Trusting the Energetic Circle – Law of Attraction

Good Sunday morning! I’ve been up fairly early on this Sunday morning and have been having this thought this weekend. So, I shall write about it! It’s about abundance. I’m learning to shift the way I think in scarcity and instead, trusting the universe to support me and provide me always. Hence, the topic is “Trusting the Energetic Circle!”

Some of you may recall that I’m doing the eBay thing. I started to use eBay around September last year for the purpose of removing olds and not serving stuff from my home. The principle of Feng Shui is removing what’s not serving you at the present time, so you can create the space for the new and more serving thing to come in. If you’re keeping the olds and not serving things in life, there is no space for the new and good things to come in. Ever since I started to work on my abundance in all areas of my life, I started to utilize eBay for removing things which are not being appreciated and find someone else who would appreciate and use them. It’s been working pretty well and I bet I sold around 50 items at least so far since then.

Last night while I was having a dinner with my friend’s family, I was sharing with my friend about my recent intention about how I think of money and things. I grew up in the parents who lived in old fashion Japanese way of thinking (by the way, I don’t find that’s bad. I think it served a purpose for them.), when it comes to money and finance, I always think of things in ahead of time. They were living by saving for the future, probably because they had some clear pictures to save money for the future. Influenced by that or maybe it was already my nature, I grew up saving every penny I was gifted by adults. By the time I was out of college, I had quite decent amount of savings. So, I was used to living with a chunk of savings and had never had much concern about money running out.

The situation has changed when I moved to the US. Now, I was influenced by another person, my ex, because when you’re in partnership with someone, everything in life does change pretty strongly. Anyway, we were a young couple and had a limited income, all my energy were more driven to save money and limit our spending. In a way, this “saving money,” sounds similar to how I was living in Japan, but the energy behind of it was completely different. While I was living and saving in more of “amusement” in Japan, I started to save money for fear and scarcity of not having enough after I moved to the US. Besides, after I became single, it got worse because I was in fear and worry in “what ifs.” I didn’t have much tools to survive in the US quite yet back in the day when I became single.

So, no matter how much I had and no matter how much I was making, the feeling around this “what ifs” had been creating the circle of energetic scarcity I believe. Only recently, like last year I started to realize that maybe I need to work on my energetic output around abundance. So, I’ve been doing abundance meditation every morning instead of just my normal energy cleansing and energetic tools set up. I started to work on relationship space, financial space, my healing practice space, heath space, Zumba teaching space, etc. It’s been quite a journey and I definitely see the change and evolution of me on that.

I was telling my friend that I am consciously letting go of the way I think about money and spending. I used to and still do think about spending and money for the “in case” and “what ifs.” “I have a payment on 25th, so I’d better not to spend or pay on this one that much.” It sounds ok, but I’m learning more and more that if I think this way, I’m stopping the flow of the energetic currency. Money is just energy. You can’t stop the energy flow. If you do, it stops the flow of course. While it’s still on 5th of the month, I’m thinking about the payment on 25th and not spending money to buy a protein powder or considering not to pay a tuition for the teacher’s spiritual class till I know I have enough for everything. Good or bad, funny or sad, that’s how my brain thinks if I don’t pay attention to it. So, recently I’m making an conscious effort to change and shift those thoughts.

Basically it’s a scarcity picture. I’m thinking that “what if” I didn’t have enough money to pay this or that on time, then I would be in trouble. So, I start restricting my spending, i.e. my life style. This affects everything. It affects food to buy; hence, what I eat gets affected. No wonder I wasn’t good at eating balanced nutrition for a long time, right? Instead, I do my best to take care of things in the present time. What needed to be taken care of at this moment, I do it without hesitating. Of course, I do have to think a little bit if my spending is going overboard too much, but generally no matter how I feel, no matter how it seems tight, I use money without much thoughts residual. Maybe this sounds funny for people, but it’s just the way my mind has been working, so it takes some intention and de-programming.

Interestingly enough, when I have expenses, meaning when I do some energetic output, immediately after that, I see energetic input coming in. It’s been quite obvious lately which tells me that I’m doing the right circulation on my energetic circle.

For instance, I used to take the offer from the eBay buyer as long as I wouldn’t go negatives. I had an item sold as $1 even, which is fine because it was a mug from Microsoft that I shouldn’t be having in my home any more. Lately, I thought that even this eBay thing is a representation of how my energetic system works, so I pay more attention to whom to sell. If someone gives me an offer of $2 while my asking price is $10, I give a counter offer with a little less than $10 and see. Highly likely this person declines the offer because the purpose of these buyers is cutting down the cost of purchase and selling them to make profit as far as I can tell.

The whole point of my eBay thing is removing the olds from my home to create a space for the new. I was only focusing on that before. Now, I’m looking at the energetic output and input for myself. I want someone who appreciate and use the items I’m selling. Many items I put on eBay are new and never used. I put reasonable pricing, so trying to cut a lot more than those values itself is then a representation of the intention of the buyer. So, now I kind of know whom I don’t want to sell the items and I only give counter offers to them knowing that they decline the offer.

Recently I had one item which came with an offer. It was slightly more than the half of my asking price. I thought about granting the offer or not, and of course, I don’t count on my head all the time, so I do muscle testing. I got a “no.” So I put a counter offer by thinking that this buyer would either ignore it or decline, which was true. The interesting thing was that right after this counter offer was declined by a buyer, another buyer purchased it with full price. I had to check the buyers if they were the same people, but they were different. I mean, this is so quick and immediate universal response to me I have to say!

I was sharing my friend that if I’m holding the penny by thinking that I need to use it for the future bill, I’m really stopping the flow of the energy. It is calling more scarcity picture and nothing will come in while energy is in scarcity. Instead, I trust that everything is provided and everything will be provided and supported by the universe, then my energetic currency seems to flow much better. She appreciated our talk because sometimes she thinks that way, too while her sons are getting older and college is coming on the way.

Anyway, it’s a long post from the morning, but I wanted to share that with you. I understand that you might get fear of “what ifs” or have concerns about money and future. All I can say is that try to shift your thoughts and energetic output. Universe is always supporting you. Why not just ask if you need some assistance, either money or everything instead of holding onto fear and anxiety for the future and scarcity. It’s quite amusing that the more you let go of the “holding onto something,” the universe brings in new rewarding energy. Do you want to try and see?

With that, have a wonderful Sunday! It’s April! Spring has come! 😀

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