It Shall Pass

Good Saturday morning! It’s very nice spring kind of day in Seattle this morning! I woke up with a clear sky feeling and have meditated, vacuumed even. I still have time till my next schedule! I don’t remember the last time I woke up with ease like this on Saturdays! So, I shall write a blog before I head down to the next. What’s the topic relevant to my current experiences?? Well, I guess it’s about “It Shall Pass.”

You might have noticed that my new year 2017 has been an ongoing rough ride. Speaking of living on the downstream, the continuous rough ride hasn’t made me feel like I’m riding on the downstream. Downstream doesn’t mean it’s always smooth and calm. You can imagine the real river going downstream. I don’t think it’s always the calm, wide, steady flow. Anyway, so how do I know if it’s downstream or I’m on the wrong ride? Well, it’s sort of tricky for myself, too. I guess the only thing you know if it’s the “all right” path is if you’re not making effort and beating yourself up on the walls or not. Again, even this is tricky on the rough ride.

I want to say, though, things shall pass. It shall pass. That’s the title of today’s post. Everything shall pass. No matter how rough, how miserable you feel, how impossible to see the outcome, how much you’re on the edge, it will pass. That’s one thing I can guarantee you. How long the rough ride stays as such, that varies of course. Sometimes it’s really short, sometimes it’s pretty long.

I didn’t plan this way, but I ended up to do the space holder role in the healing class at my teacher’s school from the beginning of this year. I have a clairvoyant class which I’ve been assisting since last summer, which last till summer this year, so I wasn’t planning to add any other class. As I cleared and own my space for what’s my highest good, I wanted to make more space for my other activities. I now do the Zumba gigs, so with that, time gets more limited. I want to have more time for my healing work.

However, sometimes the universe throws some interesting things here and there unexpectedly. Since my primary work is healings, I bumped into someone who needed a little more assistance than doing a session here and there. So, I introduced my healee to my teacher’s healing class. I also decided to be a space holder role with that. For, I was curious on this healee’s situation. I wanted to know, see, hear what’s up from the universe I guess.

Anyway, ended up, that specific class started rough. I mean… real rough. It wasn’t just my healee but there were others who were a little more over the top. I won’t go to the details because it probably doesn’t make much sense to most of the people, but I do deal with invisible matter. I deal with energy and everything is energy, visible or invisible. Seriously, the roller coaster ride every week was something. Not just the night I was in the class, but these things go beyond the class time. My personal life started to be affected. So, I spoke to my teacher to make a change. I don’t know if my teacher experiences the similar, but I’m super sensitive. As it is, my life can gets challenging. I’m not interested in brining more from my teacher’s classes.

Fast forward… The healing class ended last week. It was a really good class, especially after I spoke to my teacher and the action was made. My healee finished the healing classes and I’m grateful that she is in the much better space. Of course, nothing is concrete and perfect. At least, I can now see that the seeds and the very basic tools are introduced to my healee. Either she takes it and continues her journey to develop the tools or learns more tools is up to her. I can only give information and assist what people can have. I can’t force or give more than people can have. Although I don’t necessarily think that I was burdened or felt responsible, a big weights from my shoulders left me last week. That’s cool. Yes, it shall pass, no matter how impossible to see the outcome.

Another thing is that my Zumba gigs. I can’t tell you how torturous it has been for the past few weeks ever since I started to have the “temporary” permanent classes. Five classes per week is not something I was expecting to do so quickly since I just started to do the Zumba gig in mid December last year. Two classes per day was absolutely not my plan. I was thinking that eventually I could put one class per day for five days. That was my thought, but that wasn’t what the universe brought to me. Besides, I started to have the energy conflicts between the class and mine. I mean… I’m a healer who is sensitive to energy. The gym class is nothing like that. The class energy was low, dark, very negative vibration while I have a physical reaction to the dark vibration. That had been tough! My nerve system started to go to the alert mode and I couldn’t relax like someone who has a serious anxiety disorder. My gosh.. If my soul was weak, I might have ended my journey right there.

This also seems to have passed. I have an easier time carrying on the class in any locations. I’m learning to brush off any complaints from people. I’m learning how to focus on me not the class or people, although I have to say that’s challenging since I’m sensitive more than normal humans. I can spend my time cleaning (which was impossible for a while), taking care of myself, meditating for my intention rather than just clearing out the energy got stuck from the classes, cooking for myself, and more importantly doing healings and readings for my primary work! I’m so grateful that this Zumba stuff got toned down. I wondered if I needed to stop this Zumba thingy, but the message was always “keep going.”

So, it shall pass. I’m not saying that you should stay in the challenging and a rough place always by thinking that it will pass. Sometimes you might have picked a wrong stream, right? If it’s hurting you badly or if it’s not serving you for your highest good no matter what, by all means, change it or leave. I have no discipline on wasting my time or people’s time in the wrong streams. However, if you’re in the downstream and things gets so rough, it shall definitely pass. You can ask all the help you can get meanwhile because rough ride is rough! Eventually, when you’re at the peak of the “I can’t keep going anymore,” the next thing you know is that for some reason, you can breathe easier, you can relax better, you have more time to do your stuff. Yeah.

If you’re on the rough ride right now, think if it’s a downstream or upstream. Everything, abundance in life is always in downstream. It’s never an upstream. You don’t beat yourself up to get somewhere. You’re not a salmon, thank God! If you’re on the downstream, know that it shall pass. Your rough ride shall pass. Meanwhile, if you need some assistance, I’d be happy to be of your assistance. Healings helps. Reading helps. Learning the energetic tools help to ride the riffle. So, give me a buzz!

With that, have a joyous Spring! 😀