Perfect Picture, Fear and Control

Good Sunday afternoon! I’ve been very up and productive this weekend for some reason. The thick energy I’ve been working on to shift from myself must have lifted. Maybe it’s the spring. Maybe it’s the Mars energy. Maybe it’s the April. Whatever it is, I’m very grateful that I can be up and functional instead of trying to make it through my day! I was pondering what I would write about, and I’ve been observing this energy in a few people in a few places. So, I shall write about this energy. It’s “Fear and Control.”

I have a few folks I know of who have some big fears, whatever the fear is about, and they do some behaviors around their fears. Nothing unusual and lots of people do it. My responses and behaviors around my fear are a little bit different than theirs, so it used to puzzle me a lot when I saw those behaviors in people. Now, I could see clearly and understand the mechanism. So, I shall talk about it.

When one has fear, whatever the fear is about, one doesn’t like that fear showing up. What one ends up doing sometimes is to do something in order not to have that “fear” showing up in oneself.

In my case, I used to avoid those places where my fears get too loud. For instance, I have a serious height phobia. So, highly likely I won’t choose a hiking place where I could be hiking on the edges of the cliffs. It’s a little local example, but there is a popular hiking place in Washington called Rattle Snake Ridge. It’s beautiful and someone took me there once. The hiking part is pretty easy and no brainer. The part which disabled me and this person who took me was so inconsiderate of someone having a serious height phobia was the hiking trail going around and around to the top on the edges is on the cliff all the way to the top. Anyway, I’ve never been back to that hiking joint because I know it would be disabling me in the very serious way. So, I avoid to go to the serious fear provoking place. That’s one way to deal with fear, Naomi’s phobia version style.

The another interesting way to do something about fear is by controlling the external environment which provokes fear. This is very annoying for someone like me who doesn’t like to be controlled since I’m a freedom and expansion person. However, as a healer and spiritual worker, I can definitely see and understand the energetic mechanism of this behavior. Basically, when one doesn’t like some uncomfortable feeling, let’s say “fear,” showing up, one does everything on the external environment to change the stimulation so that they won’t feel their fear surfacing any more. Pretty logical mechanism, right? Yeah.

I mentioned about a lady who was in the spiritual class I was assisting. This lady has huge fears in the very deep sense. So, it’s not like she has fear around snakes or height, but it’s more to do with not knowing, unpredictable, etc. I bet this person has a perfect pictures, too. Perfect picture is kind of like when we say someone is perfectionist, except we all have these “prefect pictures” about something. For instance, “a healer should know a lot about spiritual realm and should be able to heal himself/herself all the time.” This is a perfect picture. I bet lots of artists have a perfect picture. As far as I know, my friend who is a very art oriented person is a very perfectionist.

If you have a perfect picture of any kind, this would bring you a fear to do things. Perfect picture can’t allow you to make mistakes because you have to be perfect. You know? I have to say lots of the Japanese people in Japan are this kind. I think I used to be heavily like that when I moved to the US. Now, not so much but it pops up sometimes when I try new things. Not too heavily, though. It dissipate in short term. Anyway, I’m giving an example of what brings up fear.

When someone is a controlling type, I bet the deep cause of their actions have fear related. Basically, one is controlling everything else but oneself so that one can be safe and content. That’s the “control.” It probably was working for them somehow, but this doesn’t really help their energy system by the way. Whatever you do with fear, the results bring more fear.

Let me explain about the “control energy.” When one says “control,” it sounds like very obviously controlling by like micro-managing. That’s not the only ways of “control.” In a spiritual class at my teacher’s school, there was this lady who starts leading the reading by asking questions to the readers while reading was going on. I bet it’s confusing what I’m saying. So, in the clairvoyant class, multiple people sit in a line and read one person across from the readers. There is a center chair who sets the tone of the reading and the rest of the people are the side chairs. So, when one person started to read, this lady, instead of reading as well, started to ask questions to the readers on what they read. This was really odd because this was not for her reading, but for the readee who was sitting across from us.

This is another way to “control.” This lady was so uncomfortable and disliking the energy lighting up in her by reading this readee, so instead of reading the readee, she started to ask questions to the readers and lead the reading. By the way, at this time reading was lead by my teacher, and my teacher was so gentle and polite that her communication to this lady to stop doing that wasn’t heard well. Anyway, this lady realized it after the reading that she was controlling the external matter because she didn’t want to go “there,” i.e. provoked “fear.”

Another examples would be, as I mentioned in the some blogs, the complaints coming from the people in my Zumba class. When one doesn’t like something, one tries to change others so one would feel content again. Of course, “anger” is some part. When you dig deep enough, I bet a part of it can be some fear underneath. Fear of unknown, fear of not meeting their perfect picture, fear of losing control, etc. Thank God that I could finally see that mechanism, so I do my best to brush the people off and complaints off.

So, what does this “control” do for people? Well, the false benefit is that they can feel safe and content because they are controlling the environment from provoking their fear. The real affect on people is freezing them. Fear freezes. When someone put protection around herself/himself by fear, it locks oneself up. Sure, the energy provoking fear might be blocked to come in, but so is the energy of abundance and everything else. Besides, inside of the protection, the fear gets frozen and gets denser and denser. It’s like a Pandora’s box.

I have a good friend who have been using my healing services from time to time. She used to be a very anxiety driven person and she might be still so, but that part of her is so much small now. She used to have fear around this spiritual realm and what I do when I first started to do the healing work, so I could see and sense her control energy coming toward me to “stop” talking about it. That was a long time ago. Now, she is in a very different space. She is more joyous than ever, is spiritually connected and talented. She learned the basic spiritual tools from my teacher’s meditation class even. The freedom and expansion, I think that’s the benefit of getting rid of fears.

As usual, it’s pretty random writing, but if you notice that you are somehow doing the “control” or you have fear around something, here is a tip for you. Instead of controlling the environment, remove your fear from your space. It might take sometime because your fears might have been there for a long time, but it can get smaller and smaller, and can be gone. All the spiritual tools my teacher teaches and I teach through my recording online meditation class and my healings/readings are for removing such energy which is disabling you. If you want to learn and heal yourself, shoot me an email or call for my service. You can also check out my recorded meditation class. It might be challenging for people to trust such unknown recorded class without knowing if it’s worth it or not. But, I made the class for people to learn the basic tools to help their healing process. You can ask question about it by email if you wish.

That’s it from me today! Let go of fear, control and perfect pictures! Expansion and freedom for you and your soul! With that, have a beautiful spring week! 😀