” the problem (people get lost and not moving), I ended up remaking the weekly CD on Wednesday night (I teach that club on Wednesday morning). I have the second class on next morning and the third class on the next evening. It was ok last week, but I was pretty burnt by the end of the week. I took a break from everything and came back to normal, started the new week this week.

What happened was this week on Wednesday, a lady gave me a feedback after the class. She told me that my class is complicated and I would lose people if I keep going as is. Basically, she is saying that the same repetitive routine can get people a good workout, which is true, and my class is frustrating (because I bring new stuff every week). Being a gym goer for decades, I understand that part. Though, my history of stepping and taking Zumba classes, I tend to be attracted to a creative instructor who brings her/his own style. I used to go to a step class which the instructor brings brand new routine weekly. Since I was doing twice a week, I almost wanted her to change every class (that’s seriously too much work for the instructor, so I wouldn’t expect anyone would do such thing….). So… I knew from the beginning that how I create my class would be continuous creativity, which probably isn’t the theme of the group ex classes in general normally.

That took me for a while to clear out of my system and again, I did remake the weekly CD because of that. Ended up, the next morning class, I was numb, the following evening class I was numb. Interestingly, I started to develop this serious hyper nerve vigilance and couldn’t relax. On Friday where I have another completely different issue in both clubs, I couldn’t even smile. I carried the class, but I was having a serious nerve trauma response. By the time I finished the fifth class in the Friday evening, I was fried. I wasn’t eating well. When I don’t eat well, that’s for sure a very bad sign. I eat like my stomach has a big hole normally. What can you do when you really can’t or don’t want to eat much, though?

I spent the good chunk of today meditating, taking a baking soda bath, and going to the water front. Still, I was in the hyper vigilance mode and I was fried. Lethargic, that was. I emailed one healer friend about the week and she noted that what I wanted to do about the feedback could shift the energy sometimes. Also, she mentioned to do the muscle testing in specific questions about Zumba classes. I’ve been doing that, but this time I was very specific to the questions. Again as before, I was getting the same answers: “No” on drop a class(es), “No” on changing my style. Basically, I’ve been getting keep going “as is.”

Then, I realized that maybe changing, remaking my weekly created CD after the first class’ feedback might have been a wrong move. A big part of my Zumba class making is this: finding new good songs with good choreography, and then practice till I can do it. I wanted to bring in new dance every week, so it’s about learning, using our brains, dancing, workout, and all. That’s what I’ve been creating. Sure, it’s quite time consuming and energy consuming, but that’s what I have been doing for now. So, changing what I’ve done to match the class population has been killing my life force energy! Stick with who I am, how I’m creating. That’s what the message has been telling me.

When I realized that, my serious neck pain started on Friday was gone in split second. Amazing! My lethargy was gone! My usual Naomi energy was back! I could think about what to cook and eat at the Trader Joe as usual! That was quite astonishing in split second! I always say that physical, emotional, mental symptoms are always caused by energy first, but this is something. I mean, my serious neck pain vanished like that as well as my lethargy!

So.. this was a big learning lesson for me. I know it doesn’t feel good and it hurts when people shoot an energy against you and people respond negatively to you and your creation. However, if you match to cater other’s needs, it also gives a death sentence to you and your creativity. So… as usual, I don’t believe in so called constructive criticism because it is not coming from the highest good for the receiver, but it is the needs of the criticizer. Either what you do around the people’s response is up to you and up to your comfort level, but remember that creative energy is the life force energy. If the change will kill your creativity, it will eventually kill your interest to live your life. I’m super tuned into energy around my life, so I probably got a serious reaction to my energy system so quickly, but it will do the similar to you even if it won’t be that obvious.

It’s ok to be different. It’s ok to create your own style. People who would appreciate it would come to you. People who would not appreciate eventually dissipate. Trust what you’re doing and who you are. Be tuned into what you want and what you want to do. Your creative energy is your life force energy. Remember that.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! It’s March, guys! I’m going to cook pork carnitas! 😀